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Collective Hub combines style and substance with a fresh perspective on the issues that matter – across business, design, technology, social change, fashion, travel, food, film and art. Through a combination of high-profile stories and beautiful visuals in our print magazine, engaging digital content on our website, one-of-a-kind events, custom-made products and much more, Collective Hub’s constant vision is to uplift and empower people to live their fullest lives. Whether you are looking for a boost of creativity, professional advice from industry experts, the most exciting places to experience or a warm and practical pep talk, Collective Hub is your guide to making a positive impact in the world.

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LUCAS GROGAN, ARTIST This Sydney-based painter and textile artist cut his (typically large-scale) work down to size for some of our artist takeover pages. WHY A BLUE HUE? I just loved the universality and how it was used across so many different cultures. WHY WORDS IN YOUR ART? It’s usually lifted from conversations I’ve had or overheard. At the moment I like the phrase, ‘Drop it or drown’ CURRENT INSPIRATION? I wouldn’t know where to start. But right now I’m really into John Giorno’s work. 5 THINGS I LEARNED WORKING ON THIS ISSUE WITH REBECCA HANLEY, CHIEF SUB-EDITOR Happiness is the new (and most awesome) KPI. (p.34) Having $100 left after rent is a totally normal situation. (p.110) Owning your most shameful blunder loud and proud can deliver your next amazing success. (p.56) You can increase your testosterone level by 20 per cent…

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You know those rare moments in life when something happens and you just know that one day far from now, your future self will look back and think, ‘That was when it all started’? Forever after, you’ll view your life as, ‘Before and after X happened’ Late last month (February 28 to be exact) marked the anniversary of one such moment for me: it was three years to the day since the very first issue of Collective Hub was launched out into the world. Rewind to February 2013, and as I stood there holding the first copy in my hands fresh off the press, with our first-ever cover star, my good friend Lorna Jane Clarkson, staring back up at me, I remember feeling beyond elated that we (just four of us…

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THE MOST CREATIVE SNAP WILL WIN A LA BIOSTHETIQUE BEAUTY PACK (VALUED AT OVER AU$480) TO ENTER: Tag your photo with #collectivehub and #labiosthetiqueaus on Instagram. Make sure you follow and tag @collectivehub + @labiosthetiqueaus. Entries close March 31, 2016. See our website for full terms and conditions. COLLECTIVEHUB.COM PRIZE PACK INCLUDES: Transformer 150ml AU$38 (Pictured), Heat Protector 100ml AU$43 (Pictured), Glossing Spray 150ml AU$47.50 (Pictured), Shampoo A.S 250ml AU$31.50, Crème A.S 100ml AU$31.50, Vitalite Express Cheveux 150ml AU$33.50, Autobronzant 100ml AU$40, Emulsion Corps Apres-Soleil 200ml AU$39, Brilliant Nail Metallic Red 11ml AU$38, Brilliant Nail Rouge Noir 11ml AU$38, Magic Shadow Tobacco AU$44.50, Beauty Eyes Smoky Collection AU$62.…


WINNER! After a super ordinary day at work about a year ago, I stopped by the supermarket for a conciliatory chocolate bar. I picked up an issue of Collective Hub instead. What a catalyst. At 7pm, my day did a 180-degree turnaround. I subscribed later that night. I’m not an entrepreneur. And it’s taken me a while to realise that is okay. But Collective Hub is a monthly reminder of why I’ve built what I guess is now genuinely a portfolio career – a ‘dynamic puzzle’ of short-term and part-time projects that collectively fulfil my career goals, lifestyle aims and, increasingly, my values. At first this was inadvertent, then it was opportunistic. And even now it’s deliberate, I still occasionally forget why I choose to do things a little differently, so…

how to… be unruly

Sarah Wood knows what it takes to make a video go viral. Her video technology company, Unruly Media, has done just that for clients including Adidas, Unilever, American Express, Dove and Evian (and amassed an impressive turnover in the process, raking in US$43 million in 2014). “If you’ve ever seen any rollerskating babies, singing kittens or moonwalking ponies, the chances are that it’s our technology that is powering the viral spread of that content,” says Sarah. Any marketer knows that fastspreading content has enormous power to help raise brand awareness and value. So what are some of the secrets that make a video go viral? Sarah shares her insights… LOOK AT THE CALENDAR At the conception stage, be aware of the Zeitgeist. ‘Tent-pole events’ drive engagement. Is Easter coming up, or the World Cup?…