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Family Handyman March 2019

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more family handyman SEE MORE “STUFF WE LOVE” Have you signed up for the new Stuff We Love newsletter yet? Check out more of our favorite tools and gear every week! Go to New Woodworking Projects Get plans and a video tutorial for this easy-to-stow workbench exclusively on our website. Go to and search for “folding mobile workbench.” LEARN MORE. BUILD MORE. Calling DIYers who want to tackle it all! Get unlimited access to Family Handyman’s complete library of quick DIY University online classes. This includes two exciting new projects per month—things you’ve been dreaming about, and projects that may not have occurred to you. Get ready to build a wall-mounted bike rack or your own workshop, add elegant kitchen storage and a tile backsplash, install a sleek USB charging station, and much more! Start your…

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Cordless jigsaws: Is 12 volts enough? The tool shelf at the Family Handyman workshop holds both 12-volt and 18-volt jigsaws. To our surprise, we generally prefer the 12-volt models. They’re lighter, easier to handle and have plenty of power for cutting hardwoods or 1-1/2-in.-thick material. This Bosch 12V Max Barrel-Grip jigsaw is our current favorite because it’s especially compact, comfortable and smooth-running. The bare tool costs about $110; with a battery and charger, about $160. Quick-switch bits I never noticed the time I wasted changing out drill bits until I discovered hex shank bits. Whether I’m drilling 1/8-in. pilot holes or hogging out a 1/2-in. peg hole, the bit shank is the same size. So I just have to open the chuck slightly to swap out the bit. If I’m using an impact…

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Rust Prevention Pouch It’s difficult to keep your tools free of rust if your toolbox is in an unconditioned garage or in the bed of your truck. Moisture in the air invades those spaces in a hurry, causing tools to rust. To absorb the moisture and prevent rust, I put a scoop of silica crystal cat litter in a rag and then tie it shut. I drop a pouch in every toolbox and replace them once a year. RICK AMBRASAS Wine Cork Fire Starters Fill a mason jar with wine corks and rubbing alcohol and let the corks soak. The corks will burn fairly well in a few days, but for the best results, soak them for a week. Be sure the corks are natural, not synthetic. LAURIE AAMOTH BOTTLE GNAT TRAP Want to get rid of…

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The trouble with 4x4s If you need 4x4s or other large posts, inspect them first. Why? Many of them, especially 8-ft. posts, come from logs used for veneer, which is peeled from the logs like paper towels from a roll, leaving only the very center of the log. The center “pith” is the least stable part of the log and is very prone to twisting, splitting and bowing. This is particularly true of treated 4x4s because the treatment exaggerates the warping. Examine the stack of posts at the home center and reject the posts with end grain that looks like a bull’s-eye. Choose the straightest posts you can find, with the least amount of center pith. BRAD HOLDEN, ASSOCIATE EDITOR Reduce Home Allergens When pollen and mold levels are high, allergy symptoms might force…

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WHAT IT TAKES TIME 1 day COST $200 SKILL LEVEL Beginner TOOLS Circular saw or miter saw, metal shears, drill/driver, stapler, level ACCESSORIZE IT! EASY ADD-ON OPTIONS: 1 SCREEN OUT CRITTERS. Simple arched ribs made from CPVC pipe let you protect your crop from hungry birds and beasts, especially deer! 2 EXTEND THE SEASON. Those same ribs can support plastic sheathing. This creates a “cold frame,” allowing you to start plants earlier in spring and protect them against frost in autumn. 3 WATER ONCE A MONTH. Fill a buried reservoir that keeps soil moist for weeks. For details on how to add this feature to any raised planter, search for “self watering” at Some gardeners prefer traditional ground-level gardening, but not the ones we’ve been hearing from in recent years. Those who’ve made the switch love raised garden planters and won’t…

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I installed new trim when I replaced all the doors and windows in my house a few years ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to painting it. I recently decided it was time to finish the job, and the first step was to determine the paint that would perform best regardless of brand, sheen or color. To research the options—for Family Handyman and myself—I picked up 12 trim paints to try. After running tests and conferring with pro painters and industry experts, I singled out a few top performers. 6 factors that matter Cost One thing I learned from the experts was that quality paint starts with expensive raw materials. That means cost is a pretty good predictor of the results you’ll get. Using inexpensive paint could save a few bucks on the…