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toast of the town

Before we turn our imaginations to Indiana’s role in the exploration of space and the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing this month (p. 60), it’s worth pausing to consider the rocket ship that Dave Colt and Clay Robinson boarded when they (with an assist from Omar Robinson, Steve Koers, and Andy Fagg) founded Sun King Brewing 10 years ago this month. In short order, the city’s first full-scale production brewery since Indianapolis Brewing Company closed in 1948 has become so ubiquitous (p. 14) that if you swung a proverbial dead cat, the thing would be dry-hopped, T-shirted, and sponsored by SKB. It’s difficult to conceive that craft beer, which now probably has reached its zenith here, was a novel thing in Indianapolis in 2009—but it was. You couldn’t get a…

star gazer

Born several days into Apollo 11’s historic journey in July 1969, design director Todd Urban has always felt a connection to the space program and, in particular, to the first moon landing. For this month’s cover story on the subject (p. 60), he perused multiple books on space travel, watched several films and documentaries, and listened to Brian Eno’s Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks on repeat for at least a month. These influences were filtered into a final design that looks forward as well as to the past. “I wanted to capture the aesthetic of the early spaceprogram typography and graphics because that was such an iconic look,” Urban says. “It was an optimistic time when, as a nation, we felt like anything was possible.”…


Suzanne Krowiak • Contributing editor Suzanne Krowiak has a soft spot for people working behind the scenes at local restaurants. In writing about Common House’s Audra Sternberg (p. 42), Krowiak got to tell one of those stories. “Like many women in the food scene, Audra has done a lot of heavy lifting to create a vibe that gets customers in the door,” she says. “It’s exciting to see her finally step into the spotlight.” Lou Harry • Freelance writer Lou Harry has been asking questions of science-fiction novelists long before this month’s story on Maurice Broaddus (p. 82). “In my teens, when my big brother was writing to baseball players to ask for autographs, I was writing to authors,” Harry says, mentioning that Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and others wrote back. “Those responses…


“Another great read. Inclusion can’t be selective.”—JAY KERN, via Facebook“What a great writeup. You did an amazing job capturing nuance in what is usually a black-and-white issue for most folks.”—JOHN BEELER, via Facebook“Matt’s story on the NRA convention is spot-on.”—PATRICK WAGNER, via Twitter“Man, that’s excellent work.”—TYLER GOUGH, via Facebook HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE NRA BEING A REGULAR VISITOR HERE? LOOK FOR OUR NEXT POLL ON TWITTER. FOLLOW US @INDYMONTHLY FOR DETAILS. 55% Disgusted. An extremist group like that should have no place here. 20% Resigned. We’ve been having this debate for years. 15% Love it. Indy needs more gun owners, not less. 10% Mixed feelings. I get that our downtown businesses need the money. Still Hungry Julia Spalding makes me long to return to Indy for its great dining. Her “Best New Restaurants” feature (April) introduced…

big top, little town

Peru Amateur Circus PERU, INDIANA, IS THE “CIRCUS CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.” For that, this town of 11,000 can thank Benjamin Wallace, a native son whose Great World Menageries and International Circus opened to a sell-out Peru crowd in early 1884. It became one of the country’s most successful shows, returning to Wallace’s winter quarters in Peru each year. That property eventually landed in the possession of John Ringling of the Ringling Brothers. Retired circus pros started the Circus City Festival there in 1959, giving young people a chance to perform summer shows under the big top. THEY LET KIDS DO THIS?! The Peru Amateur Circus involves some seriously thrilling acts—twisting on aerial silks high off the ground, prancing through high-wire routines, juggling fire—all performed by the youth of Miami County. This year’s…

summer celebration

The official name is Summer Celebration, but we’re still going to call it Expo. Blanket + beverages + free concert at the American Legion Mall = perfect Expo weekend kickoff. Think Coachella, but for folks who listen to Frankie Beverly. Find your linen outfit now for the White Party. Don’t add a pimp hat like Mayor Ballard did that one year. The last Sunday is the time to buy that pound of shea butter you’ve been eyeing at the Exhibit Hall. Trust—the vendors don’t want to lug it home, so you’re in for a deal. Stroll the Indiana Convention Center. You might find a fashion show and art from around the world. Expo is safe. Leave your fear and assumptions at home. You gotta Wobble at least once.…