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Hi Fi News Sep-18

Since its launch in June 1956 - two years before the commercial realisation of stereo - Hi-Fi News & Record Review has been delivering insightful reviews of the key products and technologies that lie behind our shared hobby... the passion of listening to music on the very best equipment available to the enthusiast. Every issue, Hi-Fi News delivers uniquely in-depth reviews of high-end audio equipment, including the best in vinyl replay and iconic vintage gear from the early days of audio. It is essential reading for all music enthusiasts.

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While the UK has been basking in an uncommonly hot summer, owners of big tube amps and solid-state Class A monsters are likely to be reaching for the off switch and donning a new pair of high-end headphones to keep the music playing. But if a steamy summer is hardly traditional Blighty fare then the same cannot be said for the Proms, some 123 years young, first broadcast by the BBC over 90 years ago and now more musically diverse than ever. Our commentator on all things Beeb-related, Jim Lesurf, regularly updates HFN readers on the quality of its broadcasts and will be reporting on the Proms in particular next month. This year every Prom is broadcast live on Radio 3, and you can listen via the website for up to…

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BARRY FOX Investigative journalist supreme, Barry is the first with news of the latest developments in hi-fi and music technologies JOHN BAMFORD JB brings huge industry experience, a penchant for massive speakers and a love of hi-res audio in all its diverse guises KEN KESSLER is a long-serving contributor, luxury goods writer and champion for the renaissance in valves and ‘vintage hi-fi’ KEITH HOWARD has written about hi-fi for 40 years, and edited Hi-Fi Answers for nine. KH performs our speaker and headphone lab tests STEVE HARRIS Former Editor of this very title from 1986 through to 2005. A lifetime in audio and a love of jazz makes Steve a goldmine ANDREW EVERARD has reviewed hi-fi for over 30 years and is still effortlessly enthusiastic about new technology, kit and discovering new music STEVE SUTHERLAND worked…


Heavyweight Hegel NORWAY LAUNCHES THE ‘MASTER AND COMMANDER’ OF INTEGRATED AMPLIFIERS Norwegian audio electronics specialist Hegel reaches for the Patrick O’Brian lexicon in describing its ‘ultimate’ H590 dual-mono integrated amplifier as ‘a master at musicality’ and ‘the commander of any set of loudspeakers’. Chunky at 430x171x445mm (whd) and weighing a substantial 22kg, the H590 is rated – unusually precisely – at 301W/8ohm. Power output into 4ohm loads isn’t quoted but the minimum load impedance is specified as 2ohm – the output stages featuring a dozen ultra-fast high power output transistors per channel. Two balanced (XLR) and three unbalanced (RCA) analogue inputs are offered and use hand-matched transistor pairs to ensure low distortion. Digital input is available via coaxial S/PDIF (BNC and RCA options), optical (three inputs), USB and Ethernet. Via the USB link,…

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AUDIOQUEST ROCKET AudioQuest has introduced two new speaker cables in its keenly priced Rocket Series. The Rocket 11 and 22 provide ready compatibility with either single-wire or bi-wire connections through the use of twisted conductor pairs in each half of the cable. Both feature Long-Grain Copper, said to contain fewer internal grain junctions than standard OFHC copper, while the 22 version also boasts ‘Perfect-Surface Copper’ whose smoother surface finish is claimed to eliminate harshness and improve clarity. www.audioquest.com PIONEER/ONKYO SOLD Austrian distribution and marketing company Aqipa GmbH has agreed to buy the assets of Pioneer & Onkyo Europe for a sum of around €140m. When the agreement takes effect from 1st October this year, Aqipa will assume responsibility for the brands Pioneer, Onkyo, Integra, Teac and Esoteric in Europe. www.aqipa.com; www.onkyo.com…

the hi-fi show live 2018

Tickets On Sale Now Nagra’s HD Amps set our July cover on fire! Come and hear these smokin’ hot towers of power, with partnering HD Preamp and DAC, exclusively at this year’s Hi-Fi Show Live… Another Hi-Fi News exclusive and front cover star – the spectacular SL-1000R direct-drive turntable from Technics – will also be featured at the 2018 Hi-Fi Show Live, courtesy of Timestep Vitus Audio makes a welcome return to the Hi-Fi Show Live courtesy of importers Kog Audio. The Reference series RI-101 integrated amp and RD-101 DAC/streamer) will be demo’d while designer Hans-Ole Vitus will attend in person to offer insights into his designs Exclusively lab tested in HFN Jun 18, AKG’s N5005 in-ear headphone is an engineering tour-de-force that features no fewer than five miniature drivers! Hear it alongside other…

hong kong av expo 2018

The third annual Hong Kong Audio Visual & Portable Hi-Fi Expo took place between the 8th and 10th of June at the Regal Kowloon and Royal Garden hotels. Situated in the Tsim Sha Tsui area of Kowloon, both venues offer views of the famous Victoria Harbour. The show’s aim is to bring visitors the best in affordable audio-visual technology and organiser Ken Wong of Hong Kong-based web magazinefeversound.com [pictured far right] was keen to draw attention to the raft of ‘not-to-be-missed’ cutting-edge components to be enjoyed. As always, personal stereo in the form of headphones and earbuds took up much of the floor space. The Brits were not to be outdone, with good representation from ATC, Naim, Cambridge Audio, KEF and B&W. Despite a tropical depression passing by, enthusiasm wasn’t damped,…