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Discover Japan is the insider's guide to Japan. Published since 2008 in Japanese, the magazine is now available in English as a redesigned, easy-to-read digital issue that is packed with stories on Japanese culture, food, travel, design and much more. We hope this will soon become your preferred guide to a previously unexplored side of Japan. Notice "Discover Japan ―AN INSIDER'S GUIDE vol. 18" originally scheduled for release on April 6th has been changed due to unforeseeable circumstances. We will notice to you again, as soon as the release day is confirmed. Thank you for understanding.

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from the editor

Once again, we return to the extraordinary world of Japanese handcrafted products. We have asked a couple of local Japanese specialists to guide us through their favourites from beautifully embroidered sukajan jackets from Okinawa to seamless 3D washi paper lamps from Tottori. While the products might seem quite different, they share the fact that they are all made by dedicated artisans who excel at their chosen craft.There is also a detailed look at the humble, yet technically very challenging tea set by Simplicity’s Shinichiro Ogata that offers a whole new approach to tea through the carefully made Shiho Hohin set made by master craftsman Koji Fujita. Additionally, an intriguing report on perhaps one of Japan’s most unique crafts, baichiru—which is the process of carving out intricate designs into pieces of…

01 new sushi store at the aman

Sitting at the solid wood counter made of hinoki cypress affords a grand view from the window of Gaien-no-Mori and the Shinjuku Fukutoshin areas. 1) The Niizawa Brewing Co. uses rice that has been polished to just 7% of the grain to brew an original sake exclusively for Musashi by Aman, which diners can enjoy with the sushi. 2) The nigiri sushi topping is sourced by Musashi himself. Master sushi chef Hiroyuki Musashi has been dedicated to crafting the perfect Edo-style sushi for over 30 years, 12 of which he spent running the famous Sushi Musashi in Aoyama. Now he will head Musashi by Aman at the urban resort hotel Aman Tokyo. Interior designer Yukio Hashimoto has styled the store in a way that complements the omakase chef’s selection course (¥25,000 excl. tax),…

02 studio mumbai opens its first space in japan in onomichi

1) All rooms face the garden. 2) Image of the completed LOG, which has been designed to harmonise with the nature and scenery of Onomichi. 3) Above all, Jain values the energy derived from the power of human hands. India’s Studio Mumbai is perhaps best known for its use of organic materials and respect for traditional building techniques. Head architect Bijoy Jain has been hands-on in the commercial and accommodation facility Lantern Onomichi Garden (LOG) opening in Onomichi this December. Commissioned by the local community revitalisation organisation, Discoverlink Setouchi, and boasting sweeping views of the ocean, LOG is Jain’s first project outside of India. Featuring a restaurant and café, bar, shops, gallery and garden, as well as accommodation facilities, LOG will bring a new sense of warmth that blends well with the port…

03 ueno’s former station turns art attraction

Ueno’s former station is now an art attraction The former Hakubutsukan-Dobutsuen (Museum Zoo) Station on the Keisei Electric Railway Line located on a corner of Ueno Park in Tokyo was gutted in 2004, but from November 23, it will reopen for public viewing for a limited time. As a new art destination, it will show contemporary art works, the first by local artist Shirotama Hitsujiya. Her new installation showcases a well-researched story about Ueno, which unfolds in front of the viewer. Other displays include 3D-printed replicas of animal skeleton specimens created by the National Museum of Nature and Science researcher Kento Mori, and exhibited in a space crafted by the plastic artist Akiko Sakata.Former Hakubutsukan- Dobutsuen Station “Chasing a European rabbit”Open: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until February 24, 2019 (Sunday)Venue:…

japanese elegant crafts

Well-crafted items have the power to enrich our ordinary everyday lives. Especially crafts made with the skills of true artisans. In line with modern sensibilities and lifestyles, the skills of traditional artisans are evolving daily through combinations with new ideas.For this feature, we asked six connoisseurs to tell us about the artisans whose methods they admire as well as workshops that are undertaking new challenges.Your admiration for these crafts can only grow as you learn how they are made and the sentiments that are poured into them. They will make you feel a unique joy that cannot be experienced with mass-produced items. Just holding them will lift your spirits. Discover elegant crafts made by Japanese artisans in this special feature. ■…

their perfection as crafts enables them to suit occasion

Keiko Kitamura, Director of the fennica label owned by Beams, and Terry Ellis create products that fuse traditional Japanese handmade techniques with new and old designs from around the world. She explains, “Carefully- made products are beautiful and lovely in any time period and seamlessly fit in with any interior or outfit.”The intricate embroidery of the map looks three dimensional. “This is work that could only be done by Toyo. It feels amazing to wear,” Kitamura says. [Shop_1]Original sukajan souvenir jacketToyo EnterpriseToyo-Enterprise-manufactured Tailor Toyo sukajan souvenir jackets are beloved by local and foreign fashionistas alike. Kitamura has long admired the jackets: “This is a classic item based on 1950s style. Using the motif of a map of Okinawa drawn by Japanese dyeing specialist and artist Keisuke Serizawa, it features embroidery depicting…