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the good race

Having spent the last year in isolation, the one thing I’ve learned is that you cannot live in isolation. As society emerges from a once-in-a-generation pandemic, this truth binds a pair of stories from this issue about two Indy 500 winners. They share a spot on the Borg-Warner Trophy but litt le else. In Tony Rehagen’s Q&A with Takuma Sato (p. 58), the defending champ talks about the sacrifices of his parents and speaks with generosity and admiration about his fellow racing legends—a community of winners who share Sato’s inexplicable drive to pilot an earthbound rocket to the boundary of physics and right-mindedness. The superstar from Japan has won twice and will likely win again at some point. But, more importantly, Sato appears fully connected to the past, present, and future…

carried away

“Ring pull zippers. These were hot sometime in the 1960s, which was before my time. But my mother made me wear my older brother’s hand-medowns when they were very obviously no longer hot.”—TODD URBAN, DESIGN DIRECTOR“Being a child of the 1980s, I will always love Shutter Shades. They do absolutely nothing to keep the sun out of your eyes, but they look so cool.”—DANIEL COMISKEY, DEPUTY EDITOR“Pegged jeans. Jeans are always too long for me.”—MARGO WININGER, ASSOCIATE ART DIRECTOR“Garanimals. A color-coded wardrobe would streamline my life.”—JULIA SPALDING, DINING EDITOR…


Linda Vaccariello A half century ago, freelance writer Linda Vaccariello was sent home from school for wearing a dress that was too short. That humiliating episode took on new meaning when she visited the Sage Historic Costume Collection at IU, where she learned that clothes speak volumes about the era in which they’re worn (p. 54). “I wish I still had that dress,” she says. “It belongs in a gender studies class.” Jeremy Fuchs While looking up a fact, freelance writer Jeremy Fuchs came across the 1935 Indianapolis 500—and was stunned to discover that the winner holds the distinction of being the only one banned from the track (p. 78). “It took me on a three-year journey of research,” he says. “I’ve found that the most fascinating stories in sports have already happened—it’s…


“Victoria, keep up your good work. Never stop.”—OREST FEDOROVICH, via Twitter“Why would anyone who believes government is inherently ineffective run for political office? And why would anyone vote for such a person?”. —GEORGE CORNELIUS, via Twitter“How did CPAC not feature Victoria Spartz this year? She’s the first member of Congress ever elected who grew up in the former Soviet Union.”—GABRIELLA HOFFMAN, via Twitter“She has an R after her name, meaning anything not benefiting the 1 percent is ‘socialist.’ It’s the bogeyman that keeps the base fired up.”—DAN STEELY, via Facebook WHAT ROLE DO YOU EXPECT SPARTZ TO PLAY IN POLITICS OVER THE NEXT TWO YEARS? LOOK FOR OUR NEXT POLL ON TWITTER. FOLLOW US @INDYMONTHLY FOR DETAILS. ICYMI Our online stories you might have missed. SELFIE ESTEEM Our guide to the selfie museums that are…

drivers, strart your retirement

The Indy Autonomous Challenge THE FUTURE IS NOW. The Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC), the world’s first head-to-head, high-speed autonomous race, arrives at IMS this month to prepare for its turn on the bricks on October 23. A GREATER SPECTACLE. The IAC is a partnership between IMS and Energy Systems Network, an Indy-based advanced-energy nonprofit. The original idea was to pit different college programs against each other in developing a racecar that could complete 20 laps around the 2.5-mile IMS oval in under 25 minutes (no pit stops) for a $1 million prize. But rather than do a traditional one-car time trial, organizers decided to spice things up with a full-speed wheel-to-wheel race. “You can’t just do something small at the Speedway,” says Paul Mitchell, president of Energy Systems Network.” THE NEED FOR SPEED. The idea is…

500 princesses

Until Race Day, a Princess’s full-time job is 500 Festival outreach, from making movable veggie cars to reading car-themed storybooks to kids. A Victory Lap cocktail is out of bounds for a Princess celebration. Milk is encouraged. Pageant experience is helpful, not required. Hoosier hospitality, civic leadership, and stellar grades are much better-suited for this crown. A sewing kit and a handheld steamer fit perfectly in a sponsor-gifted Vera Bradley bag. A magnetic checkered nametag keeps a sash in place, and clear nail polish keeps it in perfect condition. Stock up on blank thank-you cards and stationery for sponsors and outreaches. A tiara is an ultimate beacon of attention. Use its sparkling glory wisely—and don’t wear it on community-gardening day.…