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Editor @jack_rix Like all great TopGear ideas, this one was half-baked and made us laugh a lot, so we pushed the button without really thinking it through. Why stay in a concrete box on some soulless industrial estate when we can sleep beneath canvas, next to the cars, right at the end of the pitlane? So what if sleep deprivation ravages our judgement and we have to ‘go’ in a hole in the ground? This will be a collective experience, a chance to bond over our shared love of driving. To hell with a little weather along the way, we’ll all be in the same boat. Quite literally as it turns out. I’ll admit, after a day and a bit of unfiltered sunshine, there’s a ‘moment’. Morning, day three, and the heavens tear…

fast fords: now in ‘tall’

Pity the new Puma ST. Got a bloody tough job on its hands, this one. And that’s without having any decent rivals to speak of. There’s no VW T-Cross GTI, no such thing as a Cupra Arona, and Hyundai hasn’t quite got around to sprinkling the ‘N’ magic over a Kona. Save for this new Ford, it’s pretty barren on the small hot crossover scene right now. Note to self – we need a better collective noun for these things. No, the Puma ST’s problem is the enemy within. The Puma is, when all said and done, a Ford Fiesta wearing a puffer jacket and standing on tiptoes. That means this new 197bhp ultimate version is based on the greatest small hot hatch money can buy: the splendiferous Fiesta ST. On…

coffee break

Dune Out December, but the trailer’s epic. Denis Villeneuve (no F1 connection) directs this version of F Herbert’s sci-fi novel and Timothée Chalamet stars Bond Cars: The Definitive History, BBC Books/Ebury Cars, tick. Gadgets, tick. Unseen images, tick. Unheard stories, tick. NO TIME TO DIE, tick. This brand new Bond book is your coffee table’s new BFF TopGear magazine fix You can download the latest edition and back issues direct to your phone or tablet from the App Store. Because when life gives you lemons… settle in and read TG F1 Portuguese GP, 23–25 Oct We LOVE this track. The thought of F1 cars plunging into that final corner for the first time is making us twitch with excitement All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur, Amazon Prime If you’re at a loose end, you’ve completed your Arsenal sticker collection and…

fiat 500l mpw

Rebooting an icon. A delicate balancing act, and one easy to get horribly wrong. For every new Mini there’s a new Beetle. For every Ford GT there’s a Ford Thunderbird. In other words, for every sensitive, redolent homage, there is the sort of tin-eared tribute act you’d find playing in a flat-roofed pub at 10.30pm on a Thursday night. For example, 2007’s Fiat 500 ranks as a rare hit, a reboot that truly recaptured the spirit and charm of the original. More than can be said for Fiat’s subsequent attempts to stretch the nuova 500 in new and undesired directions. The 500L – a Panda-based mini-MPV thing evoking the original 500 much as Caesar’s Palace in Vegas evokes Rome’s Pantheon – was bad enough. But it was the 500L MPW that really took…

z’s not dead

Clearly, rumours of the Nissan Z car’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. “The Z, as a pure sports car, represents the spirit of Nissan,” explains Nissan boss Makoto Uchida, and this new prototype is a big, yellow clue as to the upcoming 370Z successor. There is a six-speed manual gearbox (yay!) and an ‘enhanced’ twin-turbo V6 of unspecified capacity, with an unspecified amount of power. We only know it’ll have more than before (the 370Z had 325bhp) because each successive generation of Z has, naturally, offered a bigger bang. Like any good child, it pays respects to its elders, too. Design boss Alfonso Albaisa admitted that after “countless studies and sketches”, he and his team decided that the Z Proto was to become a time traveller, taking in Z cars of the…

danny ric’s phone pics

1. Me after the race in Belgium. Took my on-brand mask off to show my smile – fastest lap and fourth place tends to do this to your face… it was a pretty decent weekend. That last lap was awesome! 2. Young Aussie Oscar Piastri. I’ve been watching the junior series a lot this year and we’ve got a few Australians in F3. He got a good result in Spa and he’s smashing it. Got to watch my back bro! 3. Merch signing! Signed hats probably worth slightly less than non-signed ones. Notice the three helmets… you can never be too prepared! More space now our motorhomes are back. 4. Post-race with a good mate, Jenson, and Mr Lazenby too, who’s good for a laugh. Being on the Sky pad usually means you’ve…