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food fight

Can you have your walking taco and eat it, too? Lately, I’ve been wondering about the politicization of our palates—what’s authentic, and how much that matters. Is the hillbilly cousin of Mexican street food a monstrosity or marvel? More than likely, it’s both. Blame chef David Chang’s Netflix documentary series, Ugly Delicious, for my ruminations. The show, which debuted earlier this year, is a “cross-cultural hunt for the world’s most satisfying grub.” But across the eight-episode arc of Season 1, Chang and friends wrestle with some of the questions above and more, like: Is it a hate crime to eat Domino’s Pizza? In my book, yes, but not because the world’s largest pizza-maker off ends the meager slice of my Italian-American heritage. For me, the problem with Domino’s is that it…

open book

Inspired by our trip to Conveyance (p. 16), the little-library-as-art-installation, our editors share their summer reading lists: “I’m hoping Judy Blume’s Summer Sisters takes me back to the carefree days of reading Blume when I was younger.” —LAURA KRUTY, SPECIAL PROJECTS EDITOR “If it’s anything like last summer, a lot of Pete the Cat books. I have three toddlers.” —DANIEL S. COMISKEY, DEPUTY EDITOR “I’m reading Bed, Breakfast & Drunken Threats, a travel memoir by the very funny Dave Seminara, a former diplomat turned journalist. It’s the only way I’m ‘going to Europe’ this summer—voyeuristically, through his wacky explorations. Sometimes accidentally with prostitutes.” —MEGAN FERNANDEZ, DIRECTOR OF EDITORIAL OPERATIONS “Ali by Jonathan Eig, because The Champ was such a fascinating human being.” —TODD URBAN, DESIGN DIRECTOR…


Emily Udell • Freelance writer Emily Udell rarely passes up an opportunity to eat ice cream, so taking on a piece about the BRICS truck (p. 43) was a no-brainer. Udell also loves anything with retro flair, making the backstory of the vintage vehicle the cherry on top. “I’ll definitely be on the lookout for this thing around Indy,” she says. Craig Fehrman • When freelance writer Craig Fehrman started reporting on the Midwest Writers Workshop scandal (p. 58), he wondered if he would find evidence of a digital mob. “But honestly, the internet got this one right,” he says. “The MWW screwed up. People got hurt, and the best place to see that was online.” Kelly Kendall • Managing editor Kelly Kendall’s first published interview, through a program for kid journalists, was with Jesse…


“He changed his positions as he learned about the harsh conditions Americans had to face. I wish we had more in power like him today.” —SHAWN SEEVERUD, via Facebook “Incredible, powerful story.” —JON TRONC, via Twitter “The power of this speech still amazes me.” —HUGH VANDIVIER, via Twitter “He has been called the greatest political statesman in U.S. history.” —MARTII HUNSUCKER, via Facebook WHAT WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY IN INDIANAPOLIS HISTORY? VOTE ON OUR NEXT POLL AT INDIANAPOLISMONTHLY.COM/POLLS #ICYMI Our online stories you might have missed. IN THE KNOW Stay up-to-date on the city’s dining, news, and events. Sign up for IM newsletters. MONTH OF MAY Recap the excitement of all things racing with our May Madness blog. PERFECT PAIRING As you devour our cover package, head online for cocktails to accompany your taco. To Each Her Own I was excited to read your March “Who Owns Indy?”…

welcome mats

Monumental Yoga ONE DAY EIGHT YEARS AGO, CASSIE STOCKAMP SAW A PHOTO THAT SHOCKED HER. It was of a mass yoga class going on smack-dab in the middle of New York’s Times Square, probably one of the least Zen-like places in the world. Stockamp—president of the Athenaeum Foundation, and a yoga teacher—went to Indianapolis city officials with the idea of holding a similar event on Monument Circle. After a brief pause for eyebrow-raising, they decided they were down with it. SOME 4,000 PEOPLE SHOWED UP LAST YEAR. Now in its sixth year, Monumental Yoga will bring throngs to the Circle for a 7 p.m. class on the summer solstice of June 21. INDY DID IT FIRST. In 2014, the United Nations declared the summer solstice the International Day of Yoga—a year after Monumental…

indy pride week

Know your history. Pride is a tribute to the Stonewall Riots of June 1969. Show respect by studying up on correct pronouns and phrases. Catch the drag pageant. It’s now one of the country’s few “non-binary” contests—so, not just for cisgender men performing as queens. Pack a rainbow parasol in case you don’t snag a shady spot for watching the parade. Leather, sequins, glitter, and bare skin are encouraged. But don’t stare. Boozy brunches take place up and down Mass Ave, and most servers are pulling doubles, so tip well. Cheer loudest for the oldest parade participants—they’ve been fighting the longest. After a day in the sun, make time for a disco nap before trying to close down Metro.…