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in this together

As cornball as it sounds, we really do have a lot of fun putting this magazine together for you. Some things, for instance, that count as “work” around here: blowing up gigantic rainbow unicorn pool floats (page 58), crafting mod macaroni necklaces (page 30), and testing ice-cream float recipes (page 34). As if all that weren’t lucky enough, we also get to collaborate with some pretty amazing people to bring you the most creative, inspiring, and just-plain-helpful ideas possible. Because we’re huge fans of Kiwi Crate, a topnotch craft-kit subscription service for kids, we’re thrilled to be teaming up with our friends there to bring you their newest product, a paint pendulum (page 41). Your kids will learn all about the physics of pendulums while making cool spin art in the…

how to build an epic sand castle!

“PEOPLE DON’T REALIZE HOW MUCH WATER YOU NEED TO MAKE A SAND SCULPTURE—IT’S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE TOO MUCH!” WIERENGA SAYS. 1. MAKE A MOUNTAIN Pick a spot by the shoreline and make a gigantic pile of sand. Use your hands, or grab a spade or shovel to speed it along. 2. ADD LOTS OF WATER As water drains out of sand, the tiny grains nestle together, forming a cement-like mix; that’s why wet sand near the ocean holds together better than dry sand farther up the beach. So you want to fill your mountain with water. How to? Make a volcano! Dig out a crater at the top, then slowly pour in water with a bucket or cup—it will drain through the sand. Pour until it stops draining, then jump on it to…


WHAT’S UP IN OUR WORLD AND YOURS finish this thought MY DAD IS THE BEST BECAUSE HE... Can fix anything from toys to toilets! Annika and Julia, 10 Gorham, ME Reads me cool books about outer space. Micah, 6 Lee’s Summit, MO Makes me feel like the most special girl in the world. Katherine, 6 Summerville, SC Is my bestest bestest buddy, and I’m just like him. Kaylee, 6 Nashua, NH Never says “no” when we go shopping together. It’s “Get two of those.” Sarah, 10 Vineland, NJ Lets me style his hair with bows! Hannah, 6 Ridley Park, PA HAVE MORE FAMILYFUN ONLINE! We want to hear from you! Show us your projects and ideas with #FamilyFunSoCute. @familyfunmag @FamilyFun FamilyFun FamilyFunmag feeds we can’t live without OUR FAVORITE FOODIES TO FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM 1. @foodbabyny (above): The only person who loves donuts and ice cream more than I do is this dad,…

we love you, man!

COOL THINGS TO MAKE AND DO TOGETHER 1. LEATHER BRACELET Leather cording toughens up this simple accessory. Try braiding one in the colors of Dad’s favorite team! 2. ROCKIN’ CARD Dad can regale the kids with tales of his epic disc collection after they ask, “What’s a CD?” 3. DO (OR NOT!) DISTURB DOOR HANGER Does Daddy want to nap— or is he ready to play, play, play? No more confusion! 4. LITTLEHELPER GIFT VOUCHERS Print these certificates for your kids to color in. He’ll be happy to have some no-fuss help around the house! Find templates for these projects at familyfunmag.com/printables. DAD GIFTS: WHAT TO DO Use our templates (at familyfunmag.com/printables) as a jumping-off point for these projects! 1. LEATHER BRACELET WHAT YOU’LL NEED □ Three 1-yard lengths of leather cording □ Binder clip (a chip clip works too) □ Wooden bead (optional) □ Scissors 1. Bundle…

rainy-day supply kit

All supplies are widely available at craft stores, except where noted. PROJECT IDEAS So you’ve got the stuff—now what? Use our idea guide to get inspired. SPARKLY TRIM Bits of trim like rickrack and self-adhesive “bling” add sparkle to collages. Try them for resist art too: Make a pattern on one sheet, place another on top, and rub with crayon. $2 to $5 STRETCHED CANVAS Challenge your child to re-create a Monet on a pro-level surface. $4 GOOGLY EYES Stick ’em on to silly-fy any object (a tin can, Gram’s portrait). $10 OIL PASTELS These deliver supersaturated, blendable color. Have your child try a study in red or blue. $5 DOWELS Nurture a new engineer: use as axles for wheels, framing for mini kites, or masts for ships. $3 SCRATCHBOARDS Take turns adding details for art that evolves in amazing colors! $5 ACRYLIC PAINT SET Use…

stars + stripes!

party like it’s 1776! Whip up some big-impact decorations, crank the patriotic tunes, and watch the kids shine! YANKEE DOODLE NECKLACES The perfect macaroni flair. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: □ Various pastas (we used rotelle, rigatoni, penne, farfallini, and cannelloni) □ Plastic baggies □ Food coloring (like India Tree Nature’s Colors) □ Rubbing alcohol □ Parchment paper □ Yarn (or 2 to 3 premade pom-poms or tassels per child) □ Scissors (at least one pair for 2 to 3 kids) □ Shoelaces or paracord (for stringing necklaces) 1. Before the party, dye the uncooked pasta. Separate pasta into plastic baggies. Add a few drops of food coloring and two caps of alcohol to each. Close and shake until the pasta is coated. Place on parchment paper to dry. 2. At the party, set out dyed noodles, yarn, and shoelaces or paracord. Show the kids how…