Indianapolis Monthly August 2018

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just a pinch

My maternal grandmother would have liked this issue since it features two of her favorites: liquor (“Taking Their Shot,” p. 67) and games (“How to Win at Gen Con,” p. 82), which she enjoyed in tandem. Grandma was a human icebreaker, the swizzle that stirred the drink. Most often, that was a bourbon-and-water served in a glass etched with her name. Everyone called her Mid. But if she was being mischievous, which was 79 percent of the time, she answered to Mildred—as in MIL-dred, putting emphasis on the first syllable to halt any outlandish behavior and loudly whispering the second syllable to impart shame. I heard this call frequently at family gatherings when she would make newcomers—a girlfriend, out-of-town visitor, or priest—unwitting targets of one of her games: I See a…


Lou Harry • While tackling this month’s piece on Gen Con (p. 82), freelance writer Lou Harry recalled raising his kids on games like Masterpiece and Dominion. “They gave us a reason to be around the table together,” he says. “Board games get us away from the screens. And they’re a great excuse to eat junk food.” Jeana Harris • Freelance writer Jeana Harris has a soft spot for Victorian homes—she and her husband are in the midst of renovating their own—so reporting on the Wishard Mansion (p. 36) was a treat. “No two Victorians are the same,” she says. “I think that’s what I love most about them.” Jeff Vrabel • Prior to researching Indiana distilleries for the cover story (p. 67), freelance writer Jeff Vrabel was more of a beer drinker. Having spent…


“Funny thing: My mom is going to be on that first flight from Paris coming to see the race. We’re really part of developing Indiana’s economy!”—SIMON PAGENAUD, via Twitter“Simon, you are a class act!”—GARY GRAHN JR., via Facebook“He can be my tour guide anytime.”—SHARON LIDRBAUCH, via Facebook“Dude, you are awesome. Always fan-friendly since day one.”—GOOSE MEYER, via Facebook WHAT LOCAL CELEBRITY WOULD YOU MOST WANT TO BE YOUR TOUR GUIDE? VOTE ON OUR NEXT POLL AT INDIANAPOLISMONTHLY.COM/POLLS 55% Give me David Letterman’s New York. 22% Angela Buchman. The weather is pretty important on vacation. 12% Larry Bird’s French Lick sounds charming. 11% If I ever get to the moon, David Wolf is my man. MI #ICYMI Our online stories you might have missed. JIM DAVIS Q&A The Garfield cartoonist on the comedic cat turning 40. WHAT’S COOKING? The Feed, our weekly dining post,…

speed read

The iconic Cyndi Lauper is still so unusual, taking the stage with Rod Stewart, p. 22. Speed Read Fun and Games The Indiana State Fair midway features thrill rides, carny food, and, if you’re not careful, projectile vomiting. State Fair THE INDIANA STATE FAIR MIDWAY IS NOT ACTUALLY OWNED OR OPERATED BY THE INDIANA STATE FAIR. BUT IT’S STILL A HOOSIER JOINT. One of the nation’s biggest operators of mobile amusement parks is in Farmland, around 90 minutes northeast of Indy. North American Midway Entertainment owns more than 200 rides, games, and concession stands, and for years, it has provided pretty much everything you see at our state fairgrounds’ midway—along with about 150 events all over the country. JUST AS YOU ALWAYS SUSPECTED, MOST OF THE RIDES ARE PUT TOGETHER PRETTY FAST. It takes a week or so…

iu move-in day

Detour to back roads at Martinsville to avoid soul-crushing traffic on State Road 37. Unload everything at the curb in front of the dorm before parking. One person stays with the plastic crates and beanbag chairs while others schlep it all up to the room. BYOD (bring your own dolly). Wear something that hides sweat stains. You’re one unexpected photo away from appearing in a resident-life brochure. Head for the hidden westside Walmart over College Mall Target to pick up all the things you forgot. Or, don’t forget: shower shoes, Command hooks, power strips. While in the ’hood, stop for Mother Bear’s pizza. It’s not the original location, but it tastes the same—with no wait and better parking.…

band on the runway

WHILE INDIANA’S HIGH SCHOOL marching bands dominate national competitions, their regiment-style uniforms—often worn for generations—could use a makeover. Three local designers drummed up new ideas. Nikki Blaine Owner of the Zionsville-based Nikki Blaine Couture CONCEPT Superhero costume DETAILS Metallic cording, rhinestone appliqués, and capelet Robert Moore Fashion designer for film and television, instructor at The Art Institute of Indianapolis CONCEPT French-inspired, contemporary trench coat DETAILS Khaki with topstitched trim, tuxedo-striped pants, a beret, adjustable belt, plastic feather and epaulets, and hidden pockets Beck Jones Costume designer, co-owner of The 7th Artistry theater company CONCEPT Fitted, military-style uniform DETAILS Black tailcoat and pants with scarlet boots, high collar, and feathers Conventional Wisdom On partnering up at the Single Square Dancers USA 2018 Dance-A-Rama, Aug. 30–Sept. 2. There’s nothing square about this national gathering of unmarried steppers. Over Labor Day weekend, some 200 singles will do-si-do at the Westin to the beat of—well,…