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November/December 2021

Coach & Bus delivers the latest news and views on new product, technology and advancements in the Coach and Bus industry, particularly focusing on the latest advancements in buses and coaches including the coming wave of zero emission battery electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell buses

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peter barnwell

Bandwagons are often crowded vehicles, not only having to carry the committed members of the band but also all those hangers on who have climbed aboard to be a part of the wave of popularity. Humans are funny creatures. We are pack animals and most of us generally like to be a part of what is popular. It is really fascinating to see the growing interest and desire to be a part of the zero emission vehicle revolution and to witness how many are now clamouring to climb aboard that particular bandwagon. Don’t get us wrong, we have been on that bandwagon ourselves for some time and we are delighted to have more climbing aboard. We understand the scepticism of many who have for years run their buses and their businesses on diesel. However…

up front

VENTURA PLUGS INTO VOLGREN BYD ELECTRIC BUS FOR MELBOURNE LEADING MELBOURNE bus operator, Ventura, has added a battery electric bus to its fleet for the first time, taking delivery of the electric bus from long-time bus body builder Volgren. The bus is a Volgren Optimus built on a BYD D9RA chassis and Ventura’s managing director, Andrew Cornwall, said the decision to choose the combination came after several years evaluating the current crop of BEBs. “Ventura customers enjoy high levels of reliability and punctuality for their bus services, so it was critical that we chose a very dependable solution for our first battery electric bus. “Ventura has been buying buses from Volgren for more than 20 years and we have built a very respectful partnership. Despite the challenges of COVID, Volgren has delivered. They’ve provided…

queensland’s first all electric bus depot soon to be a reality

QUEENSLAND’S first all-electric bus depot will soon be a reality with major transport operator, Keolis Downer announcing it has selected Siemens to deliver eBus charging solutions to its new North Lakes depot in Brisbane. The depot will be operational from September 2022 and in service from February 2023, and will be capable of powering 16 zero-emission buses serving more than 60,000 residents in Brisbane’s northern suburbs. Keolis Downer said it will upgrade the North Lakes depot in partnership with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. The Queensland Government has made a commitment that every new bus in South East Queensland will be zero emission from 2025 and that regional implementation will begin between 2025 and 2030. Siemens said it will supply five Sicharge UC200 and 16 Sicharge UC Dispenser charging units capable…


LIKE ALL ELECTRIC VEHICLES THE SHEER JOY OF THE ELECTRIC DYNAMIC IS THE UNBRIDLED TORQUE FROM START UP The coach standing in front of us is the first of the 44 hydrogen fuel cell buses ordered by Fortescue Mining Group to be put into service transporting workers around its extensive Pilbara Iron Ore operations around its Cloudbreak and Christmas Creek mines. While the Fortescue hydrogen bus order has been public knowledge for some months, as it turned out it was really the tip of the hydrogen iceberg for the quirky WA based billionaire, Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest. Twiggy has since revealed massive and extremely ambitious plans to de carbonise the business that has made him a multi billionaire and to take a lead in pulling other businesses, Australia and the World toward a…

swimming with the current

“SAFETY WAS AND IS PARAMOUNT IN THE DESIGN OF THE VOLVO BZL ELECTRIC, AND THIS CONTINUES TO EVOLVE WITH VOLVO” While some might think Volvo has been late to the electric party, the fact is that Volvo has had electric and hybrid diesel electric buses for some time. But the reality is the approach the Swedish company has taken is to make sure it has all of the bases covered and when it did bring an electric bus to Australia, it would be engineered and designed to cope with the conditions this wide brown land could throw at it. The situation has been made more complex and more urgent by various announcements by governments around the country, targeting a move to zero emission bus fleets with differing timetables to bring those dreams…

zero sum game

Electric bus sales last year in Europe increased by 22 per cent, while purely diesel powered buses decreased almost 10 percentage points from around 82 per cent in 2019 to 72.9 per cent in 2020. Diesel is still clearly the dominant force when it comes to bus propulsion, but with drops in market share like the one between 2019 and 2020, along with constantly rising electric bus sales, and the prospect of exponential growth in zero emission in the next five years, it means that the balance is going to shift very quickly. Electric buses around the world were expected to reduce demand for diesel by approximately 270,000 barrels by the end of 2020. Its predicted that by 2040 e-buses will comprise better than 70 per cent of the global bus fleet and…