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Happy Paws Fall/Winter 2019

This high-quality issue of Happy Paws magazine provides the tools you need to help your dog or cat live a happy, healthy life. Enjoy inspirational articles—written by the pet industry’s leading experts—that help you shop for dog food, gain insights into how a cat thinks, survive the first 30 days with a new puppy, enrich your senior dog’s life, realize how a dog’s senses differ from your own, and train your dog how to walk better on leash. Plus, check out “The Pet-Lover’s Howliday Gift Guide”; it’s packed with spot-on presents for your favorite four-legged friend.

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welcome to happy paws

You may be reading this right now with a four-legged friend curled in your lap or napping at your feet. I hope you feel loved, because your cat or dog may be the only living being you know who comes to you free of hidden agendas. Despite that bond—or maybe owners suffer from a nagging uncertainty. Maybe even a little guilt. Are our pets happy? Are they living their best lives? Are we doing right by them? because of it—many of us pet If you look at the epidemic of obesity, separation anxiety, and behavior challenges affecting so many pets today, those questions make a lot of sense. But we want you to know that it’s not just possible but easy for your pet to live a happy, healthy, full life. Helping…


MELISSA BAIN DVM, DACVB, DACAW Dr. Bain is a professor at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and a recipient of the AVMA Bustad Companion Animal Veterinarian of the Year award. She shares her human family with a terrier mix. MARTY BECKER DVM, FEAR FREE FOUNDER A companion animal vet for 30+ years, Dr. Becker lives on an Idaho ranch with his wife, Theresa; three dogs; four cats; five horses; and a tank filled with fish. He co-wrote From Fearful to Fear Free. MIKKEL BECKER CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, CDBC Certified trainer Mikkel Becker lives with a puggle named Indiana Bones, who accompanies her while she teaches people how to work with their dogs. She co-authored From Fearful to Fear Free. TONY BUFFINGTON DVM, PH.D., DACVN Dr. Buffington is a clinical professor at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. He shares…

meet dot and ryan

Dot, our freckled cover girl, is a 6-month-old Catahoula leopard dog who was saved by AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport of DeSoto, Iowa. AHeinz57 paid for surgery on the dog’s crushed foot and settled her into a foster home to recover. “Dot is a sweet, playful, happy young dog who loves everybody,” says Amy Heinz, the organization's founder. “She might be missing a leg, but she’s perfect.” Ryan Hildreth seems to agree. He came to meet Dot after seeing her photo on aheinz57.com and promptly adopted her, Heinz says. AHeinz57, a foster-based rescue organization, bridges the gap between traditional shelters and no-kill rescues.…

get the scoop

Q IS IT OK TO TRIM MY DOG’S/CAT’S WHISKERS? A Whiskers are more than just hairs. Cats use them to navigate in the dark. They also use whiskers to sense where prey is located (if it’s too close to their mouth to see). Whiskers are believed to help protect dogs from eye injury by stimulating a blink reflex when touched. Show dogs sometimes have their whiskers trimmed, but this is done because some people prefer it; it is of no benefit to the dog. Whiskers rarely grow in abnormal directions and irritate an animal’s eyes, but if they do, trimming the errant whiskers can make the animal more comfortable. TONY BUFFINGTON, DVM, PH.D., DACVN Q WHY DO DOGS HAVE WET NOSES? A They have wet noses because they lick them a lot. It may…

why do dogs and cats yawn?

HUMANS. DOGS. CATS. OUR YAWNS ALL LOOK THE SAME. A wide-open jaw—showing lots of teeth—accompanied by a big deep breath. All these yawns may appear simplistic in nature; the subject in question is merely tired or perhaps even bored. While these suppositions may be true (especially for the human!), a yawn also speaks volumes as to how a dog or cat feels about a given interaction or situation. And a dog’s yawn may provide clues about her emotional connection with you! A BOOST TO THE BRAIN AND BODY Just like us, a dog or cat may yawn when she’s sleepy or bored to move her body into a more wakeful state. Yawning causes the lungs to expand and a deep breath to occur, which increases oxygen levels in the brain and releases excess…

best pet care hacks

FROM DOG AND CAT OWNERS COMFORTING KITTY Put a towel in the dryer and get it nice and warm. Spray it with cat pheromones and place in your cat’s carrier to create a safe haven. — TRAVIS TERRY, CA MEET AND GREET Have your dog on a leash with you when company comes over for a visit. As your dog settles in, allow him to say hello to guests. — MELISSA FENSTERMAKER, MI BIG SHOT It was hard to give my furry, 110-pound Newfie allergy injections until I found that placing a special treat on the edge of the kitchen counter (near her nose, but just out of easy grabbing reach) was enough to distract her. Once Bodie got the injection, she got the treat. — PEG MCCLURE, MO FRUGAL FUN → I SAVE MONEY BY BUYING STUFFED TOYS at garage…