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Memories Around Every Corner! Brookville Lake has two beach areas, boat rentals, and trails to magical scenic views. Or you can canoe, raft or go trout fishing on the Whitewater River. Get nose-to-nose with magnificent wolves at Wolf Creek Habitat. If history’s your thing, check out our Pre Civil War Canal Town, where you can see the only wooden working aqueduct, enjoy a homemade waffle cone with a little kiss in the bottom of your hand-dipped ice cream while watching pottery being made, take a Historic Ghost tour, and enjoy entertainment at the Opry Barn. In the Village of Spires, our quaint German village, you’ll see magnificent architecture and orchards, take historic tours. With so many things to do, you will make a memory around every corner. Plan your getaway today! Visit…

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The only thing harder than getting 200 people to answer a series of questions and sit for photos is getting 200 people to answer a series of questions and sit for photos during a pandemic. But somehow our small team of reporters and photographers—led by deputy editor Daniel S. Comiskey—managed not only to overcome that obstacle, but in doing so captured a moment in time. The cover story—“200 Voices” (p. 59)—was conceived sometime in January as a way to celebrate the city’s bicentennial. As the editors sanded off the rough edges of the idea, we made one list of wishes and another where we tried to anticipate worst-case scenarios. No one in those early idea sessions was worried with, say, social distancing. The phrase probably hadn’t even been coined yet. In…

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“I’ve been watching P90X videos on YouTube, but they’re surprisingly ineffective when you don’t do the exercises.” —DANIEL S. COMISKEY, DEPUTY EDITOR “WFH leggings and a desk-side resistance band are great for a quick, mid-day stretch.” —ALLISON EDWARDS, SPECIAL PROJECTS ART DIRECTOR “That old Vitamaster exercise bicycle that I bought a few years ago as a vintage novelty? During quarantine, I found out it’s a pretty good workout, even though it looks like Jane Fonda’s long-lost Peloton.” —JULIA SPALDING, DINING EDITOR…


Lili Wright • When freelance writer Lili Wright heard Indiana Beach might be closing (p. 54), she was curious why two corporate owners had failed after the local Spackman family had kept the park running for decades. While she was reporting, a buyer emerged. “He should take a lesson from the Spackmans,” Wright says. “The family created a beloved park, and they did it by keeping things personal.” Craig Fehrman • In February, freelance writer Craig Fehrman was planning a publicity tour for his first book. “Then by March,” he says, “I realized it wasn’t going to happen. The coronavirus changed everything.” Returning to normal will take bold action, which is why Fehrman was excited to interview Dr. Aaron Carroll (p. 90) about the crisis. “Carroll has been one of the leading voices…


“It’s nice that there’s a series about her, but this work doesn’t do her real story justice.” —JANICE RHOSHALLE LITTLEJOHN, via Facebook “We’re watching it. Definitely a few show business accents and tricks, but well-shot and directed.” —BOB ANTHONY, via Facebook “She’s certainly a fascinating woman that we all will benefit from learning more about. But I agree with A’Lelia Bundles: Why would you default to the clichés and the stereotypes?” —CHARLIE WHINHAM, via Facebook “I watched this and loved it. Very inspirational. She was a woman before her time.” —KATHY LYNN WICKER, via Facebook WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO HONOR MADAM WALKER’S LEGACY? LOOK FOR OUR NEXT POLL ON TWITTER. FOLLOW US @INDYMONTHLY FOR DETAILS. 3% Reading her biography. By a Hoosier, no less! 18% Visiting the Madam Walker Legacy Center. Beautifully restored. 30% Teaching her story more in school. She’s still not widely…

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Convention Jeopardy Expected to draw a total of 150,000 fans, gamers, and cosplayers to Indy from all over the world in June and July, Pop Con, Comic Con, and the big one, Gen Con, were among more than 700 conventions booked for 2020. But as the masks change from mythical to medical, Indy’s convention business is becoming increasingly unsteady. TOURISM IS AT A STANDSTILL. Visit Indy was expecting to surpass even last year’s record-breaking numbers of 30 million visitors from around the globe coming to Indianapolis, which generated $5.6 billion in economic impact. But as big events such as Gen Con cancelled due to COVID-19, it quickly became apparent that it was going to be a disastrous year. Tourism, as senior vice president of marketing Chris Gahl puts it, “has come to…