Bespoke the chic and the cool

Bespoke the chic and the cool

No. 18

Bespoke the chic and the cool, is a magazine dedicated to quality',to the authentic exclusivity,to the stories of people and companies behind the scenes of this world, so selective but at the same time fascinating. Not only Saville Row, The Madeleine or via Condotti but rather the research of things, products, stories around the world chosen  carefully, exclusively for our readers.

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editorial bespoke

Dear readers, it is such a pleasure for me to resume this habit. As Stephen King’s first collection of short stories said “Sometimes they come back”. I believe, however, that beautiful and valuable things never have an end. This is the case of Bespoke - the chic & cool. We’ve had a period of reflection in which I tried to understand in which direction I would like to go. The passions, the real ones never end and Bespoke has been my companion for a long time and now she will be my lover, my transgression. A magazine not so different from the past, in terms of concept, but updated now to be more transversal, contaminated and more immediate with images and texts in the wake of tradition and in the search for…

tag heuer

Inspired by legendary models and reinvented for a new generation of explorers, the new TAG Heuer Autavia is ready to accompany you on every escapade. Combining groundbreaking know-how with scientific prowess, TAG Heuer has developed a revolutionary piece of technology, the Isograph: a proprietary state-of-the-art oscillator featuring a carbon composite hairspring and tailor-made balance wheel for high chronometer precision. The new TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph comes in at 42mm in diameter, but unlike the Heuer Heritage Autavia that’s on the market, this case contains far slimmer lugs. There are triangular chamfers and finishing that looks a heck of a lot better in person than on the original press shots. The case on the new piece, by the way, reminds me a lot of the 1960’s Heuer Autavia 2446 that I…

braves & company

Braves & Company strive to preserve and blend the craft culture that is formed in an old Italian family of tailors, with the experience of making denim garments. Stefano comes from a family of tailors and he learned to make made to measure garments with the old traditional ways from his father. Later on, he switched to making garments the industrial way and focused on denim productions. The Atelier is the base of the brand, a small workshop, where all designs and patterns are made by hand. We make handmade garments and other products, mixing premium denim with high-quality fabrics and vintage garments. We upcycle old garments and use dead stock, in combination with raw denim. Repairing and mending of vintage denim are also one of the services that are…

stevens’s rules

«Being elegant is simple; being original is very simple. It is very difficult to combine the two. This is called class» This quote by Riccardo Grande Stevens is a declaration that leaves no doubt about the man himself and those that he is referring to. His story, his family, his present and his future are all contained in this sentence. Looking at the origins of Riccardo Grande, we find a family of Neapolitan intellectuals with a grandmother of English origin from which derives his double surname. Franzo Grande, his father, the lawyers’ lawyer, reaching the highest level possible in his field, is also still honorary president of Juventus. Riccardo deals with international finance and after years spent in Switzerland as a private banker, today he is involved in international investments in…

singing to strangers

Jack Savoretti has been expressing himself in words since his teens. Then, only interested in poetry, he would escape to the thoughts in his head by spending most of his time writing. It wasn’t until at age 16, when his mother bought him a guitar and suggested that he try putting some of his words to music, that he began to play and was surprised at how much he enjoyed it. He also observed that, “many more people listen to you when you are singing than if you are reading a poem.” Since those early days he has gone on to support John Legend, perform on The Graham Norton Show and have his fourth album Written In Scars (2015) reach the Top Ten a full year after its release. The English-Italian singer…

zenit el primero

The time has finally come: 50 years since its introduction in 1969, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the El Primero calibre, as well as the anniversary of the first watch to feature the revolutionary movement, the El Primero A384. The idea is to reproduce just about everything from the original watch by adopting a “reverse engineering” approach, where every component is faithful to the original. Each part of the original El Primero A384 from 1969 was digitised for accurate reproduction, resulting in a truly vintage-looking piece – and not vintage-inspired. With its distinct and instantly recognizable design, the A384 brought a new sense of style and becoming a collectible icon. Now, the El substance to the world of chronographs, of a Revival series. More than just a vintage…