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Home Integration Today’s technology puts control of residential systems, such as lighting, security, window coverings, entertainment, irrigation, and HVAC, right at your fingertips. Read about the latest trends in whole-house automation and how these convenient features can be worked into new and existing dwellings. Hometown Story We’re highlighting the best features and attractions of small towns around Central Indiana. What sets these locales apart and makes them special to residents and visitors? Our profiles showcase all the attributes of nearby communities.…

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Bad News I know the advanced-beginner mechanics of local, state, and federal government, can find the Falkland Islands on a map (and know who they belong to), and will make a strong case that Sylvia Poggioli has the Barolo of public-radio voices. That’s because I was fortune enough to have grown up in a home where we subscribed to two newspapers and at least five magazines, listened to both the local radio news and the NPR affiliate, and, over dinner, watched the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw. Little did I know it at the time, but that environment was shaping me for a career in and around media that has taken me from sports reporter to New York Times freelancer to journalism professor to magazine editor. I’m no great intellect or…

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Our cover feature (p. 70) highlights the best places to live downtown. Here, staff members give a few tips for enjoying it once you’re there: “Learn the race/marathon schedule on the city’s website. The streets seem like they’re closed more often than they’re open on the weekends.” —DANIEL COMISKEY, DEPUTY EDITOR “Find comfortable shoes. You’ll want to walk to the market, to dinner, the park … everywhere.” —ALLISON EDWARDS, SPECIAL PROJECTS ART DIRECTOR “Look at other options besides your apartment complex for parking. If you work downtown, it may be cheaper to park at work and walk home.” —MEGAN MAGUIRE, ADVERTISING ART COORDINATOR “My husband and I go to a different coffee shop every Saturday morning and catch up on reading and emails. It’s a fun way to explore.” —MEGAN FERNANDEZ, DIRECTOR OF EDITORIAL OPERATIONS…


Susan Brackney Covering the enormous Four in a Row game sets for this month’s Maker (p. 30) transported freelance writer Susan Brackney back to her childhood. “I played Connect Four with a neighbor girl pretty regularly, and she always cheated,” she says. “If I was winning, the girl would ‘accidentally’ trigger the slider along the bottom, so all the pieces would fall through. It scandalized me every time.” Traci Cumbay Growing up in Logansport, freelance writer Traci Cumbay viewed downtown Indy as a mysterious wonderland. Since moving here, she has gotten the lay of the land she covers this month (p. 70) by becoming a student at IUPUI. “Living downtown meant my kid and I got out to explore a ton,” Cumbay says. “We wandered the Canal and raced up the stairs by…


BUZZWORTHY The March cover package on the history and future of marijuana here sparked a lot of commentary. REGARDING CANNABIS, WHAT SHOULD INDIANA LEGALIZE? VOTE ON OUR NEXT POLL AT INDIANAPOLISMONTHLY.COM/POLLS “Indiana still doesn’t allow the sale of cold beer anywhere except liquor stores. We have a long way to go.” —DANIEL MOUNTCASTLE, via Twitter “Businesses, farms, jobs, new medication, tax revenue. Why isn’t weed legal already?” —MARK STROTHER, via Facebook “The problem is it’s still a Schedule I drug. Others in that class are heroin, LSD, ecstasy, and meth.” —CLINT SHERWOOD, via Twitter “I don’t have any desire to use it, but I think it should be legal. Regulated, but legal.” —PAUL LUCAS, via Facebook Trail Head After reading Robert Annis’s story about the men who created the illegal trail through Fort Harrison State Park (March), I’m glad to see one of…

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Speed Read Driver’s Ed Congratulations, you’ve just won the most prestigious auto race in the world! The next few moments (and months) of your life will be a gauntlet of obligations, publicity, and tradition—and it’s not all victorious glugs of milk. Winning it all HOLD YOUR NOSE. The 500 victor’s celebratory sip of milk is one of Indy’s most hallowed traditions. It’s also—not surprisingly on a hot day in late May—one of the smelliest. Inevitably, the driver or a teammate will dump the bottle over the winner’s head, and in the ensuing media onslaught, there’s no break for a shower. “You sit in front of the cameras in a suit that smells like rotten milk and sweat,” says Alexander Rossi, who raced in 2016 as a rookie and won. “I’ll be honest—it’s pretty gross.…