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problems solved

PROBLEM OF THE FORTNIGHT Why is Outlook ‘not responding’? Q I’ve been using Office 2016 for quite a few years without problem, but recently, Outlook 2016 has started to hang with a ‘not responding’ error message every so often – perhaps when creating an appointment or email, or just filing an email. I can force Outlook to close and reload it but this problem is really annoying. I’ve tried repairing Office, uninstalled and reinstalled the whole suite, replaced Office 2016 with Office 365, and checked my drives for errors. Everything seems in order but nothing helps. The only thing I haven’t tried is a clean install, but I am loath to do it as there are a lot of programs that would need to be reinstalled. Any ideas? Michael Chappell A You’ve clearly tried…

hp omen 15-en0006na

LAPTOP | £1,000 from HP Perfect performance The 15-en0006na is the cheapest laptop in HP’s Omen range, which is primarily aimed at gamers who also want to browse the web and work with Windows. While the black laptop case looks smart, it’s mostly made of plastic. The screen lid is particularly flexible, which does make us doubt how robust it is, particularly if you’re likely to use it on the move. Its aluminium palm rest and keyboard deck add a touch of quality, though. The whole thing is around average size and weight at 22.5x358x240mm and 2.3kg. “Its performance level and connectivity make up for a poor screen” Connectivity is comprehensive, with three USB 3.0, one USB-C, a mini DisplayPort and an HDMI port. It also accommodates a Gigabit Ethernet connector, an SD card…

microsoft excel & libreoffice calc

Both Excel and Calc let you temporarily hide specific rows simply by selecting the relevant rows, right-clicking that selection within the rows column, then clicking Hide (Excel) or Hide Rows (Calc). However, if you want to calculate the sum of only visible cells in a single column using the standard SUM formula, you’ll find both programs include visible and hidden cells. The solution is to use the SUBTOTAL formula. Unlike SUM, this requires you to insert a function number before the range of values you want to calculate (this lets you control how the values are calculated). To calculate the sum total of visible cells only, you need to use the function number 109. In our example, cells B2 to B10 all contain numbers, but within that region we’ve hidden rows 3,4,6,7…

makewindows better

WINDOWS 7, 8.1 & 10 Open folders in new windows When you double-click a folder in File Explorer (which you can open by pressing the Windows key+E), the contents of that folder will appear in the same File Explorer window. Sometimes, however, you’ll want to open it in a new window, such as when you want to compare the contents of two folders or drag and drop files between them. To do this, hold the Ctrl key when double-clicking a folder. The folder will then open in a separate File Explorer window, allowing you to place it and the original File Explorer window side by side. Windows 7 doesn’t have the same shortcut, but you can open a new File Explorer window by pressing Ctrl+N – the new window will be set to…

best new apps

Typewise Free* Android iOS Typewise has released a new version of its highly customisable keyboard for Android and iOS. The update introduces a fresh interface, improved autocorrection and an option to protect your privacy by switching to offline mode. Unlocking all of the Pro version’s advanced features, will cost you £5.99 per year. DrawPortal Free* Android DrawPortal is a fun new way to connect with people online. It’s a drawing app that lets you sketch with other users over the internet – perfect for enjoying time with far-flung grandchildren. There’s even a simplified Baby Mode for younger users. DrawPortal is free to use but in-app purchases unlock additional features. Splice Free Android Until recently, this award-winning video-editing app was exclusive to iOS, but has now been released for Android. At launch, the Android version seems slightly more basic,…

win 1 of 2 crucial ballistix max 16gb memory kits

Crucial’s Ballistix gaming memory is designed for high-performance over clocking and is ideal for gamers and performance enthusiasts looking to push beyond standard limits. In this competition we’re giving away two packs of 16GB memory each pack contains two 8GB memory modules. They’re DDR4 modules, with a clock speed of 4400MHz, so deliverer exceptional gaming performance. Each module has a high-quality matte black extruded aluminum heat spreader, providing maximum heat dissipation, while an on-DIMM sensor lets you monitor the temperature in real time. You can control the LEDs using software. We’re giving away black kits, though the modules also come in white and red. To enter this competition, email your home address to with ‘Crucial’ in the subject line by midnight15June. You canbuy these 16GB kits from Amazon priced £214.98: It’s also available…