Flying June/July 2021

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the first gathering

Honestly, I made my travel reservations not 100 percent sure that I would go. But I could say that about every flight I’ve planned. Like so many trips that had weather, airplane and pilot come together at the right time, the pieces for this trip fell into place just the week before the first big show of 2021, the Sun’n Fun Aerospace Expo. I admit I was out of practice. I forgot my name badge. I missed restocking the business cards in my backpack, so I only had the ones in my purse. I managed to arrive with enough clean shirts to make it three days—I call that a win. My fellow aviation journalists expressed the same awkwardness, and we’d lost to COVID-19 a dear mentor and friend from among our…

inbox june+july 2021

Leading Edge Kudos to Flying for engaging such a talented group of writers. In particular, Ben Younger’s prose shines. “The Smell of LL” [March] mirrors my own journey through the pandemic, from extreme caution to coronavirus fatigue. As a wing safety director for the Civil Air Patrol, some folks are probably tired of me exhorting them repeatedly to keep up the COVID-19 safety protocols. Yet a few days ago, I found myself walking into a Walmart (masked, of course) to pick up something I didn’t need anytime soon. The risk was probably low, but the trip was cause for self-admonishment, especially because the store was in a neighborhood hard hit by the virus. I realized the lapse in judgment was fueled not so much by complacency but a desire for normal.…

cloudahoy flight analysis

The Best of What’s New • Improvements have been made to scoring and visualization within the Pro version of the app. Stay within the dotted lines of the glideslope wedge, marked by dotted lines. • Look at the localizer and glideslope accuracy within the profile view to determine specifically how well you flew. The missed approach is shown in lighter colors for quick delineation from the approach itself. • CFI Assistant, including scoring with color-coding, gives you instant feedback on the Pro version. • You can animate the cockpit view by scrubbing through the graphs during the replay to show those portions of the approach from a pilot’s point of view. • Wind vectors can also be overlaid on the track to illuminate their impact on your approach. CloudAhoy’s flight-analysis software has matured and expanded since…

gulfstream g700

ZEROAVIA sees its experimental Piper M-class test platform make an off airport landing in the UK. PIPER AIRCRAFT gains EASA certification for its M600/SLS Halo with autoland and FAA certification on its Piper 100i. AVIAT AIRCRAFT displayed its A-1C-180 Husky on Wipaire 2100A floats at the Sun’n Fun Aerospace Expo. TEXTRON AVIATION unveils 75th anniversary 2022 Beechcraft Bonanza honoring Olive Ann Beech. Gulfstream Aerospace announced in April that flight testing on its newest aircraft, the ultralong-range G700, had surpassed the 1,100-hour mark in its first year of testing. In addition to the five test aircraft currently flying, the flight-test program now includes a fully completed production test aircraft to evaluate the interior elements throughout the aircraft’s living areas (configurable up to five), including all-new seating and Gulfstream’s new ultra-high-definition circadian lighting system. The program…

dassault falcon 6x first flight

For Dassault Aviation, 2021 has been a busy year of aircraft firsts. In March, the company’s long-range—5,500 nm—ultra-widebody 6X lifted off for the first time from the factory site in Mérignac, France, with pilots Bruno Ferry and Fabrice Valette in the cockpit. The two-and-a-half-hour test flight reviewed aircraft handling, engine response and operation of critical aircraft systems. The flight reached FL 400 and a speed of Mach 0.8. The next 6X flight would take serial No. 1 to the company’s main flight-test center at Istres, near Marseilles, for further testing. Follow-on test aircraft, serial Nos. 2 and 3, will fly within the next few months. Adding to the excitement of the year, on May 6, Dassault announced its newest addition to the Falcon family, the even longer range 10X. The new…

sustainability gains

Williams International reported in April that it had completed a successful flight test of its FJ44-4 engine using 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel on its flying testbed aircraft. The flight was conducted from the Williams International flight-operations center in Pontiac, Michigan, and flew to points in northern Michigan with a total of three and a half hours of flight time at a cruising altitude of FL 450. This flight test follows extensive material compatibility and endurance testing that validated engine performance and durability using 100 percent SAF. “The flight was uneventful, and the engine performed flawlessly,” said Williams International chief test pilot Robert Lambert, adding that “the engine did not even seem to notice that it was burning sustainable fuel.” This successful flight marks another step in the Williams Blue Planet…