6 apps to make more of a city break
These handy apps will help you discover the hidden gems and locals’ favourites

Taking a vacation in a new city – whether it’s overseas or one a bit closer to home in the UK – is a great way to try out some new food, soak up some culture, explore a bit of history, and just generally have a break and refuel.

But it’s no good getting to the door of your hotel or Airbnb rental if you’re not really sure what you want to do next.

That’s why we’ve collected these apps that will help you make the most of travelling to a new city. We’re not going for the obvious stuff, such as the Maps app (see p43); these offerings will help you discover the vibe of a new place.

Lambus | Group Travel

Free NEEDS iOS 10 or later

If you like to plan ahead and know exactly what you’re doing, Lambus is perfect. It’s a travel planner and you can add notes, photos, places, waypoints for multi–stage trips, and expenses. Best of all, it’s collaborative – start a group project and you can all make suggestions, and talk within the app using its built-in chat function. Really easy, really useful.

Spotted By Locals

Free (IAPs) NEEDS iOS 11 or later

How are you going to find great stuff to put in Lambus? This app offers travel guides for cities that are written by locals. Find the best beer hall in Berlin or that hidden indy coffee bar in Manchester that only the residents know about. There’s nothing big and touristy here – this app is all about helping you to see the side of the city that the locals love.

Culture Trip: Explore & Travel

Free NEEDS iOS 10 or later

Another app that helps you find the more unusual side of places, though this is a mix of tourist sites you shouldn’t miss, as well as local tips. There are lists for different cities, and multiple articles and videos to cater for different interests. You can build a wishlist inside the app if you see something you want to bookmark. Slick and professionally presented.

Nearify – Discover Events

Free NEEDS iOS 10.3 or later

Maybe you didn’t plan ahead, but now you’re in a new city and you want to find a fun event. Tell Nearify what kind of thing you’re into (you can choose different types of music, live theatre and cabaret, games nights, parties, festivals, photography groups, art exhibitions… it goes on), and it’ll use your location to suggest things nearby.

Citymapper Transit Navigation

Free NEEDS iOS 10 or later

A true essential – whenever you go somewhere new, you should always have this ready. It collects every method of transport in one place, so you can easily get to whatever hidden gem you’ve found. It’ll work out the best route, so it might suggest specific buses or underground routes, or it’ll say whether a ride-sharing service is the best option.


Free (IAPs) NEEDS iOS 10 or later

Want your walk around town to include some sights along the way? GPSmyCity has built-in walking tour suggestions (with offline maps), and you can also create your own route that takes you where you need to go via attractions you’re interested in. This can be tourist spots or restaurants and so on, so you can build your lunch break into your journey of discovery.

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January 2020