renegade COLLECTIVE Issue 24

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meet our in-house marketing team

JESSICA STONES, PR & EVENTS MANAGER I CAN’T START MY DAY WITHOUT… a strong latte, aka my best friend. MY GUILTY PLEASURE IS… letting my dog Pickle snuggle in bed with me (despite how much my husband objects). THIS YEAR, I’M DETERMINED TO… make sure every person in Australia knows of The Collective. OCCASIONAL IN-HOUSE POOCH WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE THING ABOUT COLLECTIVE HQ? I love it when my pal Benny is in the office too – we play and play and annoy the team while they’re working. WHEN JESS (AKA MUM) IS AT THE OFFICE, WHAT DO YOU GET UP TO AT HOME… I get into my night robe, lay by the heater and sleep all day. WE KNOW YOU ATE LISA’S LUNCH… ON TWO OCCASIONS. ANYTHING TO SAY FOR YOURSELF? Nope. *stretches, finds couch and lays…

editor’s letter

Issue 24 I’m writing to you from the beautiful Lake House in Daylesford, Victoria, where last night I had the most amazing evening with 60 local business owners. I was asked to speak on the power of collaboration, engagement and community. Well, that was a no-brainer as it’s one of my all-time fave topics and largely how we have grown The Collective community in such a short space of time. I bring this up because no matter how big and busy life can become, I personally love more than anything to spend time with groups of people in a single community who are inspiring and supporting each other to do extraordinary things. I have always been a big believer in the power of community, be that geographical or otherwise, and how we…

collective letterbox

WINNER! This is just a little note of appreciation from a girl who has been reading The Collective since the beginning, and just landed her dream job thanks to the inspiration inside the pages. My mum passed the first issue on to me when I arrived to meet her on a holiday in Bali. She said she’d read it cover-to-cover on the plane and thought it would give me the inspiration I needed to make my next move. My second day into the holiday, it was raining so heavily that we were forced to stay indoors, so I started to read this so-called beacon of inspiration and hope – and before I knew it, three hours (and the pouring rain) had passed. I have re-read that magazine cover-to-cover so many times…

listen up!

Many a blogger lives a ‘slashie’ life, jumping from one creative field to the next, thanks oftentimes to their swelling blog hits or Instagram followers. Not so for Hannah Bronfman. While she may have snagged a degree in sculpture, mixing beats was Hannah’s first love and soon she built a sustainability-focused record label (where albums were printed on recycled vinyl and tour buses ran on vegetable oil), a tech empire (that essentially created the on-demand beauty industry) and now, finally, her lifestyle blog, HBfit.com. SO, WHERE DID IT ALL START? My entrepreneurial spirit really kicked in when I began DJ’ing. I definitely was looking for a side hustle during my college years and DJ’ing was it. When I started to DJ more fashion and corporate gigs versus nightlife, I felt there was…

out of this world

Ten years ago, New Mexico-native Stella Maria Baer was feeling restless. “For some reason I felt compelled to make a painting of a tree planted in the sea,” shrugs the artist now shacked up in New Haven, Connecticut, with husband Seth and Fox, the sheepdog. She hadn’t painted before, but nevertheless drove to an art store and then home again hauling an easel, canvas and oil paints. “It was a terrible painting and I’m not sure where it is now,” she laughs. “But that was the first time I painted something.” And it wouldn’t be the last. A stint assisting contemporary artist Titus Kaphar (“The lessons I learned from Titus are endless, but the greatest one I think was the idea that work is something sacred”), a series of quirky animal paintings and backto-back…

namaste, africa

It all started in 2006, when yoga teacher Paige Elenson was on safari in Kenya and came across a group of local acrobats doing handstands. Her knee-jerk reaction was to join them – a brief connection that would forever change her life. The acrobats invited her back to Kenya to teach them yoga and, after two trips, she decided to spread her yoga sessions further – to Kenyan youth – and create a movement that would last longer than a single lesson. Now there are 100 yoga teachers (the majority from under-developed areas in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and beyond), 300 free classes each week and 250,000 people saying a collective ‘namaste’ each year as a result of the Africa Yoga Project (AYP). SO, WHERE DO CLASSES HAPPEN? We give free yoga classes to…