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AMY MOLLOY, WRITER Author and journalist Amy Molloy cut her teeth as a reporter at the Daily Mail in London. She was then tempted to Australia to become the deputy editor and then editor-in-chief of Grazia magazine. Now a freelance writer, Amy specialises in topics surrounding selfdevelopment, health and wellbeing. She says the best part of her job is “sharing the stories of normal people with inspiring lives”. She is the author of books Wife Interrupted, a memoir of her experience of being widowed at 23 and most recently Diary of a Digital Nomad: How to Run Away with your Responsibilities. As a globetrotter and lover of adventure, she wrote this month’s nomad section about getting lost in the great outdoors. HER TIPS FOR LIVING A WILD LIFE? Go wild mid-week. “There’s something about…

33 editor’s letter

This past month has been one of my favourite months EVER. I have been lucky enough to spend it completely immersed in connecting with some of the best entrepreneurs around right now. Those who know me know that I’m a pretty excitable person (happy dances in the office are not uncommon), so it’s no small feat that my enthusiastic fervour has been dialled right up to a new level after having some of the juiciest, grittiest change-the-world conversations of my life so far. Case in point: Jack Dorsey, the cofounder of Twitter and Square. It’s not every day you get to hang out with one of the greatest living entrepreneurial minds on the planet. But hang out we did, and it was an absolute privilege to have 90 minutes one-on-one with…

kick. start. smart.

Last month saw Collective Hub host our first-ever Kick. Start. Smart event in Sydney. There was a palpable buzz on the day as everyone took their seats and, considering the audience reactions as the day unfolded, it was certainly warranted. Our talented line-up of speakers, expertly guided by our MC, Switch Inc. founder Phill Nosworthy, imparted a steady stream of business lessons, learnings and advice to our attendees, who awaited every word with perched pens. While sessions covered the ins and outs of business, from securing funding, nailing that pitch, sourcing a supportive mentor and bouncing back from mistakes, magic was happening during the breaks too as attendees networked with community members, speakers, vendors and other members of the Collective Hub community. Watch this space! This inspirational day couldn’t have happened without…


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WINNER! During my grocery run, the bold words “Awake and Unafraid” on your last cover seemed to pull at something subconscious I have been attempting to ignore. I am a young oncology nurse, and I very rarely get time to indulge in something of creative substance like Collective Hub. I read ‘The New Burnout’ while inhaling lunch one day… and very quickly dissolved into tears. My attempts to juggle the expectations of a ‘happy’ young professional woman came to a head and I realised this article was describing the path I am currently headed down, straight to burnout! So I wanted to thank you for giving me the courage to start a process of positive change. I have always felt it would take an extreme event to make me take stock…

sustainable staples

HOW DID YOU TWO COME TO JOIN CREATIVE FORCES? Margie: I first launched the label in 2005. In 2009, I hired Lisa to assist with design and production and help me take the brand into its next era. There was an instant connection and sisterhood between us. In 2011, I invited Lisa to become co-director and have never looked back. We share the same vision, but our approach is very yin and yang, which keeps us balanced, and our team united and strong. WHAT’S THE GREATEST RISK YOU’VE TAKEN? Margie: Leaving a secure job, with no real promise of success. Launching the label required a huge leap of faith, both financially and mentally. Since then, every year we continue to take risks. Opening our first retail store in 2014 was significant as it…