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editor’s letter

Welcome to Crochetscene! PS Be sure to check out my other collaboration with Interweave: Yarn Craft by Vickie Howell knit and crochet kits (available at Interweavestore.com!). Nearly a year ago, I was brainstorming with Lisa Shroyer, Interweave’s content strategist, about how best we could collaborate. One idea I really liked was being guest editor for the 2017 issue of Crochetscene under the guidance of the smart, clever, fellow-Scorpio and Editor Marcy Smith. I didn’t want my “guest editor” role to be only a vanity title. I wanted to work. I wanted to create. So I rolled up my sleeves and dove in. Creating an issue of a crochet magazine calls for copious amounts of designer submissions and a coupla people with big ideas. It was easy to find the latter (see aforementioned Scorpio dynamic…

cool tools

Handmade Labels by Sublime Stitching Tag your handmades with a label that reflects your personality with these woven labels from Sublime Stitching Embroidery. www.bit.ly/crochet-labels Flower Power Scissors by needlegoods on Etsy Feel the power every time you snip your yarn! These charming scissors are just one style of many available from needlegoods. www.bit.ly/flower-scissors Fox Yarn Bowl by Barruntando on Etsy So done with your yarn balls rolling away while you crochet? Let these cunning fox yarn bowls keep them in check while whimsy-ing up your décor. www.bit.ly/fox-bowl Spoonflower Crochet Fabric Want to whip up a sewing project that reflects your love of crochet? Look no further than Spoonflower, an on-demand fabric producer. P.S. Learn more about Spoonflower on Episode 2 of the CRAFTish podcast (www.vickiehowell.com/craftish/), where Vickie talks with Spoonflower cofounder Stephen Fraser. www.spoonflower.com Llamarama Small Pencil Case by Knit Picks Llet these…

meet crochet artist lisa anderson shaffer

Lisa Anderson Shaffer is a fellow CreativeLive instructor and fiber artist. She and I recently chatted on my podcast, CRAFT*ish, about her life as a working artist, her business Zelma Rose, and her crochet installation collection, Aerial. Here’s a bit of that conversation. VH: You have a wonderful mind-set of allowing the fluidity of the creative process to happen—to let the materials shine through in your work. Where does that “permission slip” come from to just let the process be what it will be? LAS: I think it’s partly due to growing up in a creative household. My mom is an artist— she started out as a visual merchandiser for windows in Bloomingdale’s in Manhattan, then was an arts educator, so we just always had stuff around. We had bolts of fabric,…

holiday shopping made easy

Check out these great gift ideas from some of our advertising partners and get shopping! Denise Interchangeable Denise2Go for Crochet: pretty, palmsized, and packed with stitching potential! Ideal for Tunisian or standard crochet and available in a variety of colorful cases. Interchangeable with all Denise products. Made in the USA. www.knitdenise.com Red Heart® Simone’s Open Wave Shawl This modern looking shawl is quick to crochet and makes a great gift or holiday fashion accessory. Made with Red Heart Gleam yarn it has a metallic thread wrapped around it. A go-to piece that works for casual or dressy occasions. Learn more @ www.RedHeart.com Knitting Zone From practical to exotic, Nirvana Needle Arts Crochet Hook Gift Sets are sure to please. Sets are available in ebony, bone and maple and come in an attractive case. Don’t you deserve one? www.KnittingZone.com. Yarnbox Subscription…

ones to watch

Check it out! Taylor Hart • Nothing But a Pigeon Location: Austin, Texas Her crochet scene: I love to create fun, whimsical crochet critters that bring smiles to people’s faces. Why watch: Taylor’s whimsical take on taxidermy brings an animal friendliness and hipster coolness to the crochet craft. Latest project: her brand-new book Crochet Taxidermy (Potter Craft) Connect online: www.nothingbutapigeon.com Pat Ahern • Crochet Artist Location: Los Angeles His crochet scene: I enjoy freeform crochet because it lends it self well to improvisation. I crochet scenes, portraits, and sculptures since many effects can be achieved, as with paint, by using different yarns; dif ferent stitches have the effect of a variety of brushstrokes. Yarn is the ultimate inspiration because of its endles s selection. Why watch: His crocheted ar t will blow your mind and change the way you think…

watch + listen

Binge Watch On a crochet bender? Here are our Top Ten shows to stitch to: Stranger Things(NETFLIX) Grab some eighties mohair! Go up a hook size, though—scary moments tighten gauge. Call the Midwife(PBS) This calls for a baby blanket. Bloodline, 2 seasons (NETFLIX) The ties that bind are as strong as super-bulky cotton yarn! The Blacklist, 3 seasons (CABLE AND ONLINE) Stop every few stitches to look over your shoulder. Transparent(AMAZON) Live a little: crochet something sparkly. Grace and Frankie(NETFLIX) Granny squares are just right. The Path(HULU) Go for a communal project. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt(NETFLIX) This calls for a variegated yarn! Orange Is the New Black, 4 seasons (NETFLIX) Crocheted ponchos have high trade value in a women’s prison. Murdoch Mysteries(CBC) Pop a bonbon every time you see crochet! Listen & Learn When you have to keep your eyes on your crochet, check out…