DOT Magazine Volume 20 / Music

Aimed at preschoolers, DOT carries stories and games all aimed to foster imagination, creativity and fun in children aged 5 and under. DOT is published quarterly and explores themes such as Birds, Jokes, Numbers, Sounds or Opposites. Unlike magazines of today, DOT is not a throw away title. Just like much loved children’s magazines and annuals of the past it is designed to be collected, kept, handed down and revisited.

United Kingdom
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let's make music

mayuri An instrument that looks like a peacock. But doesn’t sound like one! banjo A type of guitar with a round body, strings and a long neck. didgeridoo A long trunk of wood that you blow into. wooden spoons One of the first instruments people used to make music, by tapping them on their bodies. nose flute Use your nose to blow into it! violin It looks like a small guitar and it is played with a bow made of horse hair. tambourine It makes a tap and tinkly sound all at once, thanks to the jingles it carries. bagpipes A pouch with four tubes sticking out of it, which you play by blowing into them. ocarina An ancient type of flute which is animal-shaped. sea organ An instrument that uses waves to make sounds. bassoon A long instrument that you blow into. It is as tall as you are! xylophone Like a…

happy & grumpy go on a hike

Happy decided that it was a good day to go on a hike up a mountain. Happy was thrilled to be in a cable car and pointed at how little the cows looked from above. Grumpy closed his eyes, too scared to look down. Happy was in a good mood today. Grumpy, not so much. A trip to the mountain would be excellent exercise. Happy loved skipping down, just like a goat. Grumpy wondered whether he would ever reach the bottom of this very, very, very tall mountain. Grumpy had fallen in a deep slumber, too tired to go on. Happy was energised by the fresh mountain air and hoisted Grumpy on his shoulders. Happy stood proudly at the top of the mountain and breathed in the fresh air. Grumpy thought he could smell cows’ poo from up here.…

let's laugh!

What did one plate say to the other plate? Dinner is on me! What did one volcano say to the other? I lava you Why didn’t the orange win the race? It ran out of juice. What kind of tree fits in your hand? A palm tree! What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back? A stick. What do kittens like to eat? Mice cream. What’s orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot What has forty feet and sings? The school choir! What did the snail say when it was riding on the turtle’s back? Wheeee! What music does a planet listen to? Nep-tunes! Where is the best place to learn about eggs? In the hen-cyclopedia What is a cat’s favorite song? Three Blind Mice! What’s the most musical part of a turkey? The drumstick! What type of music are balloons afraid of? Pop music! What room can nobody enter? A mushroom! What do you call a…

let's cook!

happy kiwi kebabs You will need: 4 strawberries 2 bananas 2 kiwi fruits 4 orange segments 8 grapes 4 mint leaves 4 wooden skewers 150g plain yoghurt 1 tbsp runny honey Wash the strawberries and cut them in half. Peel the kiwi fruits, cut the top and bottom off and cut into 4 pieces. Peel the bananas and cut them into big chunks. Peel one orange and reserve 4 segments. Wash 8 grapes, either red or white. Thread each bit of fruit into a skewer. You can mix and match so that each looks colourful and different. Prepare the sauce by mixing the honey into the yoghurt and breaking up mint leaves into it. Now dip, eat and enjoy! Other fruits you can use to make Happy Kebabs: blueberries melon pineapple chunks raspberries…

let's play

happy odd one out Which of these happy guitars is the odd one out? where's it gone? Can you please reunite each musician with their instruments? let's count! How many triangles can you count? Answer: 20 say what? Go over the shaded letters to reveal Davinia’s message. the greatest band in the world lost and found! Veronica the violin has lost her pal Baz the Bow. Help them to reunite by following the line. colour colin Give Colin the Crooner some colours please. what's that noise? Please draw the instruments that make these sounds. missing strings Hannah the Harp has lost her strings! Please draw some for her. piano patterns Please draw pretty patterns on Pablo the piano.…

let's make… a guitar

You will need: A shoe box A kitchen roll tube Around 4 long elastic bands Some coloured card Cocktail sticks Glue Scissors Some decorating bits like glitter, gum shapes or stickers 1 Draw around a cup to make a circle in the middle of the lid of the shoe box and cut it out. 2 Cut two strips of card about 4cm wide. Fold in half, then fold each half back the other way to make a peak along the length of the strip. Glue the strips either side of the hole. 3 Stretch the elastic bands over the box so they are sitting over the hole. We have used four but you could add more if you like! 4 Now take the kitchen roll tube and snip all around one end, making cuts of about 2cm long. 5 Bend out the flaps…