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Atomic Ranch Spring 2020


Glean from homeowners, designers, builders and architects as they share their expert insight on the style. Their stories of house hunting and renovation are sure to inspire.

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where it all began

Putting together the Palm Springs issue for the past three years has been particularly meaningful to the Atomic Ranch team. Not only is Palm Springs the mecca of Midcentury Modern design for a global audience of modernist enthusiasts, but in many ways it’s where it all began for us. Soon after our inaugural issue for this crew, we traveled to the desert to introduce ourselves, enjoy the convivial schedule of events and immerse ourselves in the phenomena that is Modernism Week. And what an introduction! Palm Springs, with its rich history and community so committed to preserving, educating and celebrating Midcentury Modern design and architecture, is such an antidote to a world where newer is better and old can all too often be forgotten. But not in Palm Springs. And for…

keep tabs on us

Inside Scoop! Hello Alohaus Check out the roundup of our favorite Charles Du Bois homes in the desert. Cooking Up Retro In the market for a kitchen with atomic appeal? Take a quick tour of our most colorful and classic ones. Must-See Sights in Rancho Mirage Take a tour of our recommended stops in Palm Springs’ stylish neighbor in the desert. Pattern Pop Looking for a statement piece for your room? These patterned finds (like this one from essential-home.eu) are sure showstoppers. Check Out One of Our Most Dramatic Makeovers From teardown to triumph, this Vista Las Palmas gem was saved and now stuns as one of Palm Springs’ biggest success stories. Follow us online on Facebook , Pinterest and Instagram daily! LOOK FOR THIS THROUGHOUT THE ISSUE TO SEE WHAT EXTRA CONTENT YOU’LL FIND ONLINE.…

poolside favorites

lighten up

The best kitchens blend style and substance—great to look at, fun to hang out in and, most important, easy spaces for cooking and entertaining. This kitchen ticks all those boxes now, but it wasn’t the case when Avian Rogers and her team from Moderne Builders in Palm Springs, California, first saw the space. “The kitchen was pathetically dated and, frankly, had been done at some point with very low-grade ‘country’ cabinets that didn’t suit the house in the least and cheap Formica countertops,” Avian says. FITTING UPDATES For a midcentury home surrounded by mountains in the heart of the Southern California desert, this dated kitchen just wouldn’t do. The homeowners wanted something better fitting their modern home that would also be functional when they entertained. Over a six-month renovation, which also included…

hillside renewal

Architect Albert Frey was born in Switzerland and, during his early career, worked under Modernist pioneer Le Corbusier. Frey came to Palm Springs in the 1930s and went on to live and work in the desert city, creating many iconic buildings and homes including Palm Springs City Hall, The Aerial Tramway Valley Station and Frey House II. Though not quite as well-known—the home is often referred to as “The Forgotten Frey"—the Cree House was built in 1955 by Frey for real estate developer Raymond Cree and serves as a gorgeous example of Frey’s residential work. Sam Harris, owner of local favorite Sherman’s Deli & Bakery, spent some time growing up in the Cree House during the 1970s when his father owned the home. Sam went on to rent it from his…

won’t you be my neighbor ?

Architectural purists typically cringe when they discover that a wake of renovated homes comes with their new neighbors. Fears of builder-grade “improvements” and the loss of period details flash before their eyes as the real estate agent’s sign is ripped from the front lawn. Purists, you can loosen that grip on your pearls because Dave and Tracy Folks have arrived, and you’re going to wish they’d lend their talents to your home. “Whenever possible, we will restore rather than replace.” Dave, a professional photographer, and Tracy, a regional office manager, designer and artist, treat their homes like a large-scale art project—mindfully curating, crafting and cultivating a period-appropriate aesthetic. This 1964 Rancho Mirage gem by S. Charles Lee is their 11th masterpiece, and it certainly won’t be their last. THE DESERT IS CALLING At the…