FamilyFun March 2015

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how do you encourage good table manners?

we asked SLEUTH WITH YOUR KIDS For our three kids, ages 8 to 12, we incorporate learning table manners into games of I Spy. I might say, “I spy someone eating with his mouth open” or “I spy a napkin missing from a lap.” The kids have fun joining in, especially when they catch Mom and Dad not using their manners. Sara McKee Katy, TX INVENT A CODE WORD If my 10-year-old, Ben, forgets his manners, I quietly mutter “schnozzberries.” The word makes him smile—and remember to behave politely. Pamela Eustis Miller New York, NY GIVE OUT CHECKS When my kids were small, I kept a manners checklist on the kitchen wall. Each manner remembered at mealtime earned a check. Checks added up to chances to pick dinner and desserts throughout the week. My children really enjoyed the process, and…

how do you make errands more fun?

we asked LET KIDS DO THE MATH I have my 11-year-old, Eric, figure out optimum package sizes to buy. For example, is it a better deal to buy four rolls of paper towels for $6 or six rolls for $8? He learns how important math is in the real world, and we keep track of our savings to splurge on a fun item at the end of our shopping trip. Felice Lin Amkraut Lawrence, KS I print out images of the items on my shopping list and create bingo game cards with them. Judith Keyser Sammamish, WA GET ARTSY WITH TO-DO LISTS Our 5-year-old, Bradley, draws what we need to do for the day. He loves to help and loves to draw, so it’s a creative way for him to do both. A recent list included pictures of ham,…

a movable feast

let’s make lunch After they assemble the ingredients, short-order chefs can mix and match to build the perfect sandwich. bread: Cut a slice shape from brown felt, then a slightly smaller one from tan felt. Attach them with tacky glue. lettuce: Use pinking shears to cut a lettuce leaf from green felt. Add veins with green dimensional fabric paint. tomato: Cut out 6 or 7 pizza-slice shapes from red felt. Glue them to a circle of darker red felt. Add dots with red dimensional fabric paint. pickle slices: Cut circles from dark green felt and slightly smaller circles from light green felt. Glue them together. Use green dimensional fabric paint to add details. olive loaf: Glue green felt rings around red felt circles. Glue those to a rounded pink felt square. onion slices: Glue a narrow purple…

complexion perfection

ready, set, glow! 1. Catch some Z’s. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. “Studies show that getting seven to eight hours of sleep per night leads to glowing skin,” says Dr. Debra Luftman, a Beverly Hills dermatologist. Cell turnover and blood flow, both factors in how fresh and rosy your skin looks, are affected by shut-eye. Help your skin make the most of those hours with Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream. Made with soy and vitamin B3, it helps to brighten, hydrate, and even out skin tone ($14.99, aveeno.com). 2. Copy Popeye. Eat more spinach! A skin superfood, it’s packed with vitamins C and E, plus beta-carotene—making it a triple threat to dull and discolored skin. 3. Drink up. No, not pinot, H20! Staying hydrated is important for healthy skin,…

3 ways to save your makeup

Remix cracked powder, eye shadow, or blush. Add enough rubbing alcohol to form a paste, then press it down with a spoon. Let it sit overnight, and—ta-da!—your makeup will come back to life. Turn broken or dried-out lipstick into a lip balm. Place lipstick and an equal amount of petroleum jelly in a microwave-safe dish and heat until melted, about 10 seconds. Stir. Pour into a container with a lid and let set. Make nail polish from crushed eye shadow. Stir the broken powder into clear polish to create your own personalized color. Give it a swirl before each use to combine. MIGHTY MULTITASKERS You’ve been known to make dinner while helping one of your kids practice spelling words and another build an elaborate Lego sculpture. These multifaceted beauty finds are just as efficient as you are. 1…


ON THE ROAD WITH JEFF KINNEY The author recently met Assistant Editor Lucy Casale and shared his family-tested tips for making road trips more fun. See the video at youtube.com/familyfunmag. We’ve Been Wimpy-filed! Like millions of people around the world, we’ve always loved the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series from author-illustrator Jef Kinney. Turns out, Jef feels the same way about FamilyFun. “My family subscribes, and I always get a kick out of the ideas in the magazine. Sometimes, I use the articles to help spark jokes for my books,” says Jef . “In my newest title, The Long Haul, I decided to have a little fun with the concept of a family-focused magazine, so I created a parody of FamilyFun called Family Frolic.” We love our tribute—and the new book—and are…