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Boys' Life November 2019

In Boys’ Life, all boys and girls can discover exciting new places, gain new skills and learn important tips to stay safe and have fun outdoors. Since 1911, Boys’ Life has been entertaining and educating America’s youth with a focus on the traditional values of fun, citizenship and service.

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hitchin’ rack

Dear Equine Indentured Servant of Boys’ Life, Are you eating too much alfalfa? The Bureau of Land Management recommends that burros eat about 8-12 pounds of alfalfa per day. Based on your descriptions, you are eating considerably more than that. Jameson G., Birmingham, Michigan You see, Jameson, that RDA — recommended daily allowance — is for your average, everyday burro. No burro works as hard as yours truly, this magazine’s magnificent Mailburro. Hence, the MBDA — Mailburro daily allowance — is, indeed, considerably more. DEAR PEDRO, I think your comics rock. My sister and I always are waiting for Boys’ Life, and when we think it’s here, we check the mail and greedily snatch it out of the mailbox. We always go to the “Wacky Adventures of Pedro” first. We love your comics.…


CALENDAR November is National Aviation History Month. Daylight saving time ends Nov. 3, when clocks “fall back” an hour. Nov. 11 is Veterans Day. Thank a veteran for their service. Nov. 28 is Thanksgiving Day. Don’t stuff yourself with too much stuffing! On This Date Nov. 1, 1800: John Adams is the first president to move into the White House. (George Washington lived in the President’s House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.) Nov. 2, 2000: Astronauts inhabit the International Space Station for the first time. Nov. 16, 1805: The Lewis and Clark Expedition reaches the Pacific Ocean. SEE IT Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven are back in Frozen II. Their quest to save the kingdom sends them across the Enchanted Lands to parts unknown to discover the origins of Elsa’s powers. Sliding into theaters Nov. 22. (Not rated at press time.) Swifty…


1924 The year of the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. THE FIRST THANKSGIVING WAS A THREE-DAY HARVEST FEAST shared by the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians. 1621 The year of the first Thanksgiving. 53 The number of colonists who attended the original Thanksgiving feast. THE ORIGINAL THANKSGIVING MENU looked a bit different from our current fall favorites. Among the food: fish, lobster, eel, plums, mussels and clams, grapes, cabbage, corn, berries, duck, pumpkin and venison. 46 million The approximate number of turkeys eaten by Americans every Thanksgiving. THE PILGRIMS DIDN’T USE FORKS at the first Thanksgiving. They ate with spoons, knives and their hands.…

a cheetah’s best friend

Dogs and cats usually aren’t best pals — except at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park in California, where playful pooches help skittish cheetahs. Cheetahs are easily distracted by unfamiliar sights, sounds and activity, so companion dogs put them at ease. “The cheetah looks at the dog to see, ‘what does my friend think about this?’” explains Annette Russell, lead for Wildlife Discoveries at the park. “And the cheetah is OK with the situation if the dog is OK with it.” The companion program started in the 1980s with a cheetah named Arusha and a golden retriever named Anna. Today, eight cheetahs have companion dogs. Cheetahs are paired with dogs when they are both 3-4 months old, and they spend almost all their time together. They are separated at feeding time, mainly…

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You’ll never have more fun learning Everything Awesome About Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Beasts! This comic-style book is packed with weird and wacky facts, as well as lots of jokes. By Mike Lowery. Scholastic, $16.99. Ages 6-9. What’s better than Science You Can Eat? With this book’s activities, recipes and food experiments, turn your kitchen into a science laboratory. Also find out answers to questions like “Why does popcorn pop?” and “Why does chopping an onion make you cry?” By Stefan Gates. DK, $16.99. Ages 7 and up. Timmy, a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, has an eye for mysteries. In Doc and the Detective in: Graveyard Treasure, he teams up with his elderly next-door neighbor to search out clues and try to save the day. By Tim Tingle. Arthur…

i’m going on a six-day kayak trek. i know what to bring, but i don’t know how to pack it to keep it dry. any suggestions?

— Aidan, Abilene, Texas PACK YOUR GEAR IN DRY BAGS. They’re designed to keep your stuff from getting wet, and they can float in case your boat flips or your bag goes overboard. They come in different sizes, and most can be sealed watertight. The K3 Pro-Tech 20-liter dry bag backpack ($60) is a great option and easy to carry with its sturdy straps. For smaller bags, check out Granite Gear dry sacks. Store your bag inside the kayak with emergency items and gear attached behind your seat or on top of the boat, secured by deck lines. Balance gear throughout your boat so you don’t lean to one side. For better stability, use several smaller dry sacks packed into the ends of your kayak, with heavier bags at the bottom of…