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Glean from homeowners, designers, builders and architects as they share their expert insight on the style. Their stories of house hunting and renovation are sure to inspire.

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A fire flickering in a Malm fireplace. A hot toddy while you kick back in an Eames lounge chair. The crackle and pop of an old record playing while you wrap presents on your Hey Wake dining table. The best thing about winter is being stuck inside and staring at all your mod treasures. Ok, sure, we’ve been home a lot more these days. But for me, the spirit of winter is one of slowing down, stopping for a bit and soaking up the feeling of appreciation. It’s gratitude for what we have and how far we’ve come and a savoring of all the hard work and tenacity we’ve shown throughout the year, which has brought us to this final season. This issue is a celebration of the hard work of…

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Inside Scoop! Get the Look Transform your wall space into an art museum. We’ll show you where to look to create your own gallery wall. Sweet Dreams Layer up your bedroom with warm wood furniture, neutral bedding, and storage to keep clutter out of view. Find more inspiration for serene, modern bedroom retreats. Sweater Weather Get ready for the colder months with cozy textiles from shag rugs to Southwestern blankets that make your Eames recliner even more inviting. Elementary You can’t make your kids love to do their homework, but you can help them (and you) love where they study. Keep your kids organized the mid mod way. Follow us online on Facebook , Pinterest and Instagram daily! LOOK FOR THIS THROUGHOUT THE ISSUE TO SEE WHAT EXTRA CONTENT YOU’LL FIND ONLINE. Correction: In our Exterior & Landscape special issue, there…


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Mid Century Modern kitchens offer so many of the amenities 21st-century homeowners crave, including open floor plans and stylish storage solutions. But even for homeowners who adore their vintage homes, their kitchens may still be lacking some much-needed features, like abundant counterspace and upgraded appliances, and a thoughtful remodel becomes a must-do. That was the case for the kitchen in this 1965 St. Petersburg, Florida, ranch. Marked by a few upgrades in its 50-plus-year history, the kitchen wasn’t fully meeting the needs of its current homeowners. Brooke Eversoll of Bee Studios was brought in to lead the update for clients with a specific wish list. EXPANSIVE LAYOUT “The clients’ main desires were a more functional kitchen overall, which included a dishwasher (the current kitchen didn’t have one), a more expansive layout, more counterspace and…

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TYPE OF HOME: 1965 Florida Ranch ARCHITECT: Unknown BACKGROUND: This original kitchen had seen only small updates since its 1965 construction, so it wasn’t entirely functional for the homeowners, a couple with a new baby on the way. Brooke Eversoll of Bee Studios was brought in to rethink the layout and usability while still respecting the kitchen’s mid century roots. COLOR SCHEME: Earthy natural tones of green, brown, cream and gray INNOVATIVE IDEA: Brooke opted to hang mismatched yet complementary light fixtures in the kitchen as opposed to hanging a matched set.…