renegade COLLECTIVE Issue 25

Collective Hub combines style and substance with a fresh perspective on the issues that matter – across business, design, technology, social change, fashion, travel, food, film and art. Through a combination of high-profile stories and beautiful visuals in our print magazine, engaging digital content on our website, one-of-a-kind events, custom-made products and much more, Collective Hub’s constant vision is to uplift and empower people to live their fullest lives. Whether you are looking for a boost of creativity, professional advice from industry experts, the most exciting places to experience or a warm and practical pep talk, Collective Hub is your guide to making a positive impact in the world.

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JADE DUNWOODY CREATIVE DIRECTOR Memorable photo-shoot moment Diverting traffic for SW’s location shoot or sadly having to take apart the flower wall Design trend on my mind Artists “taking over” photographs Apps I can’t live without Instagram and the weather app (I’m a trusting person) Easily motivated by Wine on deadline Easily distracted by Snapchat or what’s playing on repeat Compulsory reading this Issue P66 - The next Silicon Valley is somewhere you’d least expect EDITH SWAN ART DIRECTOR Favourite cover moment Designing the SW graphics Toolkit essentials Paints, inks, brushes and an artline pen or two never go astray Best known for Blonde moments ‘aka Edie-isms’ or as the go-to illustrator Design trend on my mind It changes daily, today I love anything duotone Recent history search ASOS… closely followed by Pinterest Easily motivated by Nutella makes everything better Latest Instagram follow @wally_and_molly Don’t think,…


1. KRISTIAN TAYLOR-WOOD Recently awarded Australia’s Commercial Photographer of the year at Projections, Kristian’s creative stamp has become part of The Collective’ cover DNA for issue 25. 2. KOBY HAGE If you’ve ever purchased something from fashion cult store Sabo Skirt you were most likely rocking one of Koby’s graphic print designs. This issue, she “takes over” our quote pages. 3. TOBI HENNEY Collaborating regularly with Australia’s most influential media personalities, Tobi is renowned for her creative flair and versatility, making her a go-to make-up and hair artist for celebrity clientele. 4. WASSIM BAZZI Co-founder of his own creative production studio, Xray Doll, Wassim’s reputation as an innovator expands across his fifteen years of industry experience. Working as a freelance retoucher, you will find Wassim at the heart of Sydney’s art scene. 5. JULES SEBASTIAN As a television presenter,…

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Where in the WORLD AUSTRALIA Gordon & Gotch Locked Bag 527 Frenchs Forest NSW 2086 Australia Tel: 1300 650 666 AUSTRIA Morawa Austria Hackinger Strasse 52 1140 Wien Tel: +43 1 910 76 407 BELGIUM AMP Route de Lennik 451 1070 Brussels Belgium Tel: +322 525 1411 BRAZIL Black & White Rua Vespasiano 560 Vila Romana – Sao Paolo – SP CEP: 05044-050 Brazil Tel: +55 11 3675 3573 CANADA LMPI 8155 Larrey St Quebec H1J 2L5 Canada Tel: +1 800 263 9661 DENMARK A/S Bladkomplagniet Islevdalvej 205 DK-2610 Rødovre Denmark Tel: +453 327 7700 FRANCE Presstalis 30 Rue Raoul Wallenberg 75931 Paris France Tel: +331 4928 7000 GERMANY Saarbach 19 Hans Boeckler Strasse Huerth 50332 Germany Tel: +4922 3379 9632 GIBRALTAR L Sacarello 96 Main St Gibraltar Tel: +35 0200 77994 GREECE 2nd kilometer Paianias - Markopoulo Ave Position: Nisizi 19400 Koropi - Attiki Greece Tel: +30 210 6022080 HONG KONG Times Publishing Block C, 10/F Seaview Estate 2–8 Watson Road, North Point Hong Kong Tel: +852 3965 7810 ICELAND PENNINN EHF Grensasvegur 11 108 Reykjavik Imported press Tel: +354 540 2004 Switchboard: +354 540 2000 ITALY Messinter Spa Via Compania 12 San Giuliano Milanese 20098 Italy Tel: +39 257 512 612 JORDAN Aramex P.O. BOX 375, Amman 11118 Location: Tla’a Al Ali, 45 Khalil Al Salem…

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I’m writing to you from a beautiful boat in the Whitsundays where I am having a holiday (read: working on my next book!). No seriously, I really am on holidays, but because I love what I do so much I couldn’t help myself. I love that we can work from anywhere and draw inspiration from everything and I am grateful for the reminder that we have the capacity to set up our lives so we can work for anywhere (even if it took me 14 years!). While I might find it hard to switch off sometimes, I do love making each holiday count. In the first 12 hours of being here, I’d managed a solid stint by the Qualia pool, taken a catamaran out for a serious spin, played a few…

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WINNER! I jumped! I have officially resigned from my teaching position. And whilst I am scared to my core, I am HAPPY. The past 10 years, I have worked in design, marketing, tourism and education, but my jeweller husband and I have dreamed of running our own business. He started our business six months ago when I returned to teaching full-time after maternity leave, but I craved to be more involved and make it our life… Thank you to Lisa, The Collective team and all those who share their stories within your pages. ‘Inspired’ doesn’t begin to explain what you’ve done for me. Roxanne Spies I picked up my first issue of The Collective the other day at work and that night in bed I read it cover to cover and was…

beautiful botanic

Already masters of their own successful businesses – the art retail space Signed & Numbered for Jacqui Vidal and online boutique Hunt & Bow for interiors stylist Alana Langan – long-time friends Jacqui and Alana have turned their green thumbs to designing striking botanical wares with IVY MUSE. WHAT PULLED YOU IN THE WAY OF A BOTANICAL WARES BUSINESS? ALANA: Jacqui and I are both a little ‘greenthumbed’ and were keen on the idea of getting creative with bringing greenery indoors. At the time, Jacqui was living in an apartment with no outside space and I was living in a rental property, so we both had to deal with restrictions on how ‘green’ we were able to live. HOW WAS THE IDEA OF YOUR FIRST PRODUCT, A STYLISH POT PLANT STAND, CONCEIVED? JACQUI: Alana…