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That’s not surprising, given that he’s a member of the Krosoczka family, whose love of the holiday is an inspiration to friends, neighbors, and, now, readers of FamilyFun (more on that in a minute). Ralph belongs to children’s book author and illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka, his wife, Gina, and their two girls, Zoe and Lucy. He joined the family eight years ago (“our first baby,” notes Jarrett) and was dubbed Ralph Macchio to honor his striking resemblance to Gina’s first crush, the Karate Kid star. Since then Ralph has had a central role in the family’s annual Halloween celebration, which includes the making of amazing costumes, decorations, and personality-filled pumpkins that evoke Jarrett’s creative and funny children’s books. Check out his titles, including the Lunch Lady series, which my kids love,…

halloween cutups

To make it easier for kids to draw and cut their own designs, use freezer paper to stabilize the fabric. Here, three simple steps for spooky shirts. 1. Turn a plain short-sleeve T-shirt inside out and place it front side facing up. Lay a piece of freezer paper on top of the shirt, shiny side down. With an iron on the “cotton” setting, fuse the paper to the shirt (an adult’s job). 2. Insert a piece of thick cardboard into the shirt. Draw a design in pencil on the paper (remember that it will appear in reverse on the fnished shirt). For the web, use a ruler to draw the “spokes” (make each about ¼ inch thick), then add connecting lines. 3. Cut along your lines with small scissors; you may need a…

at our house, halloween candy loot gets ...

by the numbers 45.3k Number of @FamilyFun followers on Twitter, where they avidly retweet ideas like our TACOSAURUS. Find the directions at familyfunmag.com. behind the scenes EYE TEST Here’s a pic from our secret Halloween lab, where senior editor Deborah Way was investigating possibilities for pom-pom eyeballs. Look for the final results in our Make It section on page 20 (they’ll be looking for you!). Inventoried! Our kids keep track because their father likes to sample. > ROBYN BRYANT WEINDEL Used on and in cupcakes. > MISTY CASTO Put into lunch boxes— it’s a fun surprise. > @CYNTHIATGRAHAM Stuffed into a piñata. > MICA ENSIGN Traded in for a small gift from the “switch witch.” > HEATHER HEMPHIL Taken to my husband’s work after the kids get bored with it. > @BUFFYSTALKER Made into Advent calendars for Christmas. > PAGE WHEATON GALLIVAN Sent to troops overseas. > SARAH JO TEMME Eaten…


fun-o - graphic TOP TEN COSTUME CRISES 10 “I CAN’T SEE.” 9 GLUE MALFUNCTION 8 “NO ONE KNOWS WHAT I AM.” 7 FIERCEST FRENEMY WEARS THE SAME ELSA DRESS 6 “IT ITCHES! IT ITCHES!” 5 PARENT REALIZES THAT COSTUME IS OBSCENE 4 “I CAN’T FEEL MY ARMS.” 3 FACE PAINT CAUSES FIRST PIMPLE BREAKOUT 2 YOUNGER CHILD SUDDENLY DECIDES THAT HAND-MEDOWN COSTUME IS NO LONGER COOL 1 “I CAN’T FIT THROUGH THE DOOR.” 1. Paying a visit to a Hershey, Pennsylvania, sweet spot. > ANGELA JONES 2. Enjoying sunny skies in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. > BEB HARRIS 3. Bundled up to catch the eye-popping vistas at Utah’s Cedar Breaks National Monument. > LARISSA FILLMORE 4. Introducing the littlest sibling to Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha, Nebraska. > KARI JOHNSON 5. On a snorkeling excursion off Anclote Island, Florida. > KRISTA ROSADO 6. Checking out an amazing work of quilt art…

start a trunk-or-treat

The Town Rindge, New Hampshire The Rec Director Timothy Goodwin The Idea For some towns, especially rural ones like Rindge, New Hampshire (population 6,014), the Halloween tradition of door-to-door trick-or-treating just doesn’t work. “Long drives between homes and small neighborhoods with few houses make it difficult,” explains Timothy Goodwin, director of the Rindge recreation department. Though for years, folks in Rindge did the typical trick-or-treating, “there was a community desire for a safer alternative,” he says. That’s why in 2007, the rec department came up with Trunk-or-Treat. The staff invited residents to come park their cars at a local baseball field, pop the trunks, and hand out candy to car-hopping kids. “Children in costume go from car to car saying, ‘Trick or treat!’” How It Works Essentially, “it’s tailgate trick-or-treating,” Timothy says. “Children in costume go from car to…

look what you did!

Q& WE ASKED: HOW DO YOU MANAGE SCREEN TIME AT HOME? YOU ANSWERED … CREATE A CORRAL No devices are allowed upstairs; they live in the kitchen, at a charging station where they can all be plugged in at once. To listen to music before bed, the kids use “old-fashioned” CD players. Kelly England McElwain Lexington, SC READ TO EARN TIME My kids earn one hour of screen time for every 30 minutes of reading they do. Each extra minute costs one more minute of reading. This system has worked really well for us for over a year. Kristel Petersen Wyoming, MI USE TECH ON TECH Screen Time is awesome ($3.99 a month, screentimelabs.com)! When the kids’ allotted phone or tablet time is up, the app pauses the device. Gen Taylor Jacksonville, FL 1. TAKE IT FURTHER We theme our daughter’s birthday…