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Family Handyman July/August 2019

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Cut trimming time To cut my string trimmer work in half, I ran a rope through my mower’s grass chute and tied a knot. I tied the other end of the rope to the tractor so it can’t get caught in the blades. This way, I can pull up the grass chute and get closer to trees and other obstacles from the comfort of my tractor seat. TRAVIS LARSON NO-ROLL PENCILS Carpenter’s pencils are handy because they don’t roll off your workbench or countertop. But I prefer regular pencils for precise marking. To keep them from rolling off the workbench, I put a tape “flag” around the end. DAVID SCHMIDT Minimize concrete dust If you’ve ever mixed bagged concrete, you know what a dusty job it is. You end up wearing and inhaling a lot of concrete…

longer-lasting exterior

This project includes a lot of cedar lumber, which is mostly sheltered from the weather. For the more exposed elements, we chose LP Outdoor Building Solutions shed products. They’re made with LP SmartSide, offering all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood along with outstanding durability. LP SmartSide Trim & Siding products are also easier to work with and come in both smooth and cedar textures, which nicely match the rough-sawn cedar. Here are the products we used: CEDAR TEXTURE TRIM was our choice for the three-part fascia, door trim and corner boards. It comes in a variety of widths and thicknesses. We love the 16-ft. length: less waste, fewer seams. CEDAR TEXTURE LAP SIDING gave us the look of traditional board siding, but it will hold paint longer. And because it…

viking bench

If you think this bench looks sturdy, you’re right; it’s brawny enough to withstand decades of hard use. But if you think it’s complicated, take a close look at the following pages. You’ll see how simple it is to turn inexpensive framing lumber into graceful curves. Create the legs Start with flat, straight boards—free of splits, twists, cupping and loose knots—and you’ll spare yourself a lot of head scratching and extra work down the road. I chose Douglas fir lumber, but any 1-1/2-in.-thick stock will do. If you have trouble finding perfect 2x12s for leg material, purchase extra lumber so you can cut around the defects. To create a single bench, cut the four 22-in. leg blanks (A) to length; the ends need to be square, so cut carefully. Pair up your boards…

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NAILED IT PERFECTLY! To prepare for putting in my new wood floor, I removed all the base trim. I labeled the trim to make sure the pieces would go back in the same order. I installed the floor in a single day, and in all modesty, it looked terrific. Then I got out my compressor and trusty nail gun to reinstall the base trim. I had just nailed the last piece of base when my wife walked in and asked me why the pocket door wouldn’t pull out of the pocket. I was baffled. After using every muscle in my body to try to pull the stuck door closed, I realized the problem: While reinstalling the base, I had shot nails through the trim, drywall, pocket door framing and right into the…

kitchen pavilion

With its exposed rough-sawn cedar framing and paneled ceiling, this is a beautiful pavilion, perfect for entertaining or just enjoying the outdoors. The shed at the rear provides more than 80 sq. ft. of storage, including 36 lin. ft. of walls, so you could install 100 ft. of shelving and still have a huge space left over for hanging up yard tools. Materials, time and tools Our DIY materials cost was about $5,000. We hired a contractor to pour the 30 x 32-ft. slab, which cost another $5,000. This is an advanced building project that requires a lot of attention to detail and experience with layout and complex framing. Three carpenters and occasional helpers spent eight long days on the construction, while the prepainting and staining work took one person two full…