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MELANIE DIMMITT Writer Melanie Dimmitt is an experienced writer who has interviewed inspirational folk such as Maggie Beer, Piper Kerman and Kristin Davis, and lends her words to everything from trends to travel and features. She has also written for The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Broadsheet, The Northsider, Nouba, Mamamia and more. A Perth native, Mel has also seen a lot of the world, having lived in London, Melbourne and now Sydney. This month she got creative with artist Sarah Neuburger. DAN KNOTT Photographer Since cutting his teeth shooting from the mosh pits of Sydney’s punk and hardcore music scenes, Dan Knott has been hooked. Seeking a contrasting muse from the lush terrains of his hometown in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Dan crossed the oceans to explore London’s bustling art scene, where…

from the editor

Welcome to Issue 44! After writing and editing many of the stories on these pages over the past four years, I’m thrilled to hit print on this issue of Collective Hub as Editor. This month we’re also unveiling some exciting changes – not least of which is our new At Work section on life in and around the workplace – which I couldn’t be more proud of. Also in this issue we recognise the power of going backwards to ultimately charge forwards. We look at entrepreneurs who have lost businesses and loved ones only to bounce back stronger and we go back to basics to uncover what C-suite roles really mean. (I also had the pleasure of interviewing Etsy’s COO who had the line of the issue about never hiring an…

44 founder’s letter

Well, hello! I’m writing this letter to you with one hand pressed down on the toasted sandwich maker in the Virgin lounge. (I’m not kidding about that, or my one-handed snack-making abilities. Unlike many of the things I juggle daily, I have this one down pat and can often be found correcting other people on how to make the perfect toasty. Add that to the non-interesting factoids you didn’t need to know about me!) It’s not that I don’t want to give you my full attention, trust me I do. It’s just that, well, this month has been a rather big one. The magazine hits the press tomorrow and I’m about to jump on a plane to Melbourne for another speaking gig (number seven in as many days), so excuse me…


HAS COLLECTIVE HUB INSPIRED YOU TO START A BUSINESS? WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! @belinda_claire_ @tulipsandtuxedos WINNER! I am halfway through my very first issue and I couldn’t even wait to finish it before I shot this email off to you. I am in awe, I am inspired, I am captivated, I am empowered, I can do this! I am a creative and busy-minded person who is always thinking of new ideas, what I can do, how I can make a mark and how I can do it better than it has been done before. I have always tried my hand at many things rather than just being the master of one but I’ve never fully thrown myself into it. Now I know that’s exactly what I have to do. From my many…

the find

VEG OUT – AND UP Levitation is no longer just for magicians – your very own plants can now perform tricks of their own. With the help of magnetic floating technology, the zero-gravity Lyfe Planter system supports plants so they hover in mid-air, and slowly rotate to provide 360 degrees of sunlight exposure. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the serenity. Pretty pentagonal pot included! flyte.se STYLE FILE Meet the Ekster, quite possibly the wallet of the future. Uncompromising on style, the Ekster allows you to access your plastic at the click of a button and even has a special spot for office swipe cards to help you avoid that awkward bag rustle each morning (genius!). Plus, each wallet has a solarpowered tracking device in case it ever gets…