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IT’S SAFE TO SAY THAT it’s pretty difficult not to like C-10s. I think most (even Ford fans) appreciate the original look of these trucks and the restyled versions that the scene has recently introduced. These trucks have been around for a long time, and it’s fun to see what people have created using them as a foundation. I don’t think we’ve reached peak C-10 interest yet, because there are still quite a few trucks revealed at every show, and companies continue to produce parts to make it easier for builders to create their own dream trucks. As we continue to meet new people in the scene, we hear more stories of how some freshly finished builds were started nearly a decade ago. In the grand scheme, 10 years isn’t that…

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Enforcer JR Supercharger For SBC THIS UNIQUE, SINGLE-CARBURETOR UNIT DESIGN FOR SMALL-block Chevy applications contains an Eaton H122 rotor assembly, which is capable of pumping out 507 hp and 487 lbs-ft of torque on a 350-ci motor with a 9.5:1 compression. Edelbrock 310.781.2222 Edelbrock.com S80 Replacement Transmission Case for GM 4L80E REID RACING’S S80 replacement case is a 100% bolt-in replacement for GM 4L80E transmissions and features bolt-on bell housings for all popular engines, 360-degree internal lugs and oversize snap rings that correct the major weakness of GM bell cases. Reid Racing Inc. 925.935.3025 Reidracing.biz Billet Supercharger Lid for LT4 Applications THIS BILLET LT4 SUPERCHARGER LID REPLACES THE UPPER supercharger lid on GM LT4 superchargers for a quick and clean installation. Nitrous and fuel are injected into each cylinder from inside the lid, which provides direct port-style distribution. The supercharger lid…

thick ’n’ thin

THERE ARE lots of reasons that old trucks can hold strong sentimental value for people. For some, they just plain harken back to the good ol’ days when trucks and (depending on the era) gas were cheap. Others might remember that cool uncle or neighbor who had a flamed paint job and Cragars. You know, the dude who rolled around with the rear air shocks pumped up all the way. Reliving that kind of nostalgia can awaken all kinds of feelings about our younger years, but these feelings are usually the strongest when there is a direct personal connection involved. “As the years went on, the truck became an integral part of the budding family’s dynamic, serving as its primary mode of transportation to everything from the grocery store to church…

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SOURCES BedWood and Parts 877.206.9663 Bedwoodandparts.com Rick’s Tanks 915.760.4388 Rickstanks.com TIME AND WEATHER HAVE A negative effect on older trucks, which necessitates repairs. Body panels tend to rust and wood bed floors rot with exposure to the elements. Though rust isn’t a big issue on our ’62 GMC, the wood bed floor was barely hanging on. Though the look of the older wood didn’t bother us on this patina-style truck, function was becoming a problem because the wood was disintegrating. We couldn’t put any substantial weight in the bed without fear of the floor giving out. We knew that replacing the floor would be involved, and we put it off for as long as we could. Eventually, not only was the floor completely in danger of giving out, but the sides had become loose too. Once we came…


BRAND LOYALTY IS something that most auto buffs cling to. Whether it’s domestic or foreign vehicles, fans usually don’t stray from the badging they are familiar with. Using parts from other brands to finish a custom vehicle would be completely sacrilegious. Although Jody Holdren has his favorites, he isn’t a hardcore loyalist. When he was 17, he bought and sold a few different vehicles quickly. The one he was most fond of was a ’70 C-10 with a six-cylinder engine and a three-on-the-tree shifter. He sold it to a friend, and within a few days, the truck was wrecked beyond repair. When he heard about the truck’s fate, Jody was filled with regret. Around the same time, he also had a ’70 Plymouth Barracuda, a muscle car anyone would covet. Although Jody…

wild & wacky squares

LIMITED EDITION vehicles are not uncommon, but manufacturers in the ’70s and early ’80s really went crazy with some wild low-production models that ran the gamut from downright tacky to, well, not as tacky. General Motors had its fair share of unusual vehicle packages, but in the context of war, political scandals and disco, a lot of them fit right in with the times. Both cars and trucks were susceptible to these unusual adornments, but it seems our beloved square-bodies were especially vulnerable. Granted, some of these trucks were pretty cool, while others might be best left for the history books. We’ll let you decide which belong where, but for now check out some of the most unique square-bodies to ever leave the assembly line. 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1984…