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Editor @jack_rix For my sins, I own a fairly scabby, 15-year-old Audi A3 Sportback. I say it’s an Audi, but by weight it’s actually more crumbs, wellies and toddler paraphernalia than German hatch. We treat it like a mobile boot room, an overflow tank for our overstretched lives. It’s unloved, rarely washed, smells a bit cheesy and has all the glamour of Polyfilla. In a bid to capture my attention, it likes to rotate through engine lights – two or more at a time – and drinks fuel like a 3.0-litre despite being a 1.6. It also has a filler cap so mouldy it may contain the COVID-19 vaccine, but I’m not brave enough to find out. Current value: £1,000, although we’re open to offers. This month, however, I had no choice but…

future proof

In yet another self-inflicted wound by the hapless Ford Motor Company, the Bronco Sport won’t be made available in British dealers. Like, huh? It’s a faux-SUV thingy that sits on the platform of a Focus, so could be easily homologated and sold and serviced here, and wouldn’t be too big or clumsy for our streets. We all know folk who’d be mad for it. Reason I mention the size and platform thing is you’ll be aware of the new (not-Sport) Bronco. That’s a bigger truck-based vehicle. Ford is being entirely sensible depriving us Europeans of that one. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about the technical niceties of the demarcation between what’s a 4x4 and what’s a crossover. I’m talking about the name. Why is it that Sport basically means cheaper, weaker…

chris bangle ‘beauties

ALFA ROMEO 145 CLOVERLEAF (1997) Price now £2,200 Harris says BMW’s recent designs – new M3/M4 especially – have made some pine for the controversial Chris Bangle era. Did you know he worked at Opel, then Alfa and Fiat? Among his designs was this odd hot hatch. FIAT COUPE 20V TURBO (1998) Price now £8,750 Harris says Bangle’s big hitter before his BMW time looks like no Fiat before or after. Slashes over the arches, hidden handles, body painted dash… it got called a ‘£19k Ferrari’ – 22 years on, it’s held a good chunk of its money. BMW Z4M (2007) Price now £13,989 Harris says If a whisker under £14k seems cheap for a Z4M, you’ve the nose of a bloodhound. Hefty mileage here – the ones you really want top £20k. Of all Bangle’s designs, it’s…

coffee break

What we’re watching/listening/doing, while we should be working Travel Man: 48 Hours in… Amazon Prime Video has all of Richard Ayoade’s hilarious whistle-stop jaunts. Provides a quick fix for anyone who’s missing their minibreak Ratched, Netflix This dark and gruesome series is gripping and stylish (1947 stylish that is). Follow the exploits of Mildred Ratched as she sews her way to becoming a nurse at a California psych hospital TopGear magazine fix You can download the latest edition and back issues direct to your phone or tablet from the App Store. Because when life gives you lemons… settle in and read TG The History of a Dream Michael Jordan’s favourite team-mate Scottie Pippen, narrates his personal journey through the history of basketball. The best voice to fall asleep to is available as a sleep story on the Calm…

skoda citigo e-iv

GOODBYE £22,815 OTR/£23,595 as tested/£285pcm WHY IT’S HERE Does an EV have to be pricey to be good? DRIVER Tom Harrison STRANGE TIMES. THE CITIGO LANDED ON MY DRIVEWAY JUST AS THE country was starting to open up again, as people were allowed out of their homes more than once a day, encouraged to return to the office, pubs and restaurants. Now, with winter looming, it’s going back. And that makes me sad, because it’s a great car. Take the range: Skoda claims between 140 and 170 miles – way more than you get on Jack’s Honda or Jason’s Mini, both of which are much more expensive. The most I’ve seen from the Skoda is 138 miles, which is… OK. I’ve done a few long trips, but while the Citigo sits happily on the motorway at 70mph…

5 things you need to know about the… gmc hummer ev

1 IT’S THE FIRST NEW HUMMER IN FOREVER Back in the early Nineties, AM General decided to start selling civilian versions of the Humvee, which it had developed for the US military. GM bought the rights to the brand in 1999, and a few years later launched the H2. It was rubbish. A few years after that, it launched the H3, which was even rubbisher. GM canned Hummer in 2010 as it recovered from bankruptcy. But now it’s BACK (baby). 2 IT’S WAY FASTER THAN IT NEEDS TO BE Billed as “the ultimate off-road EV supertruck”, the Hummer EV has three electric motors that power all four wheels and together produce a casual 1,000bhp. Blimey. A special WTF mode – that’s ‘Watts to Freedom’, not the other thing – allows for 0–60mph in…