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very charmed

A SNEAK PEEK AT WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THIS ISSUE Perfect pencils. Clicky pens. Ripping open a brand-new Trapper Keeper. Such promise! Such organization! This was what I loved most about starting a new school year. Yeah, it was great to meet my teacher and see who was in my class, but for me, it was all about the supplies. If you’ve got a gear hound in your family—or just a kid who could use a bright spot during homework time—you’ll love our picks on page 22 (I’ve got three words for you: slap-bracelet ruler). In fact, our entire back-to-school special section is dedicated to all things that make learning fun in school (so-cute lunches) and out (hello, cartooning class). Plus, we’ve got awesome backpack DIYs with charms (like the animal ones…

dream weavers

EXTRA-BIG IDEAS FOR YOUR EXTRA-FUN FAMILY WHAT TO DO: 1. Remove the outer ring of an embroidery hoop; set aside. Paint the interior ring; let dry. 2. Create a center piece: For a circle, use a smaller hoop or key ring. For a different shape, use 11½-gauge armature wire (we got ours at dickblick.com) and tape the ends together; first trace the design onto paper, to create a guide. Wrap the shape in yarn or embroidery thread, then tie it into position with three or four pieces of yarn (you’ll remove them later). 3. Start wrapping! Tie one long piece of yarn to the outer hoop, weave it through the inner one, then bring it back around the outside. Continue until you’ve filled the whole frame, spacing the loops evenly. Snip off the placeholder…

you know you have a crafter in the house when...

finish this thought You can’t find any tape, but you find two pairs of craft scissors, three sheets of glitter paper, and two piles of assorted buttons! Kelly MurmanMineral Wells, TX There’s always glitter on everything— the floor, the table, kids’ hair, and the baby! Naomi HannahOlympia, WA Your dining room table is the permanent art table. Who needs to eat a fancy meal anyway? Stephani GiovanniStratham, NH There’s always something she’s “still working on.”Rachel BurkhaulterLubbock, TX She smuggles craft supplies from Grandma’s house because “I never know when I’ll have an idea, Mom.”Crystal HollembaekDelta Junction, AK HAVE MORE FAMILYFUN ONLINE! We want to hear from you! Show us your projects and ideas with #FamilyFunSoCute. @familyfunmag @FamilyFun FamilyFun FamilyFunmag chitchat Because we love chatting with parents doing great things with their work, we sat down with Scot and Jacqueline Tatelman, the creators of…

tales from the land of lice!

There’s a silver lining—sort of “Extra TV! I plopped all three of my liceinfested kids in front of the TV for hours and hours during treatment. They don’t get much screen time, so this was a treat!” —Alina A.,New York City You’re never alone “It was so mortifying when I found out that my kid had lice! But there were three others in the class who got called in to do an early pickup too. We all stood there in shock together, which did ease the sting a bit. And, hey, at least it wasn’t bedbugs!” —Lee P.,New York City The pros can help “My kids, my sister’s kids, our mother, my sister, and I all got it together! After days of trying to get rid of it, we went to a liceremoval salon. The treatment worked…

here we go!

MAKING LEARNING FUN ALL YEAR LONG One of the most amazing parts of being a parent is watching your children learn— especially when they’re having fun doing it. So this year, we’ve created a special section devoted to stories and ideas that are guaranteed to get your kids pumped for the new year (hello, customized backpacks!) and foster new skills and passions that could last a lifetime. (Where was rockband class when we were growing up?!) Here’s to your kids’ happiest year yet! PHOTOGRAPHY BY TARA DONNE. STYLING BY JESSICA ZINDREN. GROOMING BY SYLVESTER CASTELLANO. FROM LEFT: SHIRT AND PANTS BY IMPS AND ELFS, VEST BY MARMAR COPENHAGEN, SHOES BY ELEMENTS BY NINA, HAT BY APPAMAN, GLASSES BY CAT AND JACK; SWEATSHIRT BY YPORQUE, JACKET AND PANTS BY GYMBOREE, SHOES BY FILA.…

leader of the pack

1. The Google-Eyed Monster Creepy or crazy? You decide. WHAT TO DO Cut out eyes and teeth from iron-on vinyl, position, and iron according to package instructions (an adult’s job; make sure the fabric is pulled very tight). Cut features out of thick green felt and hot-glue in place (an adult’s job). Draw on pupils with permanent marker. 2. Do the Polka Dot, dot, dot on her favorite hues! WHAT TO DO Gather three to five different-size foam pouncers and at least three colors of craft paint, squirted onto paper. Dip the largest pouncer in paint, dab on paper to remove excess, then pounce it onto the bag. Repeat with other sizes (largest to smallest); let dry. 3. Patch It Up ! When it comes to patches, pins, and buttons, more is more! WHAT TO…