FamilyFun August 2015

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A SNEAK PEEK AT WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THIS ISSUE Why? Partly because it’s August, and that’s when the staff here tries to pack in those last sandy, sunny, s’moresy experiences with our families before school starts. (Can you blame us? Last winter was a doozy here in New England!) But it’s also because our creative team has been making changes to FamilyFun that will help you wring even more happy moments and unforgettable memories from each issue. First, we’ve added more of the stuff we know you love, such as clever D.I.Y. projects (see page 22), family-tested vacation ideas (page 72), and yummy recipes we’re sure will go into your dinner rotation (page 30). You’ll also find a whole new section, called Share (page 9), where you can do just that: send…

the coolest thing since sliced bread

1.Vanilla ice cream with sliced kiwis and strawberries on honey wheat bread. 2.Cherry-chocolate chip ice cream and whipped cream on sliced chocolate loaf cake. 3.Chocolate chip ice cream with sliced strawberries on white bread. 4.Pistachio ice cream and raspberries on honey wheat bread. 5.Vanilla ice cream and strawberry jam on cinnamon raisin bread. 6.Strawberry ice cream, strawberries, and peanut butter on white bread. EXTRA-BIG IDEAS FOR YOUR EXTRA-FUN FAMILY To make a batch, first let the ice cream soften for 5 minutes. Toast the bread (we like the thin-sliced kind here) and trim off the crusts, then top with ice cream, smoothing it with the back of a spoon. Add fixings. (To minimize drips, assemble each on waxed paper, wrap it up, slice in half, and serve.) Try one of these combos or devise a dagwood of…

our summer wouldn’t be summer without ...

WHAT’S UP IN OUR WORLD AND YOURS Lots and lots of sunblock and our pool pass. > HEATHER ELLIOTT Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and popsicles. >KARYN POTTS Chasing lightning bugs in the backyard at dusk. >REBECCA HUBER Baseball and barbecues. >@KARSS74 Field Trip Fridays! The lake, planetarium, art museum, alpaca farm—a different spot each Friday. >LENELL MITCHEL Our library’s summer reading program. >@MALINDAUPTONSEA The splash pad at the park. >@JUSTJILLY77 Warm-from-the-sun tomatoes off the vine. >@ISMILEFIRST Riding our bikes to the local ice cream stand. >JENNIFER SEEL Driveway parties that often end as movie nights, with the film projected on our neighbors’ garage. >AMY GULA LET’S SOCIALIZE! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. Search “FamilyFun magazine.” 4k by the numbers Number of times Tumblr users liked or reblogged our WATERMELON SHERBET post. See it and get the recipe at familyfunmagazine.tumblr. behind the scenes JURASSIC…

launch a little library

The Town Champlin, Minnesota The Family The Schusters: Molly, Josh, Riley, age 8, and Rowan, 5 The Idea Even the most reluctant reader would find it hard to resist the charms of the dollhouse-size library that the Schuster family of Champlin, Minnesota, maintains in their front yard. Mounted on a four-foot post, the library holds 45 books, which anyone can borrow at no cost, so long as they either return them or swap in another one. Molly received the library as a Mother’s Day gift two years ago from her husband, Josh. A woodworker friend crafted it, and Riley and Rowan, along with a crew of neighborhood pals, painted and decorated the outside. “I fell instantly in love with it,” says Molly. The Schusters aren’t alone in this endeavor: their little library is one of more than…

look what you did!

1. IF YOU DON’T HAVE LEMONS ... My daughters, Lexie, age 5, and Leah, 2, set up an avocado stand, Lexie’s idea. We picked the fruit from our avocado tree, and Lexie decided the sale price and made signs. She really got into the sign-making process, and we ended up with more than we knew what to do with, hence the sign on her head. Alyssa Morita Los Angeles, CA 2. TOOTHBRUSH GARDEN Our family of six likes to share most everything— except sickness. That’s why I repurposed this adorable baby bottle–drying rack by Boon for our toothbrushes. The stiff plastic grass keeps them separate, clean, and dry; plus, it looks cute. Katherine Winegar Georgetown, TX 3. PAINT THE TOWN RED, BLUE, AND GREEN We recently made sidewalk paint, and before I knew it, all the neighborhood kids were…

love and lenses

MY SON, ETHAN, returned home from kindergarten one day, unloaded his backpack, and handed me a pink slip with the results of his compulsory school eye test. “This can’t be right,” I said. The pink slip said that Ethan had 20/30 eyesight through his right eye and 20/100 through his left. But there had been no previous indicators that our little guy needed glasses. Or had there? I thought back to the time his preschool teacher mentioned to my husband, Mat, and me that Ethan would blink hard a couple of times and wait before he answered a question about the calendar in the front of the room. And he was a tad clumsy. The pediatrician’s vision test and a screening at a specialist’s office confirmed that Ethan needed to wear glasses. His…