renegade COLLECTIVE July 2016

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JAMES MOTTRAM, WRITER James is a London-based film journalist who, when he’s not sitting in a darkened room watching the latest movie releases, spends his time interviewing actors and directors. Recent interviewees include Johnny Depp, Jim Jarmusch and the “lovely” Emilia Clarke. For this issue, he spoke to Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg about his latest film, The BFG. WHAT SURPRISED YOU MOST ABOUT STEVEN SPIELBERG? “That he’s a pretty good mimic. We got onto the subject of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – one of my favourites – and he started impersonating the little boy, Short Round, who teams up with Indy: ‘You cheat Dr. Jones!’ It was pretty impressive.” RICHARD MILLER, WRITER Richard’s lifelong obsessions include sports of basically any variety, books of most varieties and the search for the perfect…

35 editor’s letter

Sir Richard Branson – it’s a name that epitomises many (all!) of the values Collective Hub stands for. Entrepreneurship, courage, a devil-may-care attitude and the ability to truly succeed without taking yourself too seriously. That’s why Issue 35 is personally one of my proudest and most special covers to date. I’m beyond thrilled that we had an exclusive photoshoot and interview with a man who I don’t just count as a role model but have now seen seminaked, wearing nothing but a mermaid tail (long story, evidence over the page!). When I got the heads up a few months ago that Sir Richard was coming to Australia, I reached out to his wonderful assistant, Helen (who responded almost immediately, telling me she’d been reading the latest issue of Collective Hub in…


WINNER! Your magazine came into my hands from a friend who had been telling me to read it for weeks. Finally, I had my hands on not one, but two issues. With a cup of tea and a rainy day, that’s how our relationship started. This magazine is everything I have been looking for! As a young designer, I was inspired by your story on “The Teenpreneur”, Megan Grassell. To have that much ambition at her age has given me the motivation I need to follow my own ambitions. As Megan says, what is the worst someone can say? No? What matters is that it’s about understanding the audience and the culture. More power to young designers with great ambitions that will revolutionise the design and business world! Isabel Rundle #collectivehub your…

the find

TRUE HERO They say every scar tells a story – but for a lot of people, it’s a story they’d rather forget. Brian Finn, a tattooist based in Toledo, Ohio, spends his days off covering scars caused by domestic violence, human trafficking or self-infliction – for free. During his 17 years in the industry, Brian’s seen a lot of people want to cover reminders of darker times, but often the financial cost was too great. Now he’s footing the bill himself, saying, “If I can make somebody’s day better – or life better – just covering up a scar from a bad experience, I sleep a little better.” Bravo, sir. @brianfinnstagram FAKE A NOTE New York-based company Bond lets businesses (and individuals) send handwritten notes on customisable stationery. But this is no ‘handwriting’…

new (financial) year resolutions

FIND A BOOKKEEPER BESTIE Like all small business owners looking to save money, you may think you can’t afford professional advice – but think about how many hours you spend rifling through your shoebox of receipts before visiting your accountant. If that’s you, it’s time to engage a bookkeeper, says Trent. “These people will keep you organised, they will keep you up-to-date with your records. They can be your best friend at this time of year and make sure you bring that discipline in.” If you’re drawing a blank on finding a suitable advisor, Xero offers a dating-agency-style directory on their website, where you can source a bookkeeper or accountant via location or industry. GET ORGANISED. NOW. We know you’ve heard it before, but good recordkeeping really is essential to manage…

light of the world

In the wake of the earthquake that decimated Haiti in 2010, Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta decided to pool their architecture and design backgrounds to create a waterproof, inflatable solar light that flat packs. Then after successfully crowdfunding, they distributed 1000 solar lanterns to people in Haiti who had been living in the dark. The ease and convenience of LuminAID has since found fans in hikers, backpackers and emergency workers the world over. Here’s the story behind the product lighting the way for Haiti and others facing darkness around the world. HOW DID YOU START LUMINAID? Andrea and I were both getting our master’s degrees in architecture from Columbia University when we came up with the idea for a solar lantern that packs flat. It was in January 2010, right after the…