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Atomic Ranch Design Issue 2020


Glean from homeowners, designers, builders and architects as they share their expert insight on the style. Their stories of house hunting and renovation are sure to inspire.

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from the heart

What keeps your spirits lifted during the hard times? For me, it’s embracing the simple joys of good design, whether you’re admiring from afar or enjoying the special pieces in your own home. When I look throughout my own Mid Century Modern condo, each object brings wonderful memories to soothe the soul. There’s the Formica kitchen table from our local Antique Gallery (the friendly workers helped us pack it into the car), the Heywood-Wakefield vanity (that one required a truck rental!) and of course the reproduction Predicta TV from our local vintage market (yes, it works and yes, we use it). In this issue, we celebrate the Mid Century Modern icons that created something beautiful and inspiring following a time of war and depression. These innovators sought to find the perfect…

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THE PHOENIX RISING A-FRAME A new-build Lake Tahoe cabin evokes the cozy cool of an A-frame mountain getaway. Find out why this particular roof is one of a kind. COOL AND COLLECTED IN CAROLINA Take a closer look at this 1960 Mid Century Modern home in Charlotte, North Carolina, that’s almost entirely furnished and decorated with gorgeous vintage pieces. GO GREEN WITH HIP HOUSEPLANTS Bring the outdoors in with greenery set off in mid mod style. Find a guide for bullet planters, other containers, and our favorite plant varieties to add some botanical life to your home this winter. NOW’S THE TIME FOR RETRO CHEER No need to go overboard, but a little retro cheer won’t do any harm. Gather tasteful holiday inspiration, and learn how to make a DIY starburst card display with help from friends…

russel wright

WITHIN A MERE 20 YEARS, this industrial designer’s dinnerware line had sold over 200 million pieces and skyrocketed him into nationwide fame. It’s still an iconic houseware known for its fun silhouettes, rounded edges and muted, earthy colors. The dinnerware? American Modern. The designer? Russel Wright. BEGINNINGS Born in Ohio in 1904, Wright got his start studying art and sculpture at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and went on to design theater sets in New York City. His career found its beginnings in the midst of the Great Depression—people were no longer interested in fine china or silver that needed constant polishing. So Wright began to create beautiful, easy-to-care-for housewares that were affordable. His career found its beginnings in the midst of the Great Depression—people were no longer interested in fine china or…