Issue 68 March 2020

Good is the magazine for people who think and care about the everyday choices they make. Good is filled with inspirational stories, world-changing ideas and practical, down-to-earth advice on what to eat, grow, wear and more. Good is all about making better choices for your home, health, family and the community around you. It celebrates handcrafted, natural and simple pleasures and helps you to reconnect with things that really matter.

New Zealand
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@oliviabezettartist @heeni_hoterene @kind.type Olivia Bezett Olivia Bezett is a full-time artist from Auckland, New Zealand who uses coloured pencils to create artworks of animals, often with surreal additions. Olivia then turns her drawings into prints and sells them on her website oliviabezettartist.com. See her work on page 36. Madina Knight Madina Knight is a writer and communications consultant who works exclusively with world-changers and impact-makers. She runs Kindtype, a communications agency that helps conscious, ethical organisations tell their story and make a difference. Find her work at kindtype.net and read her story about The Contentment Foundation on page 106. Heeni Hoterene Heeni Hoterene is a game-changing environmental activist, mokopuna o te Tiriti o Waitangi. She loves to cook and is an organic gardener, maramataka guru, international slow food representative, off-grid rammed earth whare uku eco builder and mama…


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what the stars can tell us

Waipuna-ā-rangi Hiwa-i-te-rangi Waitā Pōhutukawa Ururangi Waitī Matariki Tupu-ā-rangi Tupu-ā-nuku Growing up as a New Zealander of European descent usually meant working your way through the horoscope and Greek mythology when staring up at a starry sky. I remember friends getting caught up on what their star sign predicted for that year, month, week or day depending on their source of “literature”! Recently I’ve found a new interest in the constellations after a star-gazing tour with Horizon Tours in Dunedin (page 62) and my mind has been opened up learning about Matariki and the Māori New Year. I didn’t realise that each star in the Matariki group represents something unique – food grown in the ground, air (birds) or ocean, and the wind and rain. And the varying brightness of different individual stars provides clues for the year ahead. How’s planting going…

your feedback

I got my subscriber copy of the latest issue [67] in the mail on Friday, and jeepers, that cover is GORGEOUS. The layering effect of the illustrations, the cheerful colours… beautiful. Mary de Ruyter Thank you for Good magazine. Straightaway I noticed the renewable quality of the material used to create these and wasn’t disappointed by the sustainable, self-healing and informative news within. The emphasis on “self” was very powerful and even just taking time out to read my new magazine, was a relaxing experience my cat and I enjoyed very much. Thank you, Nez Thanks for my copy of Good from Newstalk ZB! I really appreciated the article about the work of Oxfam in Vanuatu. We were able to visit Vanuatu last year and through contacts had the opportunity to spend…

good stuff

ingridstarnes.com karenwalker.com fairtradecertified.org fashionrevolution.org rhemy.co.nz New direction for Ingrid Starnes It’s Ingrid Starnes’ 10th anniversary, which comes with the announcement of a new direction for the New Zealand fashion brand. All Ingrid Starnes garments are made locally either in editions of one, for the bridal and made-to-measure range, or in editions of no more than 100 for all other seasonal styles. All pieces are numbered, to shine a light on the artist edition values, design decisions and process of meaningful production that goes into the clothing. The label is also moving to a four-season model, releasing fewer pieces to be able to focus more on the stories, ideas and partnerships behind the pieces – thus making each piece special, one of a consciously limited run, and steering away from over-production. Considered by Karen Walker Leading New Zealand fashion…

tried & tested

Fush filets Fish fans who’ve gone vegetarian in the name of the planet need to know about Gardein’s Golden Fishless Filets, $12. The texture and taste of these NON GMO Project verified filets made from plant protein is just like fish! We pan-fried ours until golden brown and crispy. gardein.com Almighty drinks Naturally flavoured sparkling water range Almighty is a healthy beverage alternative because it contains zero sugar. The flavours of the charcoal-filtered sparkling waters – Lemon and Peach Ginger – come from real fruit and contain very low calories. Almighty also donates some of its profits to Edible Education in schools. drinkalmighty.com Zero alcohol lager DB Export has released a crisp, full-flavoured golden lager with a twist – it has 0.0 per cent alcohol. It’s made from a combination of premium malts and hops…