renegade COLLECTIVE Issue 28

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TESS LEOPOLD, PHOTOGRAPHER Consistently inspired by her surroundings, Tess lets the raw elements of life and the abundant beauty of nature flow into her work. Tess says her mission is to, “captivate, engage, challenge and create an element of difference – of art. That’s the essence of what I do.” With an eye for truly capturing the unseen, she absorbs ideas from travel, adventure, human relationships and other inspiring photographic talent. NOAH HUNTER DORSEY, VIDEOGRAPHER WHO’S INSPIRING YOU AT THE MOMENT? RY X for his stunningly fragile musical and film works. I love the sense of vulnerability he conveys. Ta-ku for his constant evolution as an artist. That man is exploring every medium. My parents, Leanne and Torrey. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE TRENDS IN THE INDUSTRY? People are starting to wake up from…

editor’s letter

December. How did that happen? As one year ends and another begins, you can’t help but look back before looking forward. On a sunny Thursday morning recently, I was reflecting on just how extraordinary this past year has been. Personally, it’s been the hardest year of my life (I seriously feel like I have lived 100 years in 12 months). Professionally, it’s been the biggest and most extraordinary to date. Life’s like that. When you put yourself out there in a big, bold way, things happen – good and bad – and I wouldn’t change a second of any of it. There’s too much to recap, but the global reception to Collective Hub this year has to be the biggest highlight. We have had some of the most amazing people meet…

creatives collide

On an unusually balmy Melbourne evening in October, a hand-picked cluster of Aussie creatives flocked to Guy Matthews’ studio in Collingwood for an intimate evening hosted by Mimco’s Managing Director, Cathryn Wills, and The Collective’s Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Messenger. Styled by Local Gatherings, the Creatives Collide dinner saw trailblazing artists, designers and bloggers connect over an intimate dinner, with experiences shared, advice swapped and many a new connection formed. Those in attendance were treated to a bespoke menu from Joyce and Louise accompanied by wine from Brown Brothers, with flowers by Cecilia Fox proving the perfect backdrop for a night of celebration and incredible conversation.…

a new league

Under the sky-high arch windows at On Seven at David Jones’ Sydney CBD store, founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Collective, Lisa Messenger, kicked off the discussion with advice including, “Don’t get too attached to the outcome: be prepared to pivot, adapt and change with your audience,” and, “Business is a dance. There are more currency exchanges than dollars,” before the cover stars of Issue 25 leapt off the pages to stir things up. Multi-disciplinary creatives Piotr Stopniak (of Toby and Pete) and Lukasz Karluk took the audience on a techy trip (admitting that when they didn’t have a clue, they turned to Google), before Luc Wiesman (of men’s lifestyle site D’Marge); Eleanor Pendleton (of online beauty mag Gritty Pretty); Alexandra Smart (of fashion label Ginger & Smart) and Paul Whiteway (commercial…

collective letterbox

WINNER! I have been so inspired by your stories that shine a spotlight on start-ups and established businesses who challenge the way things have always been done. Having worked in a prominent professional services firm and gone on maternity leave three years ago, and subsequently resigned from a traditional finance management role, I have been challenged to pursue my own dreams of starting my own business and ‘not playing the game’. So liberating! I don’t know that I will ever go back to working in big business. I do know that they could certainly take a leaf from the page of modern day start-ups in terms of challenging the status quo. Thanks for doing that and spreading the word! Fabiola Richards HAS THE COLLECTIVE INSPIRED YOU TO START A BUSINESS? WE’D LOVE TO…

what a year!

BRIGHT IDEAS The Apple Watch arrived, while Tesla introduced a home battery that can charge our home from solar panels. Instagram let anyone advertise on its platform, Chanel created an airport for its spring 2016 collection (designing everything down to flight attendant ties and luggage carts), and some genius somewhere coined #squadgoals. BREAKTHROUGHS NASA found traces of water on Mars. And for the first time in US Open history, the women’s singles finals sold out before the men’s. *FACE PALM* The world was a little duped when a 22-year-old SEO marketer set up a website offering to ship our ‘enemies’ glitter for AU$10 that apparently “went viral”. But in an interview with the New York Observer, he claimed that it was all a hoax to highlight how the media latch on to the concept of…