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hitchin’ rack

Pedro answers reader mail! Dear Pedro, Have you ever been camping? If not, where would you go if you had the chance? Connor P., San Diego, California Some might say that sleeping out back in a cozy corral is like camping. (Others might say it’s more like being in The Boss’ doghouse, but I don’t get it.) I suppose if I had to choose a campsite, it would be the one with the best restaurant, trough and/or feedbags. DEAR PEDRO, Boys’ Life = quality magazine. I really enjoy reading all sections of Boys’ Life. Pedro is the best Mailburro to exist, and each new page is an adventure yet to be discovered. Nick S., Southlake, Texas And Pedro (that’s me!) says each new restaurant/trough/feedbag is an adventurous meal yet to be discovered! DEAR PEDRO, Scouts is really…


CALENDAR Daylight Saving Time begins March 8, when clocks “spring forward” one hour. March 14 is Pi Day. The date is 3.14 — get it? (Ask your math teacher.) March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day. Finally! March 19 is the first day of spring. On This Date March 1, 1961: President John F. Kennedy establishes the Peace Corps, a volunteer service program for Americans to help developing countries with education, agriculture and more. March 24, 2005: The PlayStation Portable is released. March 30, 1853: Artist Vincent Van Gogh is born in the Netherlands. LIGHTS OFF Join millions of people worldwide by “going dark” during Earth Hour. Help spread conservation awareness by switching off the lights at 8:30 p.m. for one hour on March 28. MULAN IS GOING LIVE ACTION. Relive this wondrous tale based on a Chinese legend about a daughter who…


Does your mouth get dry when you speak in front of the class? It’s because you make less saliva when you’re nervous. SALIVA ACTS AS A MOUTHWASH, FIGHTS OFF BACTERIA AND PROTECTS TEETH. You can be identified by your unique spit print. Lab techs can extract DNA from your saliva obtained with a cheek swab. SPITTING IS A CRIME IN SOME CITIES, BUT THE LAWS ARE RARELY ENFORCED. Camels, llamas and walruses are known for spitting. So are insects, fish, lizards and snakes. 99% OF SALIVA IS WATER, WHICH IS FILTERED FROM YOUR BLOOD. THE REST IS MADE OF SALTS, PROTEINS, MINERALS, VITAMINS AND HORMONES. In 1909, Boy Scouts in Cincinnati, Ohio, painted thousands of “Do Not Spit on Sidewalks” notices in one night to help prevent the spread of a lung infection called tuberculosis. You produce roughly…

news & notes

A 1960s plan to clean up the area was halted when it was discovered how helpful the ships are to the ecosystem. Wildlife — including ospreys, herons, beavers, bald eagles and butterflies — have made the shipwrecks their home. As the ghost fleet decomposes, it provides nutrients to the surrounding wetlands, where underwater grasses are nurseries for fish. Ship hulls act like giant flowerpots, with wind-blown seeds sprouting into plants and trees. Some of the ships look like islands in the bay. Last year, the area was classified as a National Marine Sanctuary. GHOSTS HELP WILDLIFE The world’s second largest ship graveyard is in Maryland on the Potomac River. Known as the “ghost fleet,” the 230 ships — from the Revolutionary War, Civil War and World War I, as well as a number of…

diving deepest

BL caught up with this modern-day explorer to learn more. BL: Which was the most interesting dive? VV: It may have been the Molloy, because we dove a lot shallower and saw much more wildlife. Each dive was different and had their own challenges. BL: Tell us about the dive into Challenger Deep, the deepest point in the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench — and the world. VV: It took 12 hours (four hours down, four hours at the bottom and four hours back up). I brought a tuna fish sandwich, chips, Kit Kats, Diet Coke and a good luck charm: a small knitted stuffed penguin my sister made for me. “Prince George” came on all my dives. He reminded me of home. BL: What did you see on the Challenger Deep dive? VV: I saw manmade…