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Forbes September 30, 2018

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just the facts

IT’S BEEN A TOUGH YEAR or two for the concept of accuracy. In the political sphere, inane relativism (“alternative facts,” “truth isn’t truth”) has popularized the idea there can be two sets of reality. It’s been a tough couple years for content creators as well, who have overseen too many slip-ups—a by-product of an ever-worsening business model, pushing fewer people to produce more. I’ve been watching this acutely. Since our founding, Forbes has always had a point of view. But those opinions were always built upon a pedestal of facts. It’s the accuracy of reporting that grants the ability to make a strong, informed opinion. That’s why Forbes is one of the very few media outlets that still use fact-checkers. Some 25 full-time staffers spend a big chunk of their time going…

time to terminate “assisted dying”

In 2002 Belgium legalized the murderously chilling act of euthanasia, whereby doctors and nurses kill patients with their supposed consent. Holland had formally done the same the year before. This practice, all too reminiscent of what Nazi Germany did before WWII to the mentally handicapped and to people with very serious disabilities, is justified these days not by Hitlerian theories of “purifying the race,” of course, but as a “humane” way to deal with those who are suffering mortal illnesses and in extreme pain. Many thousands of patients have been disposed of since Holland and Belgium enacted these morally repugnant laws. Belgium now allows euthanasia to be applied even to children, acknowledging recently that between Jan. 1, 2016, and Dec. 31, 2017, two children, ages 9 and 11, who were afflicted…

restaurants: go, consider, stop

• Loring Place 21 West 8th St. (Tel.: 212-388-1831) After two decades at top NYC restaurants, chef Dan Kluger has his own place. Kluger’s combinations of ingredients, spices and herbs create culinary magic in bursts of flavor and color. Begin with small plates of hummus and radishes, or thin, crisp zucchini fries with lemon and Parmesan dressing; or try a wood-grilled broccoli salad with orange and pistachios. Amazing pizzas, perfect for sharing, are made in wood-burning ovens. From the grill comes moist Arctic char or delicious Pekin duck. Delve into a divine cookie box with your coffee. • Peasant 194 Elizabeth St., between Prince & Spring streets (Tel.: 212-965-9511) Brick walls, old pews and 1950s metal diner chairs create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. The asparagus with cheese and egg is hot and flavorsome, the lamb…

america’s top colleges

1 HARVARD UNIVERSITY Cambridge, MA 9,915 $69,600 5% RANK→2 SCHOOL→YALE UNIVERSITY LOCATION→New Haven, CT ENROLLMENT→5,472 ANNUAL COST→$71,290 ACCEPTANCE RATE→6% 3 STANFORD UNIVERSITY Stanford, CA 7,034 $69,109 5% 4 MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Cambridge, MA 4,524 $67,430 8% 5 PRINCETON UNIVERSITY Princeton, NJ 5,400 $66,150 7% 6 CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Pasadena, CA 979 $68,901 8% 7 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia, PA 11,716 $71,715 9% 8 BROWN UNIVERSITY Providence, RI 6,926 $71,050 9% 9 DARTMOUTH COLLEGE Hanover, NH 4,310 $71,827 11% 10 DUKE UNIVERSITY Durham, NC 6,609 $71,764 11% 11 WILLIAMS COLLEGE Williamstown, MA 2,093 $70,650 18% 12 GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY Washington, D.C. 7,453 $71,580 17% 13 CORNELL UNIVERSITY Ithaca, NY 14,566 $70,321 14% 14 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY Berkeley, CA 29,310 $65,003 17% 15 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK New York City 8,124 $74,199 7% 16 AMHERST COLLEGE Amherst, MA 1,849 $71,300 14% 17 BOWDOIN COLLEGE Brunswick, ME 1,806 $68,070 15% 18 UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Chicago 6,001 $75,735 8% 19 POMONA COLLEGE Claremont, CA 1,563 $69,725 9% 20 NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY Evanston, IL 8,791 $72,980 11% 21 UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME Notre Dame, IN 8,530 $69,395 19% 22 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN–ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor, MI 28,983 $62,176 29% 23 HARVEY MUDD COLLEGE Claremont, CA 842 $74,428 13% 24 SWARTHMORE COLLEGE Swarthmore, PA 1,543 $68,846 13% 25 JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Baltimore, MD 6,042 $69,863 13% BEST VALUE SCHOOLS These universities score well on net price, net student debt, alumni earnings, timely graduation, school quality and access for low-income students. For public institutions, we used in-state tuition. To see the full list of Best Value Colleges, go to forbes.com/best-value-colleges. 1 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES Los Angeles TUITION $13,261 2 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY Berkeley, CA $14,170 3 BRIGHAM YOUNG…

purdue’s bold plan

WAITING FOR Mitch Daniels to pick up a call to his office in West Lafayette, Indiana, you hear a recording of Purdue’s marching band followed by a hard-to-believe statement: “Purdue has frozen tuition at 2012 levels through 2019 for all undergraduate students.” Daniels, the president of Indiana’s flagship public university, then gets on the phone and says something even more startling: In inflation-adjusted dollars, Purdue costs $4,000 less per year for out-of-state students than it did when he took the job in 2013. In-staters pay nearly $3,000 less, at just under $23,000 this academic year for tuition, room, board and expenses. Back in 2013, Daniels, now 69, dashed hopes that he would run for the Republican presidential nomination, signing on at Purdue instead after two terms as Indiana’s popular moderate GOP governor—and…

the top-earning rappers

MONTHS-LONG TOURS and endorsement deals with companies such as Sprite and Hennessy enabled the highest-earning hip-hop artists on our annual list to bring in an average $44 million over the past year. Some of them also have acquired lucrative equity stakes, including Nas, 45, who makes the list for the first time a quarter-century after releasing his debut album. A few years back, Nas kindled a friendship with venture capitalist Ben Horowitz at a dinner party and has since snagged stakes in Silicon Valley darlings (Lyft, Coinbase) and online media (Genius, Mass Appeal). His interest in these startups is only natural, he says. “[Hip-hop artists] are always advancing technology—from one turntable to two turntables and a fader.” He has already enjoyed some exits, including the reported $1.1 billion sale of…