BeanScene February 2019

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beanscene covershoot

Welcome to the first edition of BeanScene for 2019. The industry is abuzz early in the year with many events, international guests and new product launches surrounding the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. One such product making its Australian debut is the Rancilio Specialty RS1, Rancilio’s ode to the specialty market. BeanScene Editor Sarah Baker says what better way to start the new year than to feature a new machine on the February cover? “The RS1 was the perfect choice. There's been a lot of industry talk about this machine since its international debut at Host Milan in 2017. I remember seeing it and thinking what a breakthrough machine this would be for Rancilio into the specialty market, and now it's time for Australia to test-drive it for itself,” Sarah says. “It's an…


Dr. Monika Fekete is a chemical scientist with a passion for coffee. She is the founder of Coffee Science Lab, Australia’s first independent scientific coffee consultancy. She has collaborated with innovative coffee companies, roasters, and competition baristas, helping them underpin coffee research and development projects with solid scientific principles. Monika regularly hosts workshops around putting coffee science to practice. She also works for the Department of Food and Agriculture Innovation at Monash University. Kieran Westlake is the current President, past Treasurer and past Vice-President of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA), Australia’s peak industry body dedicated to promoting and growing the specialty coffee industry. In his new appointment, Kieran is excited to create opportunities and pathways for ASCA members. He is also a member of the Specialty Coffee Association, a certified…

ask the big questions

The summer break is full of festivities and fun, and if you’re lucky, there’s some downtime attached. It’s a time to wake up late without an alarm, not move from the couch, take regular naps, and read a good book as one hour rolls into the next. Downtime often comes with questions about the year ahead, and what it means for you personally and professionally. For Cafe Imports Managing Editor Ever Meister, her head is already buzzing with a list of questions about the unknown. Questions she’s curious about but doesn’t necessarily have the answers to. “How do we get consumers excited about specialty coffee? Why do we expose the personal details of coffee producers for marketing material? Why do roasters talk about having partnerships with farmers when many are one-way relationships?” Ever…

cafetto opens new adelaide distribution centre

On 23 November, Australia-based cleaning company Cafetto opened a new distribution centre in Adelaide, near the company’s Brompton factory and head office. Cafetto Managing Director Christopher Short says the location of the new distribution centre on Wood Ave is key to it being able to operate efficiently. “Being just a few hundred metres away from the factory and office means [communications with the] factory are swift and operational staff can go between the two sites with ease,” Christopher says. Christopher launched Cafetto in 2003 after seeing a gap in the market for cleaning and sanitation products for coffee machines. Fifteen years later, Cafetto now distributes to more than 60 countries, with a head office in Adelaide and sales offices in Malaysia and the Netherlands. Prior to launching the distribution centre, Christopher says Cafetto implemented…

specialty coffee association appoints yannis apostolopoulos executive director

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has appointed Yannis Apostolopoulos as its new Executive Director, following the announcement that Ric Rhinehart is stepping down from the position. Yannis has served as the SCA’s Deputy Executive Director since the Specialty Coffee Associations of America and Europe (SCAE) merged in 2017. Prior to this, Yannis was a member of the SCAE, and established the Barista and Roaster Guilds of Europe. Ric stepped down to focus his attention on the SCA’s Coffee Price Crisis Response Initiative, which aims to understand and address the price crisis affecting coffee farmers and threatening the supply chain.…

australian international coffee awards opens entries

The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) is inviting coffee roasters from around the world to enter the 2019 Australian International Coffee Awards. The awards, now in their seventh year, celebrate and promote excellence in coffee roasting in Australia and internationally. “The Australian International Coffee Awards provide the opportunity for coffee roasters to be recognised for their quality brews. There is so much that goes on before the beans make it to the café and this process is often overlooked when we grab a coffee from our local cafés,” RASV CEO Paul Guerra says. Participants in the Australian International Coffee Awards can benchmark their products against industry standards, receive feedback from independent industry experts, market their trophy-winning coffee, and promote their products through associated events. William Angliss Institute Coffee Academy Teacher Coordinator Melissa Caia…