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Digital Photo Pro November/December 2019

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editor’s note

As an amateur songwriter, I’m a fan of demo tapes. I particularly like The Beatles’ ‘Anthology 2,’ which includes John Lennon’s demo of “Strawberry Fields Forever” sung just with an acoustic guitar. About 12 seconds in, he abruptly stops, unhappy with how he’s playing, and mutters, “Can I do it…can I do it.” He then proceeds to play the song quite differently, more in keeping with how he’ll eventually record it with the rest of the band. What’s fascinating is you hear a master songwriter making a minor edit but one that will result in one of the keystone songs in popular music. For me, this issue functions in a similar manner. It includes thoughts and observations from several of the best photographers working in the business today. Each provides valuable…


Photoville Photography Festival, Sept 12-22, 2019 Unlike other photo festivals in the world, Photoville is free to attend and is open to all members of the public, of any age, including dogs, and is wheelchair accessible. Photo by Jessica Bal for United Photo Industries. Words Of Wisdom From Michael Foley In a two-part article, photographer and writer Amy Touchette spoke with Michael Foley, owner of Foley Gallery in New York City, to get his advice on how photographers can get the most out of the portfolio review experience. Canon’s New EOS C500 Mark II Cinema Camera Contributing editor and filmmaker Dan Brockett discusses what five features are worth looking at on Canon’s new EOS cinema camera. DigitalPhotoPro digitalphotopro digitalphotopro NEWSLETTER: Subscribe today for updates on the latest features, how-to articles and photography news. SIGN UP: http://digitalphotopro.com/newsletter/…

new products

Canon Introduces EOS 90D DSLR And Two RF Lenses This past summer, Canon announced the EOS 90D DSLR, which comes with a 32.5-megapixel CMOS (APS-C-sized) image sensor and Canon’s DIGIC 8 image processor. Some of the other significant technical specs include: • The ability to record 4K UHD (up to 30p) and 1080p FHD (up to 120p) video with no crop.• Dual-pixel CMOS AF in Live View, with 5,481 manually selectable AF positions.• Electronic shutter with a minimum of up to 1/16,000th.• Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth technology.• A through-the-lens optical viewfinder.• A 3.0-inch vari-angle touchscreen LCD.• 10 frames-per-second burst modes.• A 45-point all-cross type AF system. Additionally, Canon unveiled two new lenses for its RF full-frame mirrorless system: Canon’s new RF 15-35mm F2.8 L IS USM lens has an ultra-wide zoom range and is…

keith carter: fifty years

Last year, University of Texas Press published Keith Carter: Fifty Years, which compiled five decades of the photographer’s search for the soul in the ordinary. The collection of 250 images takes readers on a visual journey through a dream world that Carter often captures in the quiet realities of daily life around his adopted east Texas hometown of Beaumont. While Carter, whose highly collectible work is in museums from the National Portrait Gallery in Washington to the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York, does explore the world camera-in-hand, he vows to never end his love affair with the South and its rich storytelling traditions. Digital Photo Pro: How were you able to take a diverse body of work from your five-decade career and present it so seamlessly between two covers? Keith Carter: It…

duane michals: empty new york

Travel to the Soviet Union during the darkest days of the Cold War as an American was unusual, but for Duane Michals, the unusual has proved to be the norm. Throughout his career, the highly regarded fine-art photographer has embraced the commercial world and scoffed at the idea that it’s “selling out.” In 1964-’65, the Pennsylvania-born New York City transplant explored the streets of his adopted home, at times when the city was virtually void of foot and vehicular traffic. His almost “Twilight Zone” view of the Big Apple allows us to study this unique metropolis without any human distractions. Most of the images from these early, camera-in-hand urban expeditions have laid dormant until the publication of Empty New York (Enitharmon Editions), a time capsule of sorts opened up in 2019, unveiling…

a river runs through them

Kingdoms may come, kingdoms may go Whatever the end may be Old Father Thames keeps rolling along Down to the mighty sea So go the lyrics of the 1933 ballad “Old Father Thames.” The song is an exhortation to Britons weathering the precarious period between two devastating wars to keep their chins up and their character steady, like the river that flows through their capital city. Along the banks of that tidal river, the stories of their everyday lives unfolded, and extraordinary events took place. For millennia, the Thames has been a nexus for all manner of human activity, from commerce and labor to religion and leisure to struggles with nature and personal triumphs and tragedies. It’s no surprise, then, that an artist like Julia Fullerton-Batten would find inspiration there. The…