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Esprit Bonsai International

No. 101

Esprit Bonsai international is for everyone who loves, practises and wants to progress in the art of bonsai, with a respect for trees and nature. It is a magazine by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, which is not content simply to present techniques and great masters, but which also asks questions about the place of bonsai within the world, our lives and our daily rituals, and presents suiseki, kusamono and other arts around bonsai.

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the last one

This issue of Esprit Bonsai International marks the close of an adventure that we had hoped would be ongoing. In the end it will have lasted almost four years. The reality of the economic situation has regretfully led us to decide to stop publishing the English version of the magazine. When we decided to translate Esprit Bonsaï into English, to provide English-speaking readers with a new magazine on their passion, we were supported by associations, professionals and other protagonists in the international bonsai world. We offer them our thanks for joining us in this journey and believing in the venture. And of course, we thank you, our readers, for your interest. Over these few years, we have enjoyed working out how best to support you in your love of bonsai,…


In Italy The 22th IBS (Association of Italian Instructors) convention will take place between 1 and 3 November in Trevi, Perugia in conjunction with the Trevi national exhibition organised by the Umbria Bonsai Association. Valentin Brose from Germany will be the guest of honour for that weekend. The programme includes an exhibition of trees by the instructors, bonsai artists and members of the Umbria Bonsai Association, and demonstrations will be given by the instructors, members of the organising club, and schools recognised by the IBS, as well as lectures by IBS instructors. • Chiostro san Francesco Trevi, Perugia, Italy In the United Kingdom With Brexit in view, Bonsai Europa will be replaced by the UK National Bonsai Show on 14 and 15 September at Bury, near Manchester. The event itself will continue unchanged from…


In Italy The Crespi Cup The Crespi Cup 2019 and 13th International Bonsai & Suiseki Meeting will be held on 13 to 15 September at Parabiago near Milan, Italy. The size of this important event organised by the Crespi Bonsai Company, increases with every edition and consists of exhibitions of bonsai, shohin, suiseki and pots. In all, over 250 items will be displayed. Five competition exhibitions are also on the programme: the Crespi Bonsai Cup, the Crespi Shohin Cup, the amateur exhibition, the Crespi Suiseki Cup, and the Crespi Pot Cup. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of bonsai and suiseki and discover these ancient oriental disciplines. This year, the Crespi Cup has invited two exceptional guests of honour, the bonsai master Shinji Suzuki, who will give demonstrations and lectures and…

at maulévrier, the salon national du bonsaï

The Salon national du bonsaï at Maulévrier, Maine-et-Loire, will take place on 14 and 15 September, with guest of honour, Bruno Heller, a professional bonsai artist from Lyon. The Salon national du bonsaï is a major exhibition in France and welcomes all amateur and professional bonsai artists amateur in the sector. The exhibition is dedicated to independent enthusiasts, whether they belong to clubs or not, and aims to offer visitors to the show the best trees on a national level. Each year, the organiser, the Maulevrier Oriental Park, carefully selects 50 high quality French trees. Thus dozens of amateur and professional exhibitors, representing different departments and regions in France, meet to display their work. The exhibition is held in the Maulévrier reception hall opposite the entrance to the Oriental Park.…

knowledge and action

Without any knowledge, there is no right action; and without action, there is no proof of the validity of knowledge. As we all know, to govern is to plan ahead. If these principles are applied to bonsai, organising a plant’s masses into a harmonious form is close to the art of good government. The people who perpetuated bonsai through the ages were mostly men who possessed some sort of power: spiritual (monks, literati); political (aristocrats, warriors); or material (bankers, merchants). Today, the democratisation of society and the globalisation of knowledge have altered the historical and social data. Every individual is free to access any activity that might interest him or her, whatever his or her deep underlying motivation. Pruning is sacrifice What difference is there between our era and earlier times? The appreciation…

eba and ffb convention, albi two conventions, one cultural gathering

Albi – the hometown of Toulouse-Lautrec and the only city in France besides Paris to appear twice on UNESCO’s world heritage lists – tuned in to bonsai and Asian arts from 10 to 12 May 2019. Over one eventful weekend, the conventions of the European Bonsai Association (EBA) and the Fédération Française de Bonsaï (French Bonsai Federation – FFB), as well as the European Suiseki Association (ESA) and the Association Française des Amateurs de Suiseki (French Suiseki-Lovers’ Association – AFAS), attracted political figures, exhibitors and visitors. It has become standard for a European association to host the EBA’s annual convention, and this year that association was the Bonsaï Club de l’Albigeois. Albi was certainly up to the mark, and it was under stormy skies that this beautiful southern French city offered…