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MELANIE DIMMITT, WRITER Mel is a senior writer at Collective Hub, where she spends her days interviewing inspirational folk like Maggie Beer, Piper Kerman and Kristin Davis. She lends her words to everything from trends to travel and features. In her former freelance life, Mel wrote for The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Northsider, Broadsheet, Nouba, Mamamia and more. She hails from Perth, Western Australia, has lived in London and Melbourne and these days calls Sydney home. As an avid ballet – and barre – fan, she took great delight in interviewing this month’s cover star, Michaela DePrince. RACHEL CORBETT, WRITER Rachel is a writer, radio and TV presenter, podcaster and voiceover artist who can be seen regularly on shows including The Today Show, The Verdict and Paul Murray Live. Rachel writes…

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Well, it’s finally time! I’ve alluded to this moment many times over the years but it’s finally here – we’re moving offices! If you stepped into our office any time within the last year (or, to be honest, the last two years), you might have loved the floor-to-ceiling windows that led to a huge deck but you also would have had to be blind to miss the floor-to-(almost)-ceiling boxes, the cramped desks and constant tussles over wall plugs. When we first rented this office, I remember thinking how ridiculously large it was for my staff of three at the time – we each practically had our own wing. Well, until last month we had almost 30 of us in the same space (including two not-very-OH&S desks that partially closed off access…


WINNER! Picking up a new issue of Collective Hub has become one of my favourite rituals. I revel in the ability to slowly digest each page along with a delicious cup of coffee. Recently I decided to quit my fast-paced corporate job to pursue my dream of moving to London. In a bid to save my precious pennies, I cut out all of life’s little luxuries, including Collective Hub. It was a sad moment when I walked past the newsstand and saw Issue 34 in all its glory staring back at me. It then dawned on me that Collective Hub isn’t just another glossy magazine. The modern woman is so much smarter than traditional titles give us credit for. While it does look and feel like a little slice of luxury,…

the find

THE EYES HAVE IT While cork is more likely to conjure images of cheese and wine (is anyone else hungry?), Aussie brand Sticks & Sparrow are using this and other sustainable materials to handcraft eyewear, including plantbased acetone fronts with bamboo arms. All frames in this eco-friendly range are fitted with 100% UV protective, scratch-resistant lenses. And if you can’t make it in to a stockist to test out styles, you can use their Shop at Home service to try before you buy. Their styles are perfect for the boho minimalist and there are also hardwood men’s styles, and soft, organic pouches to help keep your specs scratch-free. sticksandsparrow.com.au WEARABLE ART While sticking children’s drawings to the fridge is an age-old tradition, Turkish jewellery maker Tasarim Takarim has a more permanent solution. Email…

glow girl

@tobimakeup I FIRST STARTED WORKING ON FACES AS A TEENAGE FACE PAINTER. I would set up stalls at markets while in high school and create my own designs. I worked in a hair salon straight out of school, running my own spray tan business while studying at uni. I remember studying drama, and my favourite part was doing everyone’s make-up for the performances. I did my first work experience at Carla Zampatti. Looking back, I suppose I was bound to work in beauty and fashion. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING A FREELANCER. I am a Gemini and I get bored easily. Every day is different and I am the one who ultimately decides what I choose to work on. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice and a passion for my craft are probably the key…

head start

Marie Jones understands small business. As soon as she learnt to cut hair as a teen, she knew she wanted to open her own salon. By age 20, she had a staff of eight and a loyal clientele who followed her from one venture to another until she finally bought Perth’s biggest salon in 2009. Donna Karan, Tara Moss, Ruby Rose and Western Australia’s finest have all had their hair done at the esteemed House of Ernest, whose doors were first flung open half a century ago. After 30 years in the business, and successfully building up a flourishing franchise model, Marie heralds straighttalk as her secret sauce. She has a ‘no gossip’ policy in the salon, where she employs staff from around the world, and is always ready to meet…