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SOPHIE HULL Writer Sophie has more than 10 years’ experience writing and sub-editing for magazines around the world, from Jetstar Asia to FOUR – The World’s Best Food Magazine. Based in Sydney, she keeps an eye out for what’s innovative, quirky or plain delicious. This month she interviewed the founder of directto-customer furniture company Brosa. What inspired you during the interview? I was inspired by Ivan Lim’s passion, which showed through in his in-depth knowledge about every element of his business. I’m confident that nothing would slip through the cracks. I also liked his philosophy of giving back to the start-up community, paving the way for future entrepreneurs. JEREMY WORTSMAN Curator of this month’s artist takeover Jeremy is the founder and director of The Jacky Winter Group, Australia’s leading creative services agency. He also heads…

artist takeover

RUDI DE WET Rudi is a graphic artist whose work is characterised by bold, colourful and energetic executions. Specialising in illustration, hand-drawn type, interior artwork and graphic design, he produces work across all media, and for local and international clients from concept to craft. TIMBA SMITS There’s not much Timba can’t do when he puts pen to paper. Born in perhaps the wrong era, his work is rich in mid-century nostalgia fused with his own brand of fun and humour. Co-founder and selfpublisher of cult magazine Wooden Toy Quarterly, and co-founder and former art director of Gorker Gallery in Melbourne, Timba has worked with some of the world’s leading brands including The New York Times, Wired, Maxim, The Guardian, SBS, HBO, Red Bull and Ride Snowboards. JESS CRUICKSHANK A letterer/illustrator living and working out of…

39 editor’s letter

I am writing to you this month from Pune, India, where I have just planted myself – mind, soul and spirit – for a fortnight. As I sit here reflecting on the trip, there is so much to unpack and so many learnings to share; many that I am sure will spill out well beyond the pages of this Editor’s Letter. But I do want to share some of it with you now, to be raw and honest about what brought me here, what I experienced during my time away from ‘ordinary life’, how I cleared some personal blockages and entered a deep fast-track to reconnecting with myself. Although your journey is unique to you, and the stage you are at will be different to me, perhaps in some way my…


SPOTLIGHT OUR PAGES HAVE INSPIRED KATHERINE FROM THIS LITTLE PIG WENT TO MARKET TO START HER OWN BUSINESS. I absolutely love your magazine! I just find it is so full of fresh and inspiring reads and I read it pretty much every morning before I start work. We deliver gourmet boxes of fresh, local and freerange ingredients to people’s doors (including meat and our handmade sauces and salad dressings) which they cook up themselves to make a wholesome meal without having to leave the house. I really do want to thank you for all your inspiration. Katherine Roberts WINNER! This month’s [Issue 38] Editor’s Letter from Lisa stopped me in my tracks. Somehow Collective Hub always has a way of doing that. It’s become my monthly dose of inspiration needed to keep me going…

the find

RUG UP If you’re planning a perfect weekend in the outdoors, Pony Rider may just have you covered. Since launching in 2009, Kelly Searl has created perfect nomadic-themed homewares that will have you wanting to pack your bags and go on a road trip, stat. From merino wool blankets and canvas throws to pillows, the range is made for gazing up at the stars. ponyrider.com.au JOT IT DOWN While Betabook looks like a standard leather-bound journal on the outside, once opened, all you see is a whiteboard (really). Not only for the classroom, it’s perfect for quick meeting notes, 3pm procrastination sketches or that never-ending to do list. And let’s not forget it’s environmentally friendly. betabook.co STAY DRY Rushing out the door, thermos finally in hand and… splat! There’s nothing worse than an early morning…

taking flight

They say you should never rest on your laurels, a sentiment clearly upheld by Smack Bang Designs founder Tess Robinson who, while helming a team smartly outfitting more than 80 brands across the globe at any given time, has dived into her third biz venture (which is designed to help other start-ups), website builder First Flight. “We sell limited-edition, beautifully designed website templates that are carefully crafted, fully customisable and seriously easy to use,” says the Sydneysider, who has spent the past five years listening to the struggles her branding clients faced. “First Flight is for business owners who don’t do boring. It’s for designminded individuals ready to kick-start their craft, jazz up their online presence and showcase their awesome-sauce to the world. It’s for the brands who want to stand out…