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Collective Hub June 2016

Collective Hub combines style and substance with a fresh perspective on the issues that matter – across business, design, technology, social change, fashion, travel, food, film and art. Through a combination of high-profile stories and beautiful visuals in our print magazine, engaging digital content on our website, one-of-a-kind events, custom-made products and much more, Collective Hub’s constant vision is to uplift and empower people to live their fullest lives. Whether you are looking for a boost of creativity, professional advice from industry experts, the most exciting places to experience or a warm and practical pep talk, Collective Hub is your guide to making a positive impact in the world.

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build your own dreams or someone will hire you to build theirs ISABELLE CORNISH, ACTRESS + MODEL A globetrotting nomad by nature, Isabelle Cornish doesn’t like to box herself in – either locationwise or when it comes to life paths. The LA-based Newcastle, NSW native has acting and modelling on her list of ‘candos’ (thanks to her starring role in TV’s recent Puberty Blues reboot and work with brands like Topshop and Urban Outfitters) but she’s also a yoga instructor after landing her accreditation in laidback Costa Rica. Isabelle is our cover girl this month. TESS CORVAIA + ROBERT TILBURY, CREATIVE DUO Photographer Robert Tilbury and stylist Tess Corvaia are a powerhouse creative couple hailing from Queensland. The duo are the bright minds behind iconic Australian hat brand Lack Of Color, which they launched…

editor’s letter

This month I’ve been in serious strategy mode. There is a lot going on here at Collective Hub HQ and I’ve been stepping into our biggerpicture vision in a BIG way. In September this year, my book Daring & Disruptive launches in the US under the Simon & Schuster brand (in what is the first of a global roll-out). It is certainly very cool when one of the biggest publishers on the planet sits up and takes notice of a little Aussie-born brand – definitely a dream-come-true deal. Meanwhile on the back of the success of our Sydney Kick. Start. Smart. event, we have just announced three more large-scale KSS events for 2016: Brisbane on August 19, Sydney on October 7 and Melbourne on November 25. With a cross-platform community of…


WINNERS! I have finally found a mag that was written just for me! Iris Apfel’s style, Lisa’s Editor’s Letter, on-point articles, inspirational messages and the stunning photography – your magazine has got me visiting the newsagents again! Three years ago, I was asked to assist in building a business for a travel insurance company; I’d never built a business before and had no idea about boundaries and limitations, which meant I didn’t go by the book – ever! Reading about your threeyear journey spoke to me deeply. It’s such hard work, it’s energising and thrilling and worth every moment. Well done on your three years. I look forward to writing to you again celebrating both of our 10-year anniversaries! Lisa Fryar This was my first-ever issue and I’m absolutely hooked. I was…

stryde to success

Podiatrist Thien Trinh set out to design tights that would help his clients perform at their best. Teaming up with Alistair Moorby, who was able to digitise his conceptual ideas, the duo contacted more than 30 suppliers before they locked in three to develop the Stryda product range. Their Kickstarter campaign raised AU$75,848 over 42 days. We find out what happened behind the factory doors. WHAT DID YOU LEARN DURING PROTOTYPING? Allow plenty of time, funding and [set up] the best possible communication between all parties involved in the design process. Maintaining a clear line of communication was one of our priorities and we still had a few hiccups with sample results. Fitting, cosmetic results and ultimately testing the performance of our prototypes took a lot longer than we initially expected.…

diamond in the rough

As a fourth-generation jeweller, Stuart Bishop grew up amongst some of the world’s most precious gems. He first got a taste of the jewellery business while sweeping factory floors; fast forward to today, and Stuart has risen to become the CEO of his family’s renowned jewellery company, Hardy Brothers. The brand, founded in 1853, is the only Australian jeweller to hold a Royal Warrant to craft goods for the British royal family. An avid sailor and drag racing driver, Stuart shares what he’s learnt from sport and the strength of mixing family with business. I COME FROM AN INTENSIVE SAILING BACKGROUND. Dad encouraged my brother and I into dinghies at the ages of six and ten, and my love of the sport and competition started from there. From that point I…

tipping the scale

THE PROCESS DEVISE A CONCEPT: Usually I draw the original idea on paper. SHOOT THE MAIN PHOTO: You have to take the main photo of the subject; usually in landscape format. SHOOT THE BACKGROUND: Then I take pictures of the background, moving in a clockwise pattern from right to left. TOUCH-UPS: I do this in Lightroom to correct and change colourimetry. EDIT THE BACKGROUND: Automate Photoshop to stitch your [background] images together. EDIT THE LAYERS: After you have set up the scene, open up the man file and paste it into the scene. This will create its own layer. Make sure it is the top layer. Use the Quick Selection tool to select [and change] the man’s figure. (Hint: the Quick Selection tool may accidentally grab some background. To fix this, make your brush a bit…