DOT Magazine Volume 19 / Jokes

Aimed at preschoolers, DOT carries stories and games all aimed to foster imagination, creativity and fun in children aged 5 and under. DOT is published quarterly and explores themes such as Birds, Jokes, Numbers, Sounds or Opposites. Unlike magazines of today, DOT is not a throw away title. Just like much loved children’s magazines and annuals of the past it is designed to be collected, kept, handed down and revisited.

United Kingdom
Oksar Ltd
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haha hehe I am dot. Remember me? Ahahahah! Hehehehehe! Ohoohoho! Jajajajajaja! What’s happening to Pat and I? Something wonderful: we can’t stop laughing. Please join us in our ‘giggly’ adventures for a good serving of brilliant jokes and … happiness! Ready to chuckle until our bellies hurt? Let’s go! dot PS But, first, let’s shout PANTS! tee hee hoho DOT is made by Cathy Olmedillas, Anna Dunn, Ben Javens, Julia Staite, Gaston Caba, Max Low, Jonathan Hopkins, Oscar Olmedillas, Ece Ciftci and Lylet Soliven. DOT is available to buy from all good independent shops around the world, and online from If you would like to send a drawing or letter to DOT, please do so at: 3rd Floor 86-90 Paul Street London EC2A 4NE United Kingdom Or email it to DOT is published four times a year by Studio Anorak. Reproduction of material is strictly prohibited without prior permission. © Oksar Ltd.…

that’s funny!

What makes us laugh? The tickle monster. Clowns. Sticking our tongue out. A funny word. A game of peekaboo. A banana phone. A staring competition. A loud sneeze. A silly picture. Draw here something that makes you laugh. That’s a giggle! Is that funny? Funny? Funny? Funny? Funny? Funny? Funny? That’s a joke! tee hee! ahaha! ho ho! hihihi! Knock, knock! Who’s there? Kanga. Kanga who? No, kangaROO! Why do mushrooms like to party? tee hee! Because they are fungi. How do you make a tissue dance? Put a little bogey in it. How do mountains stay warm in winter? They wear snow caps. What do you call a crab that won’t share? A shellfish. What has hands but can’t clap? haha! A clock. Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use a honeycomb. Where did the cow go on holiday? Moo York. hehe! Why did the computer go to the doctor? It had a virus. What is a vampire’s favourite fruit? A neck-tarine. What did the nose say to the finger? Stop picking on me. What music scares balloons? ahaha! Pop music. What…

happy & grumpy stay at home

green pancakes

You will need: Put all the ingredients into a blender. Whizz until you get a smooth green goo. If you do not have a blender, you can do it manually, but you will need muscles! Heat a little oil into a frying pan. Once it’s hot, add 2 tablespoons of green goo into the pan. Leave it for 1 minute until you see little bubbles coming through. Now flip! Leave for another minute. Repeat until you’ve run out of green goo. Things to eat your Green Pancakes with:…

let’s play!

My rabbit has pineapples for feet.…

a joke teller

You will need: A sheet of A4 paper or thin card. Pens or colouring pencils. HA HA HA HO HO HO HO HO Ask someone to pick a number from 1-4. Open and close the joke teller both ways counting up to the number they have chosen. Ask them to point to one of the flaps inside. Now tell them the joke they are pointing to and watch them roll around laughing when you lift the flap and reveal the answer!…