renegade COLLECTIVE Issue 26

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ANGIE FOX WRITER, MELBOURNE When she’s not watching TV, this freelance writer and mother to two girls writes for The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and film website Cinefilia. This Issue saw her interviewing notoriously unpredictable interviewee Russell Brand. BEST THING YOU STUMBLED ACROSS DURING RESEARCH: The clips of Russell bantering with television hosts and news reporters – it’s fascinating to watch him make even the most experienced host melt like butter in the face of his well-mannered charm. CRINGE MOMENTS DURING THE INTERVIEW: I wouldn’t say I was cringing, maybe just slightly uncomfortable, but he did ask me whether my surname is spelt with a double ‘x’. He also ducked off to the toilet while we were on the phone. WHAT SURPRISED YOU ABOUT HIM? I have always been aware of Russell’s intellect and…

editor’s letter

I am writing this editor’s letter to you from my couch. At home. Yes, I am! You might think that sounds a bit boring, but for me it’s the complete opposite and a bit of a novelty. As much as I love travelling to far-flung corners of the globe and try to live a crazy, adventurous life filled with creativity and inspiration, I also deeply love being at home. By myself. With Benny my dog. Or with good friends, food and laughter. It’s a cliché for a damn good reason: home is where my heart is and it’s where I feel most grounded, safe and nurtured. And we all need a bit of that in our lives. So as I tap away, the waves lap on the beach below, the gentle breeze…

collective letterbox

WINNER! I want to thank you for changing my life. I was so tired of typical women’s magazines telling me that a $5000 bag was an “investment”, putting photographs of women wearing the same dress side-by-side and critiquing how they wore it, or having psychics give advice on what the future might hold. How is that helping women to realistically set up their lives financially and emotionally or celebrating creative freedom and individual style? I have a good job in a creative profession but have felt like a mouse on a wheel for years. You have motivated me to take charge of my life – to start up my own business. Thank you for making not just a magazine, but a supportive community that shares exciting ideas and knowledge. Who wore…

snapshot: nice one

FROM CATWALK TO SHOPPING TROLLEY In an unexpected pairing, discount supermarket ALDI has teamed up with iconic Australian designer Collette Dinnigan to produce a girls’ apparel range. “I have been designing children’s apparel since my daughter Estella was born 11 years ago,” says Collette, who is fresh from the launch of a retrospective exhibition at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum celebrating her illustrious, global career. “Young Hearts has a youthful, bohemian spirit incorporating colours that reflect an Australian summer. Think brilliant turquoise waters, bright sunshine yellow and of course, pretty rose pinks and reds that little girls dream of.”collettedinnigan.com.au GO HIGHBROW Want to brush up your smarts in five minutes flat? Highbrow delivers bite-sized email courses to your inbox each day, covering all manner of dinner party-worthy topics, from famous artworks to the world’s most…

how to... future-proof your career

You wake up in your sleep pod, 3D-print a bagel for breakfast, wave at the hologram of your virtual assistant and then let your Google car drive you to a meeting. This could be a typical morning routine in the year 2025 if technology delivers its promises. One thing is clear – the business sphere in 10 years’ time will have changed dramatically, but don’t give in to the robots just yet. Want to stay ahead of the space race? Predict the challenges before they arrive and prepare for them early. Say hello to your future self – and your future skill set. BECOME A JACK OF ALL TRADES “Fifty years ago, the life expectancy of a Forbes 500 company was 75 years,” says Tane Hunter, co-founder of Future Crunch. “Now it’s…

lone ranger

She might live by the ocean, but this Sydney-based artist’s cactus-filled home is more akin to an abode in the Arizona desert. Working under the moniker Lauren & The Lost Boys, Lauren Webster has lent her crafty eye to everything from the runway (with fashion label Backstage) to the streets (by way of Byron Bay’s Lark Skate Co.) and swell (with McTavish Surfboards). “I’m also in cahoots with another really cool Byron Bay-based label, Into the Fold,” she says. “We’ve been working on giant cactus-covered outdoor cushions and other goodies for the home… Most recently, I have been adventuring and painting in the outback with my friends who have moved from Sydney to the desert to open the Andamooka Yacht Club.” Needless to say, we’re a little bit in love with the…