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THE BAR PULLS OR THE CONE-SHAPED KNOBS? Glass tile for the backsplash or dimensional ceramic? Renovating my midcentury kitchen two years ago had questions like these swirling through my mind at night like a broken record. Or rather squawking in my brain on repeat like a parrot taunting me into submitting—or committing—to one or the other finally. Yes, making design decisions for your home can be fraught with stress. But truth is, it’s the best kind of stress, isn’t it? Pouring over this color or that, that finish or this is tremendous fun. It’s part of what lures us into buying that fixer-upper in the first place. That we mere contemporary mortals could have such a great impact on the legacy of a post-war gem and leave it—hopefully—in better condition than…

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Inside Scoop! Preserving Modernism in Sacramento From municipal buildings to beloved homes, this city is protecting its midcentury heritage. Decorating with Metal Wall Sculpture From Curtis Jeré to Project 62, mod wall sculptures always inspire. The Care and Keeping of Wood Paneling A few simple steps to follow to keep your paneling clean and shiny. How to Create the Mod Look No Matter Where You Live You don’t need to live in an Eichler to own an Eames lounger! Tile the Way Your midcentury kitchen and bath renovation just got a whole lot more colorful. Make It Midcentury just released a new line of atomic designs available in square and subway sizes. Get the full scoop online!…

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Having never lived in a midcentury homebefore, when the Szidon family found themselves moving from the East Coast to the West Coast, they knew they wanted a change from their 1839 Greek Revival. A 1953 Lafayette, California, home—the work of Fred Langhorst, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright no less—turned out to be the perfect antidote. After living in the home for a year, Debra Szidon, founder of The Cass Clutch and Cocoon Home Design, along with her husband, Alex Szidon, father of three, tackled the not-so-small task of lovingly renovating their midcentury kitchen. Treating herself as her own client, Debra made three mood boards to help her decide on a design direction. What she landed on she describes as “midcentury chic.” A DESIGNER’S VISION Functionality and aesthetics led Debra to renovate the kitchen.…

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After purchasing their 1959 shed-style ranch in 2012, Aletha Vandermaas, owner of True Home Restorations design firm, and her husband, Greg, enjoyed a home with the Midcentury Modern exterior they craved—stone, brick and glass. However, the galley kitchen had been stripped of most of its mod styling through decades of upgrades and updates. “Sadly, the original galley kitchen had been completely replaced in 1992,” Aletha says. “The kitchen that was in its place was a standard big-box, plain-white kitchen; it did not go with the house one bit. It was in good shape, but it was in the wrong house.” A FRESH START To help the kitchen better fit the home, the homeowners decided to start fresh. The galley kitchen was gutted and the walls to an adjoining office were removed to create…