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dream aircraft

What aircraft would you buy—really—if you won the lottery tomorrow? We asked our audience this question on Flying’s various social media channels, and it’s clear: Pilots fancy a wide range of aerial conveyances. Percolating to the top? Utility still forms the basis for most of our dreams; many of us pilots tend to be literal, practical, and it shows. Variants in Daher’s TBM series: the 900, 930 and 940 ranked high, along with the Pilatus PC-12 and a nod to the PC-24 jet. Mooneys and Diamond DA42s and DA62s came up, because those pilots identified airplanes they felt they’d adapt to easily, if they weren’t checked out in them already. Another kind of practicality that adds elements of fun: STOL aircraft, such as the Aviat Husky, or mods to make tailwheel aircraft short-field…


Flying Contributors Although barely even an armchair pilot myself, I grew up with a father who loved airplanes and had gotten his own private pilot’s license at age 18 by saving up a few dollars each week from his job at the local A&P grocery store in the South Bronx, New York. Finances prevented him from ever flying after that, but he took me to airshows, bought us a flight in a Waco biplane to cruise around Mount Washington, New Hampshire, in 1975, and flew model airplanes with me and more recently with my own children. When the opportunity arose to subscribe to Flying a decade or more ago, I gave it a try—and the magazine has impressed me continuously ever since. I most appreciate your devotion to the cause of aviation…

flight outfitters seaplane duffels

As we gear up for the summer flying season, a lot of us are flight planning the cross-country trips that might take us anywhere from the High Country to the beach. Flight Outfitters recently released a new series in its line of aircraft-ready baggage and apparel aimed toward use in the challenging (and soggy) floatplane environment. But if you’ve ever dropped your flight bag into a puddle on the ramp, you know that we all could use extra-tough bags with squish-ability, allowing them to pack into all kinds of cargo compartments. The Flight Outfitters Seaplane duffels come in two sizes, 40 liters and 60 liters, and they’re crafted from ripstop fabric with a thermoplastic-polyurethane layer that repels water and wipes clean. A special storm flap over the U-shaped main zipper keeps…

cessna citation cj4 gen2

Textron Aviation announces airstair-door, cabin and connectivity enhancements to the Cessna Citation CJ4 with the new Gen2 version, its largest jet in the light-jet segment. Most of the upgrades reflect ways to improve passenger comfort. For starters, the company has introduced a lower point of entry on the redesigned stairs to make boarding easier. An updated galley area has more storage options, and premium seating in the cabin provides a wider selection and more options for stowage in flight. An upgrade to the wireless cabin-management system features a media server with the capability to stream audio and video files that have been pre-loaded, as well as the ability to view SiriusXM satellite radio and moving maps. The wireless system can also be used to control cabin lighting, window shades and…

bye aerospace eflyer 2

With many concept aircraft failing to make it past the prototype stage, Bye Aerospace has made it to the next milestone with its electric-aircraft program. The company started production on the first conforming eFlyer, Bye announced on January 26. Composites Universal Group of Warren, Oregon, was selected to begin tooling and construction. “We continue to make advances in the certification process,” said George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace. “These activities commence production of the first conforming eFlyer 2, the first of three planned conforming eFlyer 2 aircraft that will be used to help complete final FAA certification. We look forward to working with Steve Ruege and the team at CUG.” Work has begun on Serial No. 001, which features an all-carbon-fiber fuselage. The two-seat, all-electric eFlyer 2 is the first of a…

freeflight datalink ads-b

FreeFlight Systems has been granted an approved model list supplemental type certificate (AMLSTC) on its dual-band Datalink ADS-B In receiver and transceiver, with the approval covering a wide range of single-engine and multiengine aircraft. More than 400 models from manufacturers—including Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus and Piper—will be eligible for the installation. The Datalink ADS-B options include both receiver and transceiver models, and the approved certifications for ADS-B transmissions are: transmission on the 978 universal-access-transceiver (UAT) frequency; receiving flight information broadcast services (FIS-B); receiving and processing aircraft-surveillance application systems; and receiving traffic information systems broadcasting (TIS-B) and GPS. The Datalink ADS-B connects with both traffic alert systems and TCAS, via Ethernet, RS-232 and ARINC 429 interfaces. The system will also connect with a wide range of avionics in the panel—including iPad and other tablet-based…